Working in Development at Home Group – Delivery Manager

My name is Tom Rigby, and I’m a Delivery Manager at Home Group. The role involves, basically working with contractors to deliver properties on site and we hand those over to the Customer Services and Sales teams. One of the reasons I enjoy working at Home Group is the opportunities they’ve given me. I’ve worked in a few different roles since I’ve been here and learned quite a lot every time. So Home Group do offer opportunities to staff to expand their knowledge and gain experience There’s opportunities to move between departments and get other experience. One of the activities that Development get involved in is finding sites so, for example, Tube Court, we had to work with an agent there in purchasing the land and it is in a good area in Newcastle and I think finding the sites is quite essential obviously, it’s good to have places that people would want to live or that you’d want to live yourself, really So Home Group have helped James by offering him the opportunity for a shared ownership property it fits in with his lifestyle, he’s really pleased, really happy with what he’s got now. It’s good to get that feedback from customers, that people are happy with the place that they live in it kind of makes you think you’ve done a good job. and you’ve created a property that they like, got the specifications right, the quality is good, the location is good I think working in the Delivery team at the moment is exciting.There’s quite a variety of projects coming up. It keeps your interested, there’s different things to do every day. Whether involved with customer services, sales, customers directly, contractors, consultants, There’s a wide range of opportunities and questions that come up, and no day is the same

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