Wednesday 3/4/20 Minor Prophets 7:3 – 7:20

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Pastor Arnold Murray. – Good day to you,
God bless you, saint. Welcome to the
Shepherd’s Chapel. Welcome to this family
Bible study hour back in our Father’s
word, book of Micah. Again, what is it that Micah
means in the Hebrew tongue? Who is like Yah? The answer, no one. This is something
you really want to get settled
down in your mind. You meditate on it. No one is like our father. He’s full of love. He’s full of correction. He’s full of understanding. He’s full of blessings. But to tie into that
you have to believe and this is what
separates people that would be and would not be. We’re in this book particularly
has to do with the end times as chapter four started out
in the last days it shall, and you have a whole
list of the threatenings, of consolations, of restoration, all these things transpiring whereby you could have
that peace of mind to know nobody’s like our Father and that’s the whole point. He is your father. He’s family so you want to
know that and understand it. So we’re going to
finish the book today, this great book of Micah 7:3. Remember what verse
one and two said. Are there any good
men left in the world? Can we find one? Have they actually perished
off the face of the earth? And the answer comes
then as we continue in verse three of
that same thought. Bear it in mind, a word
of wisdom from our Father, and it reads that
they may do evil with both hands earnestly. I mean they’re really sold
on doing what’s wrong. The prince asketh and the
judge asketh for a reward. They take bribes, okay. You got money,
they can handle it. And the great man, he uttereth
his mischievous desire. So they wrap it up. In other words
they baffle justice or you might say they weave the old basket
altogether of crookedness and so it is in this world today
if you’re not real careful. But know there are good
men and women and children in this world today and
don’t you ever discount that. The thing is our Father
is the greatest of all. Our Father sees to it that
those that love him are blessed but don’t expect anything other than what we just
read from the wicked. They’re greedy and
that’s the way they are. Verse four, the best
of them is as a brier. The most upright is
sharper than a thorn hedge. The day of thy watchmen
and thy visitation cometh. Now shall be their perplexity. In other word, what
is your watchmen? Well it’s your prophets. The prophets have
their day of telling us exactly what’s going
down in the end times. Open your eyes and
look around you. It’s coming down,
it’s happening. In other words, the day
that the prophets said would come to pass
will come to pass and the chastisement thereof
will happen as it is written. Who issues, who transmits
the chastisement? Our Father does. There’s nobody like him. He keeps score. It’s in the book. It is written right by your name whereby he knows your
heart and your mind, your love for him. So naturally as the prophets
foretold of this punishment from the book of Hosea
and these minor prophets all the way through this
book of Micah and others exactly how it was going down. That’s why you hear me say this is like reading
tomorrow’s newspaper. Verse five, trust
ye not in a friend. Put ye not confidence
in a guide. Keep the doors of
thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bosom. That’s if she doesn’t
believe like you do that means your own wife. And this is looking
forward to that time that the Antichrist is coming where family members will
turn against each other. Why, because they
think he’s Christ and if you don’t accept him they’re gonna think
you’re deceived. You’re just a deceived,
mixed up person. So they’re gonna
try to help you out by turning you into
the false Messiah. That’s why that
you keep it zipped. Why, because you
have one purpose and that purpose is
as it is written, to witness for the
Lord Jesus Christ. Verse six, for the son
dishonoureth the father, the daughter riseth
up against her mother, and the daughter-in-law
against her mother-in-law. A man’s enemies are the
people of his own house. Now you’ll remember as I
stated back in chapter four it said in the last days and that’s what this
has reference to. The Lord Jesus Christ taught
this in the New Testament of family members
turning on family members because of religious reasons. This is why as a
Christian always remember Christianity is not a religion. It’s a reality. And when you face that reality and when you know
and recognize it then God’ll take
care of the rest. But where is that written
in the New Testament? And you’ll find it as you’ve heard me cover
many times in Mark 13. What will turn a family
against each other? Religion. How do they become
deceived over religion? Well, Jesus taught
it in both Matthew 24 and Mark 13 and Luke 21. They asked him, said,
“What’s it gonna be like “at the end of the world?” And Jesus said, he told them. He gave them all seven
seals, all seven trumps. All seven things are listed here in this 13th chapter of Mark and the 24th chapter of Matthew. All you have to do is read them to understand
those sevens, okay. But in the 13th chapter of Mark Christ says in the fifth
verse of that chapter, Jesus answered them. Began to say, “Take heed
that any man deceive you.” Deception is the key. You want to be careful. Well how can I prevent
being deceived? By knowing the truth. Well what is the truth? It’s God’s word and
these are the teachings of that word that became flesh and walked among us which is
to say Yeshua the Messiah. Verse six, “Many,”
not just a few. “Many shall come in my
name saying I am Christ “and shall deceive many.” Many are gonna come saying
I’m a Christian preacher but you know, well how
can I tell a pastor that teaches God’s word
from somebody else? Whether they do or not. If they read you one verse and then they talk about
themselves or family or something else for
an hour, forget it. They’re not bringing
you God’s word. So many are going to come
and you want to be careful because those that do not
teach what Christ states will get you in
much, much trouble. “And you shall hear of
war and rumors of wars.” In other words, what
is the opposite of wars and rumors of wars? When you hear of world peace and you’re just about to
hear a large cry for that. You want to get set for it. This coming year will be
a great year toward that. Be set for it. It’s going to happen. Nations are gonna
rise against nation as it’s written in verse eight and these are the
beginnings of the sorrows. This sorrows is labor pains, the birth of a new
age, it’s coming. Here’s the message to you. Listen to it and understand why a mother would turn
against a daughter. “But take heed to yourselves.” You be real careful
even to yourself. “For they shall deliver
you up to councils “and in the synagogues
ye shall be beaten “and ye shall be brought
before rulers and kings “for my sake for a
testimony against them.” Why are you brought before
the synagogue of Satan? That’s the synagogue
it’s talking about. Why are you brought
before heads of states? For a testimony against them. Why, because you
carry the truth. You carry the word of God. Verse 10, “And the gospel
must first be published “among all nations.” That is the situation. That nation that
must hear God’s word chapter by chapter
and verse by verse, that people must hear. The end cannot come
until that happens. And many work to see
that that word goes forth to those nations,
to those people. Verse 11, “But when
they shall lead you “and deliver you up “take no thought beforehand
what you will speak.” Listen carefully now. “Neither do you premeditate.” Don’t even think about it. “But whatsoever shall be
given you in that hour.” What hour is that? The hour of temptation, the hour when Satan is here
on earth tempting people that don’t know right from
left or right from wrong. “In that hour that speak ye “for it is not ye that
speak but the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit chooses to
speak when you’re delivered up. It is written in Luke 21 that even the gainsayers will
be convinced by what you say. Many people will
say to themselves well I’m not a great orator. I’m not a great speaker. I’m not that familiar
with the word. Well it’s not you
talking anyway, friend. It’s just that you have
the working knowledge to know that’s what’s
going to transpire. You’re not going to be deceived because you know that faith
comes at the sixth trump. Christ doesn’t return
until the seventh. Therefore it is God’s
purpose that his election do not premeditate but
speak what is given them. Now here come the
part we just covered in that seventh chapter of
the great book of Micah. Listen to it carefully. “Now the brother shall
betray the brother to death “and the father the son. “And the children shall rise
up against their parents “and shall cause them
to be put to death.” Now who is death? You have to understand this. Literally a mother
that loves her child is not going to put
that child to death. But as it is written
in Hebrews 2:14, Christ came to this
earth to destroy death which is to say the devil. So the Antichrist
sits as the devil and that loved one
will think he is Christ and will deliver that
child up to death which is to say the devil. But then at that time
Almighty God will take over. Without premeditation
that child will speak. The Holy Spirit will
speak through that child and the truth will be
spread to the world, the true gospel spoken as
it was on Pentecost Day, a tongue that every language
in the world understands all at one time. Needs no interpreter. Man can’t do that, all
languages at one time, but God can through the
Holy Spirit and so it is. What an opportunity to
live in this generation, the generation of the victory when all these things are
consummated in this time, that all these
things come to pass. You’re living it, you’re there. How exciting it is. Verse 13, “And you shall
be hated of all men “for my name’s sake “but he that shall
endure until the end, “the same shall be saved.” You know, when you
take the real truth there are many people
that will hate you even though you’re
doing a good work. So you can’t be thin-skinned
and take the word of God, the real word, because
there are many religions that will condemn you. But you stick with the truth and you stick with
our Heavenly Father. He will always show you through. Here’s what it all
melts down to, 14. Here’s the time element. “But when you see the
abomination of desolation “spoken of by Daniel the Prophet “standing where it ought not “let him that readeth understand “and let them that be in Judea,”
that’s the land of Judea, “flee to the mountains.” Why, because that’s where
he’s going to appear and that’s when
the end shall come and may things will transpire. Now what did it
say back in Micah? When the watchman,
that’s the prophet, that’s the prophet
Daniel as well, when he warned you
of the tribulation that is coming upon our people. Then know what this verse means. You will find it
written in Daniel 9:27. And what it truly says
in the Hebrew manuscripts is when you see the
desolator, not desolation. Desolation is a condition. Desolator is an entity
and his name is Satan. His name is Antichrist,
Little Horn, the Assyrian, all the various tags that
they place upon him, it’s him. And when he appears know that that’s when
these things come to pass, that the end is
even at the door. And as it is written, continue, if we drop all the
way down to verse 19, “And in those days
shall be afflictions “such as was not from the
beginning of the creation “which God created unto
this time never shall be.” It’s going to be unusual to see the very devil
himself sitting as Christ. And do you know what? Revelation says the whole
world whores after him because they’re deceived. This is why Christ said
back in verse five, “See that no man deceives you.” Don’t be sucker baited into
that hour of temptation. You know what
Satan’s message is? I’ve come to fly you away. I want you to go with me. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Verse 20, “And accept,”
listen carefully. “And accept that the Lord
hath shortened those days. “No flesh.” How many, how much? “No flesh should be saved
but for the elect’s sake “whom he hath chosen.” Who chose them? God chose them. “He hath shortened the days.” You can read of that shortening in the great book of
Revelation in chapter nine. He shortened it
from 3 1/2 years, seven years, 3 1/2 years,
down to five months and he did that for us. And that five months is
the very hour of temptation split in a half hour is
2 1/2 months each way. Verse 21, “And then if
any man shall say to you “lo, here is Christ or lo, he
is there, believe him not.” The false Christ
is going to be here and they’re gonna say
Christ has returned. As long as you’re in a flesh
body don’t you believe it. They’re lying. 22, “For false Christ and
false prophet shall arrive.” Did it say maybe? Didn’t say maybe. Shall, you can count on it. It’s going to happen. Why isn’t it taught
by more people? Why are not our people warned that the very watchmen
that prophesied this and even from the very
mouth of Jesus Christ which we’re reading now, why are the people not warned that the false one is coming? “And shall show
signs and wonders “to seduce if it were
possible even the elect.” That’s how good
an imitator he is, that he can even cause
the elect to have doubts if you’re not careful,
not real careful. You’ve got to know your stuff. Well what is your stuff? The word of God. Verse 23, “But take ye heed. “Behold, I have foretold
you all things.” Well when did Christ
foretell us all things? In the word. You’re not without knowledge
as to how it’s going down. We just read it. You know now why it is that a
mother would betray a daughter up to the devil, because
she thinks he’s Christ. You can hear her words
as she cries oh Lord, forgive my little daughter. I love her. She’s a good little girl but she thinks
you’re the false one. Help her. A mother would do that, see,
because in her deception. But then that is
the whole purpose is then for that daughter to
witness through the Holy Spirit for it is both
sons and daughters that shall prophesy, that
shall testify on that day. Many people do like
to exclude women but you remember that one Philip who had four virgin daughters
and they were all prophetess meaning God used
them as watchmen. So we’re in that time, beloved, and the time that Micah
would bring this forth that he would forewarn and
let us know and understand. So we return then to
that seventh chapter of that great book of
Micah in the seventh verse. We pick it up there again. What do we say to these things? Well, let’s see what Micah says. Verse seven, “Therefore I
will look unto the Lord.” Not somebody else, not
somewhere else, but to the Lord. “I will wait.” I won’t fall off. I won’t be deceived. “I will wait for the
God of my salvation. “My God will hear me.” And that Holy Spirit
will speak through you when you wait for him
without premeditating, knowing and understanding
that he is your salvation, the only salvation. Verse eight, “Rejoice not
against me, O mine enemy, “when I fall.” That is to say when
that calamity comes and it looks like I have fallen don’t you weep for
me, mine enemy. “I shall arise. “When I sit in darkness the
Lord shall be a light unto me.” Satan is darkness and
when Satan’s shadow covers the whole world we will be in
the light of the Holy Spirit, that is to say the
Lord Jesus Christ. Verse nine, “I will bear
the indignation of the Lord “because I have
sinned against him.” None of us are perfect. We all fall short at times and on repentance we
pay for those sins. “Until he plead my cause
and execute judgment for me. “He will bring me
forth to the light.” That’s to himself. He is that light. “And I shall behold
his righteousness.” Why, because he is always right. He judges you rightly. He knows what’s in your
heart and your mind and that’s why you really
want to follow him. You want to love him. You want to understand him. Verse 10, “Then she that is
mine enemy shall see it.” That’s the Assyrian himself. You’ll notice that the
word she is in italics. So be it, meaning it
was added by man, okay. “And shame shall cover
her which said unto me, “‘Where is the Lord thy God?’ “Mine eyes shall behold her. “Now shall she be trodden down “as the mire of the streets.” In other words you
always reap what you sow. And those that sow derision,
those that sow false teaching, they got a price to pay. Judgment begins at the pulpit. That’s why a pastor
should always stick
with the word of God rather than the
traditions of men. Verse 11, “In the day that
thy walls are to be built, “in that day shall the
decree be far removed.” In other words, this has
kind of a two-fold meaning. In the day of that decree you
better enlarge your borders to hold the people. You better enlarge your
church to hold the people. It’s going to be difficult. Why, because they run to realize who was really
teaching the truth. Verse 12, “In that day also “he shall come even
to thee from Assyria.” They’re coming home,
in other words. “And from the fortified
cities and from the fortresses “even to the river
and from sea to sea “and from mountain to mountain.” This river is the
Euphrates, okay. And the Euphrates, you
know what river that is. That’s why the children
of God were called Hebrews because it comes from
the Hebrew word eber which means those
that cross the river. They’re gonna cross it again. God’s bringing
his children home. Verse 13, “Notwithstanding
the land shall be desolate “because of them
that dwell therein “for the fruit of their doings.” In other words, the land itself in which these things
transpired will be cleansed and the people themselves
will be cleansed, that is to say
those that believe. And the land is cleansed
of those that don’t believe because by the end of the
Millennium they won’t be. They will be in
that lake of fire. That’s why when God chastises do you know why he chastises? Because he loves his children. And well how could God possibly
sentence someone to Hell? Because he loves his children. They’ve gone through
a lot putting up with
their wickedness. It’s time for them
to go bye-bye. And you know, the
interesting thing, God always blots out where
you don’t even remember them. That’s what blotting out does. Verse 14, a prayer
from Micah, okay, in these closing verses. This is his prayer
God will answer. Listen carefully, 14, “Feed
thy people with thy rod.” That’s a shepherd’s staff, okay. A shepherd tends the sheep. If one needs that
crook around his neck or heel, boom, there it goes. Or if one needs to be
protected from a wolf that staff rod
does that as well. Understand the
two-fold love of God. “The flock of thine heritage
which dwell solitarily “in the wood, in the
midst of Carmel,” that’s a fruitful place. “Let them feed in Bashan and
Gilead,” that rocky region, “as in the days of old.” This was Micah’s prayer. Bring them home and
you be the shepherd. You use that rod of
correction where it is needed and let each sheep
pass under that rod. As a shepherd brought them
into the sheep cot at night each sheep went under that rod to be approved as
the shepherd’s own. Verse 15, God answers. “According to the
days of thy coming “out of the land of Egypt “will I show unto him
marvelous things.” You know, what
does he mean there? How did they come out
of the land of Egypt? Well God parted the Red Sea and God put a pillar of fire between them and Pharaoh’s army. They crossed over that Red Sea. Pharaoh’s army
drowned in that sea. They were out in the desert. They had no food. Who fed them? God fed them. According as he took care
of them, cherished them, loved them, fed them, so it’s
going to be in the end times. Do you have faith
to believe that? It’s true, even down to the
very signs of the end times. We’d be as it was in Egypt. Verse 16, this is God speaking. “The nation shall see
and be confounded,” they’re going to be amazed,
“at all their might. “They shall lay their
hand upon their mouth. “Their ears shall be deaf.” They are just amazed
and speechless and really it changes nothing
as far as God’s punishment to those that won’t listen but it’s about time for
them to start waking up that God’s people
have the victory. Always have had,
always will have because God blesses them and
brings them that that he would. Verse 17, “They shall lick
the dust like a serpent.” That’s a statement
of degradation. Remember back in Genesis 3
where the serpent on his belly all the days of his life
would he crawl in the dirt? “They shall move
out of their holes “like worms of the earth. “They shall be afraid
of the Lord our God “and shall fear
because of thee.” Utmost humiliation,
utmost shame. You might say well
how could that be? How could a person calling
themselves a Christian feel like a worm? I can tell you. I can help you out a
great deal with that. I’ll tell you what makes
them feel like a worm. When they have been a
Christian all their life sitting in a pew being fed by
one verse we’ve all been read and then they look forward
to the fly away moment. And guess who’s teaching it? It’s Satan, it’s
the false Christ. You know, well he
looks like Jesus just as it’s written
in Revelation 13:11. Looks like Jesus, looks
like the lamb of God, even has two horns but it’s
the voice of the dragon meaning it is Satan. And when they realize
being Christians that they have absolutely because of their
ignorance of God’s word have worshiped Satan, they’re going to feel
worse than a worm. They’re going to pray for
mountains to fall on them because they’re too
ashamed to face Christ. You know, this is
what should cause one to want to spread the real
truth, the word of God, is to save people that
humiliation, as many as we can. Drag them from the fire. Keep them from being
deceived in the simplicity in which Christ has warned
us through the watchmen in the very word
of his scripture there all the time for one
to absorb and to intake, to digest and to know
and to understand that God takes care of his own. Verse 18, listen carefully. “Who is a God like unto thee?” Do you understand that’s
Micah’s name, okay, just a little signature
placed on the end here. That’s what Micah in Hebrew,
who is like Yahweh, okay. That’s his own signature,
okay, that it is Micah’s voice. God’s voice but Micah’s pen. “That pardoneth iniquity.” He forgives sin. He erases it on repentance. “And passeth by
the transgressions “of the remnant
of his heritage.” He forgives them. And once they repent he doesn’t
want to hear about it again. Why, because it’s gone. “He retaineth not
his anger forever “because he
delighteth in mercy.” You want to thank
our Father for that. Who is like God? No one, no one
can show the mercy and be delighted in
the mercy of those that would fall so short, that
would be so easily deceived, that would go whoring after
another god so easily, another savior, just
I mean helter-skelter going blind into the night and yet God on
repentance forgives them. Who is like him? Nobody because no human
being could accomplish that to really forgive them
when God had brought them, handled them as
coming out of Egypt feeding, loving,
caring for, blessing, and then have them turn on him. That’s our Father, though. He’s a forgiving God. Why, because he’s righteous and that mercy means
unmerited favor. You may not deserve it but
on repentance you have it. Why, because he loves you
because you’re his child. Verse 19, “He will turn again. “He will have
compassion upon us. “He will subdue our iniquities “and thou will cast
all their sins, “and thou will
cast all their sins “into the depths of the sea.” It’s gonna happen and so it is. One more verse to
complete the book. 20, “Thou will perform
the truth of Jacob “and the mercy to Abraham
which thou has sworn “unto our fathers
from the days of old.” All those promises. What was Abraham to be? A blessing to all
people, all people. Do you remember what God said? I’ve got to close with,
you won’t have it, but I’ve got to close with
what God said in Isaiah 43:26. Don’t ever forget
it, Isaiah 43:26. What does it say? It’s God speaking. “Put me in remembrance,” that’s of our
promises, my promises. “Let us plead together.” Let’s talk about them. “Declare thou that thou
mayest be justified.” In other words, you are
supposed to be familiar enough with the word of God that you
know what those promises are and God says,
“Declare them to me.” What he’s saying is I
want to hear you say it. I want to hear you claim it
and then we’ll talk about it and maybe I can justify you. That’s our Father. That’s his mercy. That’s his love. Micah, who is like Yahweh? No one, your Father is tops. He is everything to us,
for us, and with us. Book of Micah, I
hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed
bringing it to you. God bless you. You listen a moment,
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from you is your love. As it is written in Hosea 6:6, “I do not want your
burnt offerings. “I want your mercy,”
that is to say your love and that’s what our
Father does deserve. Father, around
the globe we come. We ask that you lead,
guide, direct, Father, touch in Yeshua’s precious name. Thank you, Father, amen. Okay, Shirley from
North Carolina. Question, “Are we going to go “through 3 1/2
years tribulation?” Absolutely not. Well we
kind of read it today in that 13th chapter of Mark. For the elect’s sake God
has shortened the time. And as I stated in Revelation 9 you have that five-month period and he’s real good to us
because he lets us know what five months that is,
the time of the locust. In other words, in that
locust that comes out in every so many years
it has only five months from May through September
to complete that cycle. And that’s that very time
that most likely it will be but we will be
watchful all months because we don’t
want to be deceived. Lawanda from Oklahoma:
I have a question that I’ve never heard
asked before so here goes. In Songs of Solomon 8:8 when
it speaks of the little sister could this be talking about
those that will be saved during the Millennium? I know there’s the
wife and the bride so I just thought that
the little sister might be those that overcome
during the 1000 year. Well, you could
apply if you’d like. You can apply it to that. Actually it was finding her
brothers showing compassion and that is what will happen as when all the
others begin to see and that little Shulammite which is the greatest
love story every told, Songs of Solomon, and
it’s Christ and his bride. Okay, Sheila from Newfoundland. Sheila, animals
will be in Heaven. You know, animals were
in the first earth age and sometimes you have to do
things with animals, you know, but we will have
animals in Heaven. We had them in the
first earth age. On many documentaries
that we go out on on the Rio Grande
and find remains even if you would of the
footprints of ancient and the artifacts of
deceased dinosaur mammoth. What a fantastic place. You know, it is amazing
when you go to New Mexico up on the top of a
barren desert mountain and find petrified
trees that only grow in a lush, plum place. If you have palm trees,
stumps of palm trees growing on top of the desert, when did those palm trees grow? Thousands and
thousands of years ago in the first earth age. Those giant mammoths that roam
Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and basically the
States, this area, and you find those remains. They were legumes, that
is to say tender grass that they partook of in
that first earth age. Why, because it
was perfect then. God had not removed the
firmament at that time. It was the katabole,
the overthrow of Satan that brought down that
firmament and changed things. The animals will be there. They were then, they are
now, and they will be then. It is written in Isaiah 11. Nadine from Ohio, “Do you
think it’s a sin to dance? “Being a,” and I’m
not going to mention your denomination, okay. “We grew up in that
denomination and not doing that “but I think it’s okay now.” You know, whatever you
do, do unto the Lord. Now naturally if you’re
gonna do a dirty dance you wouldn’t want to do
that to the Lord, okay. But if you’re dancing
a dance paying respect to Almighty God or
just enjoying yourself, that’s fine, okay. In other words, the
message that it delivers, let it be a good one. David from Georgia, “When
the two witnesses are here “what exactly will
their message be “and will they be prophesying “about the coming
judgment of the earth? “Is it also possible that God
would use some of the elect “at this same time to begin
declaring similar warning?” Well he already is. The election are already
giving those warning. You know, this is why, David, you want to always
let God’s word speak because God’s word in
Revelation 11 tells you exactly what the two
witnesses will be doing. It isn’t up for me
to say or you to say but for us to read what it is the two witnesses
will be accomplishing with understanding, okay. Revelation 11 will document it. Margaret from Indiana,
“You made it clear “about the mark
being in our mind “but what about when
there is no money “and we have to take a
number in order to buy “or you don’t go to Heaven?” Well it’s not, our Father
knows what our needs are, okay. In one way or the other our Father has a way
of providing, okay. And our Father sees to it
and he takes care of us. Our Father is so
very good to us. You know, this is going to be
a very short period of time and usually in your pantry
you have enough food and stuff to get by on for that period of
time if you had to. Otherwise you know,
the art of bartering, you have something
that’s of value that you don’t have
to take his money. You can trade to a neighbor for something of
like value in food. So you just use your mind
and be a can-do person and it’ll work out fine. And here we go with
Santria from Georgia. “My question is in Matthew 18:19 “when it talks about if
two agree on anything “that is to ask and it
will be done for them “but my Father in Heaven. “Does that mean exactly
what it’s saying?” Well what were they doing? You want to rightly
divide the word of God. They were building a ministry. If you need something to
build a ministry, pray for it. God will always
furnish the bricks but guess who has
to do the work, hmm? It will not be
successful otherwise. God will furnish the brick but you’ve got to do
the building, okay. And when you pray for
something to assist you in delivering that
word or whatever, you ask for it
honestly and justly, God’ll see that
you have it, okay. It may take time. It will be in his time and place so that’s why you
always ask in his will. Riley from Virginia,
“My question is this. “It’s the second
time I’ve asked this. “Maybe this one will
get through to you.” It did, okay. “I heard you say, I think you
said that God did not want “to kill 1/3 of his children “so he created this earth age. “I thought the 1/3
of the fallen angels “was already sentenced to
die in the book of Jude.” Well you see, where
you’re making a mistake, read Revelation 11 where it
speaks of the two witnesses. It also speaks of
when they will die in the streets of Jerusalem. It also teaches when
they will resurrect, that Christ returns and
fear falls on and 7,000 die. There’s only 7,000
fallen angels, okay. That’s not the third of the
people that’s being spoken of. It’s the third
that were deceived by the fallen angels, okay. So they have an opportunity. So I will say that again. God’s people are basically
divided up in thirds. The degree you may have 1/3 that fairly well
wants to get by, another third just gets by, and another third that
can be easily deceived. And I mean they’ll go
anywhere, believe anything. But you have a remnant that is
God’s elect that know better and they’re just a small. They also, he likens it to that number of spiritual
completeness which is 7,000 but there are many
more than that. But be that as it may, but that
1/3 speaks of his children, not the fallen angels. Ron from California, “I was
watching this morning’s lecture “in the few verses of Amos “and the start of
the book of Obadiah “when you noted that
Edom was Rus, Russia. “Now I’m confused,
nothing new there.” Oh, could be. “I’m only a student of the Bible “and learning a great
deal from your teachings “but I understand
that Edom was the land “that Esau received and
is south of the Dead Sea “and is located in
what is now Jordan.” No, he moved north, okay. The prophecy
concerning his location you will find in Genesis 27 where he would live away
from the fat of the land. But I want you to take,
I see that you have… I want you to take the word
as it is used in Ezekiel 38. This will help you a great deal. Chief prince, and check
either word out in the Hebrew, chief or prince of
Meshek, not Mayshack. Chief prince where that
chief prince is Rus, okay. And the very prophecy of
Esau and his offspring, you will have it. Read the last few verses
of Deuteronomy 24, okay. Okay, who do I have here? I’ve got, I don’t have a name. I don’t have a name. Well, let’s see what
the question is. Oh, this is Jesse from Alabama. “I pray to God
for understanding. “My question is where
do I find in the Bible “the lion will lie with the
lamb and what do it mean? “I think I know.” Well it means there
will be no carnivores but it doesn’t quite say that and you will find
it in Isaiah 11, the lamb lies with the wolf
and the kid with the lion, so to speak, but they all lie
together, okay, Isaiah 11. George from California,
“Pastor Murray, “why is it that the date
from the Jewish New Year “on the calendar is in the fall “and you say it is on
the spring equinox? “Is the difference between
the solar and lunar?” No, no, no, no, no, there
are two New Years basically on that Jewish calendar. You have the religious New Year which is following
the spring equinox and you have the civil New Year which begins in the fall. That civil year is
separate, is different than the religious
year, okay, so called. Malaya from Michigan,
“I do have a question. “Actually, my grandson asked
me to explain this to him “and I was not really able. “The question is though all
sin is punishable by death “unless we confess, repent,
and ask for forgiveness, “why are we required to
use capital punishment “for murder and rape?” Because God demands it. He does not say that you
can repent for murder. Now I’m talking about
a lot of people, they don’t really
know what murder is. Christ in Matthew 5
calls it you have heard I don’t change one
jot of the law, okay. You have heard it said
that to kill, you know, he said you’ll still perish. The word to kill is (speaks
in foreign language) in the Greek tongue and it
means criminal homicide. It means one that lies in wait. And as it is written in
the epistles of John, I repeat, epistles of
John, not Saint John, in the first epistle
chapter three, verse 15, no murderer can have
forgiveness in the flesh. Capital punishment
must be accomplished. Now this is not, again, murder, you have different
stages of murder. It can be a crime of passion. That’s a different thing. But to absolutely be evil to
the point you’re lying in wait to just shed blood for
the shedding blood alone, then certainly that is murder. And as it is written in the
great book of Deuteronomy 28 and Numbers 35, God
demands the death penalty and so it is. Kay from Kentucky, bipolar disorder is a
very difficult thing. I’m glad you’re
studying God’s word. I’m glad it is helping you
and you’re doing just fine. You’re not responsible
for adult children. They must learn on their own. You just keep
setting the example. Do the very best you can. Pray to the Father for healing. Tom from North Carolina. “I’m from North Carolina
and I want to ask you “is it a sin to watch
western pictures? “I focus on the good guys
catching the criminals.” No, there’s no sin in
that, good, good western. Sometimes that’s really
the only good movies that are made anymore
is the old ones. Some of the new ones
don’t make sense at all and it kind of
questions your sanity or really checks out
whether your elevator really goes all the way to
the top floor or not, okay. What do I mean by that? They don’t make sense,
okay, not common logic. I am always
suspicious of artists that want to question
or show their ignorance by bringing their
confusions through their art onto other people. And it’s just like
Picasso, you know. I mean people go nuts
over paintings of Picasso. I wouldn’t allow
one in my house. They’re all perverted. He must have hated women. What he does to women
in his art is hideous and people are silly enough that they will pay millions
of dollars for that junk. And so you know, it’s just I guess it’s whoever’s
being gored maybe or something but common
sense is a wonderful thing. May it always
prevail and it shall. Michelle from Texas, “When
the elect are brought up “to testify during
the tribulation “some who are worshiping
the false Messiah “will hear and believe
and stop worshiping Satan. “So when the true Christ comes “will they who have
worshiped Satan be stopped “from going through
the Millennium “or will the elect do?” Yeah, they, you know, as long
as they change their mind and repent they are
still spiritual virgins. Revelation 14 kind
of covers this, that those that sing the song that come out of confusion, this separates the elect
from the very elect. And your documentation
for that you’d find in these Millennium chapters of the great book of Ezekiel 44. Those that are priests
during the Millennium are I will use the
word common priests though that’s not a good term, concern in relationship to
the Priests of the Zadok meaning the elect. The priest that went astray when Israel did
worship for a moment cannot approach Christ
during the Millennium. But the Priests of the
Zadok give them instructions and they teach the people. So there is a difference
and Ezekiel 44 though it’s, I figure it’s wonderful to
serve God in whatever capacity, just serving him
if he chooses you whether it’s opening doors,
shutting doors, helping people, or carrying the
sword, doesn’t matter. Serving God is such a blessing. Silvia from Washington, “I have bipolar
depression disorder.” Isn’t that strange? That’s two today. “I have finally
accepted my illness. “I have a hard time studying
with you and by myself. “I get frustrated with myself. “When I try my mind wanders
and races as I study. “Will God forgive me?” Of course he will, okay. When you do your best God
stamps it as perfect, okay. When you’re doing your very best and you’re praying to him
for that completeness, you just do it with
patience, okay. Don’t think that God is a
God that doesn’t understand because he does and he
certainly understands illness. And we pray that
he will touch you and even heal you, if you would. And this would be
the second one. You know, we have times
where anxieties rise. Just you put your
faith in Almighty God and let him protect you
and take care of you and you’ll do just fine. Okay, hey, I’m
out of time again. I love you because you
enjoy studying God’s word chapter by chapter,
verse by verse. Do you know something? Most of all God loves you for you make his
day, he makes yours. Brought to you by your
tithes and offerings. If we’ve helped you, you
help us keep coming to you. Won’t you do that? Bless God, he will
always bless you. Most important though,
you listen to me, you stay in his word. Every day in his word is
a good day, all right, a real good day
even with trouble. You know why? Jesus is the living word. – [Announcer] Hearing God’s
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world in his hands ♪

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