YAMAHA showroom en Afrique du Sud

Hello, we are now at Yamaha’s headquarter in South Africa in Johannesburg If we could have thought that it’s a big dealer, it’s not so However we can find most of Yamaha’s 2017 motorcycles Not yet those of 2018 of the three tuning forks brand And, as everyone now, Yamaha didn’t do just motorcycles We can also find all the musical part the Water products and also the Power products Small peculiarity, when we go to the back of the store we can note the partnership of Yamaha with Motul with a big corner dedicated to the lubricants brand but also some Yamaha historical models that I invite you to discover Everyone will recognize the YZF-R1 Note on my right a 350 cc Yamaha and espacially a prestigious and historical RD350 on the left and finally a small Yamaha twin There is even a concert hall !

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  1. Quentin A says:

    Eh bien on en aura appris des choses dites moi! Quel intérêt d'une telle vidéo?

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