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– Hey guys, I’m in Port Saint
Lucie, Florida right now and I’m on the way to an appointment with one of my students. Actually he just purchased a house, and so I’m getting off the main road. In this case this is
Prima Vista Boulevard, and I’m getting off that main road. And I’m going to be gridding through here looking for some potential deals. So first thing you want to
do when you’re doing this is drive slowly, right? I see people just whiz through. And the next thing you want
to do is just start taking a look at the houses and pay attention to anything that could be vacant or boarded up. That could be an opportunity, right? So I’m gonna drive around here and I’m going to go nice and slow. I’m currently going a little too fast I’m going 20 mph Slow it down a drop to around 15 mph. There we go. Alright, now we’re coming across, actually this is Violet Avenue which is the first street
that I purchased a house on in Port Saint Lucie. Actually my first deal ever and
it was an interesting story. I put an ad in the newspaper
saying we buy houses for cash and I got a call from this guy right after the first hurricane
that hit Saint Lucie County and he said, I’m a contractor and I got a contract on this house and I’d like to sell it. I got $10,000 deposit up and if you can give me
my $10,000 deposit back you can have the house. And I called Ben, the guy
that taught me real estate and I said, hey Ben, I think I got a deal. And I told him the story and he was like oh, this is
definitely a deal, right? So drivin’ along like
this, try and go slow, got a little too fast. This is right now 15. So just so you can get an idea as you see the houses on drivin’ by. And you know, over my shoulder here you can see the houses in the background. So not very fast and there we go. Here’s candidate number one. So let’s see if you guys can see that. There it is. Okay, so on that house, I’m going to pull over here I have an impatient person behind me. So in that house basically
you’ve got a blue tarp and a lock box. So it appears to be vacant and it could be anything. It could be, probably
the house got damaged in the previous hurricane. We had Hurricane Irma. Some people got their
houses damaged in that. It could be a bank-owned property, it could be something
that’s coming on the market. So a couple of things that
you can do in this scenario is first thing you want to do is make a note of the address, right? So if you’re noting down the address then you can send them a postcard. Another thing you can do is
you could get out of your car and you can take a look at it. See if it definitely is vacant and look up the property and
see what the deal is with that. So a couple of tools that
are very, very useful for doing that. One of them is an app
that’s called Deal Machine. And as I say that I’m passing
the code enforcement vehicle that’s driving around looking for people that are working on
properties without a permit. So one of the apps that’s
really good for that is called Deal Machine. And Deal Machine is an
app that you can download on your phone, which allows you to plug in the property
address and it’ll come back with the owner’s information and you can set it up so that you can send out a postcard to the owner. Alright, so just driving along like this you would think that an activity like this is a waste of time, right? Most people would think that. I see a lot of big investors
that just won’t do this. You know, I think it really boils down to I guess how much you. There’s a house for sale. Just passing over there. You can see the for sale sign, alright? So if you got your realtor.com app you can plug it in, see how much they’re asking for the house. You would be surprised how much you see if you just start
driving around like this. So instead of killing an appointment, it’s like 11:55 and I’ve
got a 12:30 appointment. So it’s going to take me, I would estimate about 15 minutes to get over
to the next property address, which would give me about
15 or 20 minutes to spare. So I could go and you know
what most people would do is get on the phone and play on Facebook or maybe they’d stop at a
Dunkin’ Donuts and get a coffee but what I do instead is I just
get off on one of the roads and I go around and take a look. So I’m going to circle around now. I’m getting a feel for the area. There’s another property for sale. And I’m going to go back
to that street we were on. A lot of impatient drivers here behind me. There’s another property
for sale right there. And I’m going to go back
to that street we were on and I’m going to see what
the story is with that house. Okay, now if I could just
remember what street I was on that would be fantastic, right? I’m going to guess that this is it. Now there’s another code
enforcement truck behind me. They’re just driving
all around town today. Okay, let’s see. So you just get in the
habit of driving slow and just looking at every house. And you’ll learn how to very quickly tell houses when you see a
lockbox on the property or you see a blue tarp or anything that indicates
any kind of situation where there could be some kind of distress and then that’s something that you can go and work on, right? So here’s the property
with the tarp coming up and going to go ahead and pull over. And let’s see if I can turn this around and show you guys. Alright, so there’s the house. You can see the blue tarp, you can see the lockbox
on the door, right? Okay, so now. There I am. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to make a note of this. I’ve got 797 and what street am I on? Have to figure out what
street I’m on, yeah? 797 let’s get to the next major corner and see what street we’re on. I would put it up on my GPS, but my GPS has got an app on it right now. So we’re at 797 Curtis, alright? So now what I do is I’m going to go ahead
and pull out my phone and I’m going to open
up the Deal Machine app and I’m going to plug in 797 Curtis and then what I’m going to do is send a postcard and say hey, do you
want to sell your house? If you do, I’m interested in buying it. And the time that elapsed from when I turned off
that main road ’til now is about. It was 11:50, it’s now 11:58 so it’s about eight minutes, alright? So that’s all it took. Turn off a main road. Took eight minutes to find a
vacant property with damage and if I send that postcard
out to that homeowner and let’s say I were to buy that house, and let’s assume I can get 25k or $30,000 of profit on that house then that would be pretty good for eight minutes of work, right? Would you agree? Too many people don’t do this. And there’s not a lot of properties. For example on this entire
road I’ve driven on, which is kind of a more busy road, there hasn’t been one
single property for sale on this entire street. And there also hasn’t been any
boarded up, vacant properties or any properties with lockboxes. And here I am back at the main street. And ironically, right on the
corner of this main street there is a house for sale right there. That’s the only house for sale. So flushing out that one deal and finding that one
house with that blue tarp is how you can make money. And if you have the ability
to scale your business by hiring bird dogs and paying people. You say, listen, here’s my
app, I’ll make you a user. Drive around. Every house that you find
that’s boarded up or vacant I’ll give you certain amount. You could pay them either
a percentage on the deal or you can pay them $500
or a $1,000 per house or you can give them $15 or $20 per lead that they provide to you. And then you simply just
get those postcards out. You could have a whole slew
of people driving around looking for deals for you. And the deals are out there. They’re everywhere. Remember, every day in the
United States of America there’s people whose houses get burned, burnt down, hurricane damage,
flood damage, water damage, pipe damage, you name it. And these people want to sell. And who better than
you to buy them, right? Alright, so that’s another
video for you guys. Hope you enjoyed that. Please subscribe, give me a thumbs up and I’ll see you on the next one.

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