What Your Favorite Avatar Ship Says About You (Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra)

[ ♪ Rossini – Overture from La gazza ladra ♪ ] Looking back on your childhood, you can pinpoint Avatar: the Last Airbender as the beginning of your crippling addiction to edgy boys who have trouble talking about their feelings. You are a firm believer in keeping things canon and keeping things wholesome. You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of getting dunked on. Your ideal high school romance is jock/nerd. Your ideal high school romance is nerd/goth. Your ideal high school romance is goth/goth. Your addiction to edgy boys got so bad that one day you were like, “Hey!” “You know what’s better than one edgy boy?” “TWO edgy boys.” You were absolutely fucking THRILLED when BE GAY DO CRIMES became the hot new meme. Half of you came here after shipping Draco and Harry, half of you came here after shipping Sasuke and Naruto, ALL of you are now shipping Deku and Todoroki. You just wanted good things for Toph, and really… …who wouldn’t? You liked the dynamic from Zutara but you liked Azula even more. You’re kind of annoyed that the thing this ship is most well-known for is that one scene where Zuko says “That’s rough, buddy.” You want a girlfriend who not only can kick your ass but will do so upon request. You are heterosexual. You’re always a sucker for a good meet-cute… …and you’re heterosexual. Your ideal relationship dynamic is sitcom-wife/sitcom-husband. You are a lesbian who loves MILFs. Also, you probably read the comic. You don’t understand why anyone would fuck around with an unstable love/hate relationship when there’s a perfectly happy marriage right there. You don’t understand why anyone would care about a happy marriage when there’s an unstable love/hate relationship to fuck around with. You are a firm believer in the inherent eroticism of buddy comedies. You are a firm believer in MEN GETTING PEGGED. This is just the same joke as Korrasami but even more so and with no canon validation. You just wanted good things for Jinora, and really… …who wouldn’t? Your ideal date involves wacky hijinks after which, PAIN ensues. “That’s rough buddy.”

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100 Responses

  1. Mayar Mariam says:

    1:34 Wait! Read the comic?! They actually get together??!! I just want Lin happy so that's great if that's true!
    Edit: well, avatar wasn't the start of my "crippling addiction to edgy boys who have trouble talking about their feelings"… it was Uchiha Sasuke.

  2. iifii says:

    sits in the corner with my zuko/jin ship

  3. Micayla Snyder says:

    What about Sokka and his boomerang?

  4. Yuki Sendou says:

    Zuko and Aang. I shipped all of the people mentioned during it but the main reason it was there for ZukoxAang

  5. BlockingTheSunOut says:

    0:48 Good sir, would you kindly warn me next time before you drag mE THROUGH THE MUD MULTIPLE TIMES IN A SMALL SPAN OF TIME?!

  6. Emanuella says:

    this account makes me cry

  7. Phobya says:

    "half of you came from shipping drarry, half of you came from shipping naruto and sasuke, and now you ship todoroki and deku." i almost fucking yelled jesus fucking christ dude

  8. LMN says:

    My favourite Avatar ship is actually Zuko & I

  9. Mike Cabral says:

    My reaction to Korrasami

    I'm mean you're not wrong but you shouldn't just say it in public.

    My reaction to Kovira

    Okay man what did we just talk about!! Again You're right but there are some things you just don't say outloud.

  10. liza tsadzikidze says:


  11. Trin Silvers says:

    I don't even ship Zukaang and I feel called out.

  12. Meh Whatever says:

    Me Saw Zuko: LIKE

  13. Via Anima says:

    oml i clicked wondering if he’s gonna include the only ship i stan and it was the first one
    i’m quacking

  14. lolo paige says:

    zutara for life – hate me if you want

  15. ashlynn sly says:

    Zukaang: tododeku, sasunaru………sh*t I've been exposed :'D

  16. Pretty Odd says:

    0:50 I did both, and I AM doing todo Deku, aaaaaah, why?

  17. Vixra Lyric says:

    Zukaang killed me 😂😂😂

  18. naomi obi says:


  19. mr11stuff says:

    Mine was Zuko and that one girl he went out with In Ba Sing Se. Cant remember her name….

  20. 3sha says:

    I'm only 11 seconds in and i already feel attacked

  21. Poseidonjd says:

    Apparently I've already watched this but I have no recollection of it whatsoever and I'm binge-watching all of the "What Your Favourite Ship Says" and having a great time so let's go.

  22. Poseidonjd says:



    I'm dying. x) But it checks out; I'm not straight and absolutely never rooted for Makorra.

  23. anna riva says:


  24. Bethany Wilde says:

    “You are a firm believer in keeping things canon and keeping things wholesome”
    “You just want good things for jinora”
    This man has called me out so many time’s in 3 min

  25. Hailey Hughes says:

    "You're all now shipping deku and todoroki"
    Man I've never felt so seen

  26. Boy In Green says:


    u had no right to call me out like that.

  27. Fox Mcloud says:

    I wonder if Zuko/SUki is on here….

  28. Fox Mcloud says:

    Nope but still hilarious. Some subtitles for what he said on Mako/Asami?

  29. Alex Hernandez says:

    You're a genius

  30. te tuhi says:

    I do am a Firm believer in keeping things canon and keeping thing wholesome lol.

  31. Ethan Gold says:

    Dont call me out like this holy fuck

  32. Beany Hole says:


  33. A. Inai says:

    I want Ozai and Zuko mom relationship loveless rich working marriage

  34. Rita Simões says:

    Why does one ever point out Bolin x Korra?!

  35. Acacia Luna says:

    All Zuko does is talk about his feelings though lol.

  36. René Price says:

    Oh my god the zuko/aang one is accurate

  37. Meili Monk says:

    this is so funny

  38. Smadness McTrashcan says:

    I don't ship Aang and Zuko but when he said 'you now all ship tododeku' I literally choked and almost died omg

  39. eNVy says:

    oh no its too correct

  40. eNVy says:

    "beginning of your crippling addiction to edgy boys" :(((

  41. Lian Derey says:

    HOW DIDN'T HE INCLUDE BOLIN × KORRA?! Borra gang where are you??

  42. Brilchan says:

    I fucking LOVE this xD

  43. Shelbie Howell says:

    Your words are harsh but I cannot deny them.

  44. Shawn Bay says:

    My Bolin x Mako incest ship has not been mentioned, however I’m quite sure I would’ve been regarded as “degenerate trash”.

  45. JessieLoves1D says:

    I can in fact pinpoint Avatar: the Last Airbender as the beginning of my crippling addiction to edgy boys who have trouble talking about their feelings. And I also just wanted good things for Toph.

  46. NightmareLunaKitteh says:

    What about cabbage man and cabbage? Or Tuff and Zuko?

  47. hope days says:


  48. Joanna Georges says:

    I used to very passionately ship Katara and Haru😂

  49. Galaxy Princess says:

    curled in the corner laughing more insanely than Azula on steroids

  50. luci luci says:

    The who wouldn't thing is always coming

  51. Osorno 1314 says:

    “You are a firm believer in men getting pegged” that was incredible.

  52. Christa Kingsley says:

    Zuko×topf is the best ship

  53. ONWARDS AOSHIMA! says:


  54. greencapzelda says:

    I legit thought this was a video about the ships as in giant boats

  55. Clara Kury says:

    I don't give a fuck, zutara is the best bro. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANON

  56. Nicole Campos says:

    0:53 Did-

    Did he just looked straight into my soul? Because I fucking love all those ships

  57. Richard Lochrie says:

    I have been called out

  58. Lillie Galvin says:

    Am I the only person who loves the way he says “goth”

  59. Uri Umi says:

    Well yes
    Oh fuck, I mean, no
    Mmmmm, nooo, of course

  60. Sallairius says:

    I liked this video until you put KORRA

  61. Purple Flame says:

    "The begenning of your crippling addiction to edgy boys"


    also why we gotta be the first to be called out

  62. the gacha lama says:

    You know what you missed out?

    Zuko x honour

  63. hinatachan96 says:

    100% of You are now shipping deku and todoroki I'm dyinnnnggggggggggggg!!!!!

  64. Zinervawyrm says:

    What about Zuko/Ty-Lee?
    Do I want good things for Zuko? Good things for Ty-Lee? Did I watch too many anime where edgy boy slowly opens up to dumb cutesy girl and becomes an emotionally healthier and more stable person by it? Or do I just like emo/goth with cute and pink?

  65. esther johanna says:

    Men! Getting! Pegged! slsdjkdlsjfklsjf
    Also as a korrasami shipper I can confirm this to be 100% accurate

  66. Dóczi Rebeka says:

    0:56 they are an understandable ship, but, i'm not shipping them!!! My only real ship in BNHA, is deku x uraraka!!!!

  67. Renny for your thoughts says:

    Wtf no Zuko x Azula?!

  68. Aaron Smith says:

    "Be gay, do crime!" is now my life philosophy. You can't stop me! Jazz hands activate!!!

  69. Anthea Johnson says:

    My Fav Ships:

  70. Joseph Aldridge says:

    Literally came here from the Naruto video and should have expected to get called out again for shipping Naruto/Sasuke.

  71. Troodon formosus says:

    Yup, I am definitely Karara/Aang

  72. Z Bryant says:

    I just got dragged to filth in the first few seconds

  73. Karl Franz , Emperor of Mankind, chosen of Sigmar says:

    My favorite ship isn't here

  74. Alpha Fhait says:

    0:49 how tf? this is true buttttt i shipped bakugo and todoroki

  75. J South says:

    Toph/The Duke= You just wanted good things for Toph AND The Duke

  76. Jessica Lucia says:

    “You want a girlfriend who not only can kick your ass, not will do so upon request”

    Me to my girlfriend:…he’s right you know.

  77. sourkiwichair marceline says:


  78. Bethany Johns says:

    June/Ty Lee pls and ty

  79. Luther McDonald says:

    i hate the "be gay do crimes" meme. azula needs to stop doing war crimes then maybe she could get a manic pixie gf

  80. Wendi Wasden says:

    I want good things for toph and jinora

  81. Carmel Carmen says:

    "Half of you came here after shipping Draco and Harry, half of you came here after shipping Sasuke and Naruto, all of you are now shipping Deku and Todoroki."

  82. Emma Mathewson says:

    sukka is best

  83. Grace Morrison says:

    0:48 called me out so hard I don't think I'll ever recover

  84. phoebe Zimmerer says:

    PLEASE do Yuri! On Ice next! The shipping fandom for that show is BANANAS!

  85. Peppurrmint says:

    I ship Deku and Todoroki but I don’t ship Draxo and Harry-

  86. The Crispies says:

    Can you do The Dragon Prince since a new season came out?

  87. MNM mcg says:

    Next up: what your favorite Dragon Prince ship says about you.

  88. Nativ Safra says:

    Where are 3 way ships?
    Mako , Asami , and Korra.

  89. Pepeline Doll says:

    the very first one launched my wig into the rafters i had to pause the video for a minute

  90. 18Hongo says:

    "Your ideal high school romance is Jock/Nerd"

    That's…. actually quite accurate now that I think about it.

  91. jeercydee says:

    "you are firm believer in MEN👏GETTING👏PEGGED👏!" I SURE AM

  92. Lily G says:

    0:57 well you can’t really blame us can you

  93. Icy Wolfina says:

    Yo ima already getting roasted for Katara x Zuko, I didn’t need to be called out for Sasunau

  94. mirrorreflex says:

    No Tahno and Korra?
    I used to hope that there would be a redemption arc with Tahno where he learned to be more humble.

  95. Frances Ayestas says:

    my favorite one was in fact tophxzuko 🙁

  96. Darth Shreya says:

    the tyzula one hit WAY TOO CLOSE TO HOME

  97. Matthew Sanchez says:

    “Half of you came here after shipping draco and harry”

  98. Mike Merino says:

    What if ive never shipped any of them?

  99. Megan Lange says:

    "You are heterosexual" makes me laugh without fail every time I watch this.

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