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Hello, Satyam General Store What is this, uncle? Again you sent wrong goods! I’m calling from Lakshmi Niwas What happen my child? Mummy had ordered for Yellow Lentil, “Dali” and you sent washed one. She ordered sugar, and you sent Cinnamon? So sorry, actually there
is too much noise here maybe that’s why I didn’t hear properly. Do one thing make me a list of the
goods again, I’m sending right away – Alright
– Hello Mithu… Please get me a Razor
pack of Rs.5 for me Okay listen, Rs.5 pack of Razor Razor…of glasses? Not of glasses… Rs.5 pack of Razor… of Rs.5. – Yes
– sister, one henna packet for me I need to apply on my hair What is this? You all
remember at this time only? Hello my child… What happen? I have send an SMS on your father’s
mobile, please check. Why are you sending SMS?
Send the goods please. I sent the SMS for that only. Did you receive? Let me check! BuyNearby? Yes. BuyNearby. Click on this. You’ll get the shop’s name…
select all the goods you need and select the time of delivery also. There are both cash and
credit option for payment Superb uncle…
It’s really amazing… So, you see, by sending just a link I
made my customer a member of BuyNearby Now my customer is happy too
and my work becomes easier. Now no matter what is the order,
from where it comes, whatever the quantity, there is no way of mistake anymore BuyNearby Now my shop is in everyone’s mobile.

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