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This is Scott Wilson with another instructional
video on Zen Cart, this time about dropshipping. I’m going to show you how to do
dropshipping in Zen Cart. Of course, this depends
on a bunch of modifications that I can do for you if you’d like me
to support your cart, and this is going
to be a quick overview of how they all work
and how they all look together. So the first thing
you’re going to want to do once you have a cart set up
with the Drop Shipping software is to create some
Drop Shipping suppliers. And you do that under the Tools menu
in PO Edit Suppliers. So it starts out with just
one supplier, namely you, assuming that you have
some of your own stock and you can set
items to be shipped out of your own stock or out
of one supplier or another. We’ll go ahead and create
a new supplier this time, and we’ll call
that supplier Acme Industries. So we’ll use the name
Acme and Mr. Acme and he’s at 10 Main Street
in AnyTown, Florida. And we’ll give him
the email address [email protected] and fill in
the phone number of course, and then the last thing you’ll want to do is create
an admin id for that person. Now you will have wanted to look
at your list of admins first and predict what the next ID is
and then set it to that, and that way you can link
and admin user to a supplier, and I’ll show you in a minute
why that’s important. It allows the supplier
to log in and set their drop shipping information
for every shipment they make so we’ll go ahead and we’ll just
set this to three for now. And do an insert. And there we have
our new drop shipper. Their ID is 6
and their admit id is 3. So we’ll go over
to the admin section, first looking quickly
at admin profiles, and you’ll notice
in admin profiles, there’s a profile
called Supply allows. If you look at this entire list
of check boxes, you’ll see only
one check boxes is filled, the Confirm Tracking
for Suppliers checkbox. So that’s the only option a supplier user ID will be able
to do in your admin, which allows them to again set
the tracking number. So we’ll go ahead
and create this new user, we’ll add user here, and this is going
to be Acme again, and we’ll say [email protected] and then the
profile is supplier. And set a password. And there we are. So now we’ve linked through admin ID3
to supplier number 6, which is also admin ID3. That’s the Acme supplier. Now that we have
a supplier setup – and of course you would do this
for as many suppliers as you have – you’re going to then go to your products through Tools
->PO Assigned to Products, and set some of these products
as being drop shipped by Acme. So we’ll go ahead
and we’ll set these Fox videos to being handled by
Acme done all five here. We’ll go ahead and save that. And so now when items are are purchased
in your store, you know, they’ll be filled by Acme. So we’ll go over to the storefront and get
a couple of those videos. Let’s see here. We had Something about Mary, and Courage Under Fire,
so why don’t we do that? We’ll buy Something about Mary. And then we’ll go here to DVD movies again and buy
Courage Under Fire. So now we have
two items in the cart. So and your customer
will just go ahead and check out as normal. We’ll just go ahead and run through the checkout
create the order. And so now we see the customer
has order number three, and if we go back
to the admin looking at admin ->customers
->orders, sure enough, there’s order number three. So now we get into
the dropshipping portion of it. And since we do have a new order with some drop
shipped items in it, you’ll have a new entry
in this screen, Customers ->Send/Resend POs, which is where the POs
are actually sent to the drop shipper. So there will be one line item
for each item in the order of irrespective of the quantity. That is to be drop shipped, namely handled by
Dropship customer, a Dropship supplier. And so we’ll go ahead and handle order 3 by
checking these two boxes, and once we hit send
what will happen is that we’ll create an email
to the Acme email address that we’ve entered in – we saw previously
in the create suppliers, and it’ll tell them you need
to ship these two items to this person. Now what we’ll do is
we’ll cheat a bit and go into the email archive manager so we can look at that email
and see what it looks like. It’s the top one here and it’s to our friend Joe;
we’ll click the preview. And so here’s
what Joe gets: Joe, Mr. Acme Sales, gets an email saying hey ship
these two items to this address. And by the way, once you’re done shipping,
please click on this link to fill in the tracking numbers
for those products. So you have two options when it comes to entering
tracking numbers. You can either enter them
yourself or you can let your Dropshipper enter them. So if we go back to the cart, we’ll see how you
would enter them yourself. You would go under Customers
->POs enter tracking numbers. And then you see this order, order number three and you
could click on that and there you are. You could go ahead and enter those tracking
numbers right here. This is your admin or or instead of entering
the tracking information ourselves we can think about what the supplier
experience would be like if they were asked to enter
the tracking information because of course
they’re doing the shipping. So let’s go back to the email that the supplier will get
and we won’t click on it because that’ll open it here in Chrome this local browser
that we’re using for. We’re already logged
in as the admin. Instead we’ll copy the link
and go to another browser where we’re not logged in. paste the link in and then we’ll see the supplier
will get their own login prompt. Remember we called them Acme. And they log in and they get the same screen for order
three with these two items. So we’ll just look at
how it looks today. Enter a tracking number will do one as the supplier
over here and one as the regular store owner
so you can see both, so we’ll do the first
product as the admin and the second product
as the vendor. Now normally, of course
the vendor would do both but I just want to demonstrate you have the option
of doing it either way. So we’ll say the vendor ships via UPS and we’ll call
that number one, two, three, four five and then we’ll say that the shop owner shipped by FedEx and
its nine eight seven six five and we’ll just to be sure
to go back here quickly and look again at the order
in the orders list and see that the status is processing. Well, let’s set
these two tracking numbers. We set the first one
in the administer and the second one as the vendor and then we’ll go
back to our admin and take a look again
at the list of orders and we’ll see this order
is gone to delivered status. So both of the items
have been shipped, they both have tracking numbers, and if we look
at the order history, we see that we have tracking
links to the services that were used and notes about the date
and times when this entered. Now again, typically this
would be done just one entry for a single shipment
of all the items in the order, but I just want to demonstrate
again you have this flexibility of doing it both ways. So now we have seen
the end to end handling of a Dropship order
in Zen Cart again. We can go back
to the orders list and note that the order is
in delivered status. So what everything is complete and the customer will get
their shipment shortly so that is how you handle
Drop Shipping in Zen Cart. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video
and found it useful and again, you can reach out
to me at any time if you’d like me to take care of your Cart or Implement
Drop Shipping for you.

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