Web-Base Online Ordering

our on-line ordering system gives it’s called a it’s like a one-stop
shop so that everything is in one location it doesn’t matter to customer where the product
comes from it doesn’t it if it’s in inventory if it’s not an inventory if
it’s in procurement takes care of it if it in Jeff City our customer just know’s what they need
and the inner into the system what it is that they are needing and then we take
care of it for them and and then also utilizes merchandise
that we already own in other locations within the district the benefits are volume purchases we can make volume purchases we have seven
districts bidding the same products over and over and this way uh… develop experts and certain products for
certain locations anyone in the state when they ordered
something through the system it with the e-mail the person in charge
of that product so that they can go out and do the bidding for it or purchase that product in it would allow us to have greater
volume purchases which reduce our overhead cost and it
would be a win-win situation for everyone involved it allows them to pre-planned pre-order and tell us when they need that product and in that way it will be delivered at
the time that they need it’s just like amazon or any other
on-line ordering system that you would have out there you go we end it has pictures of the products you choose
the product that you’re looking for the categories and then there are sub
categories under that you choose the product that there’s a
picture of a lable seemed to make sure if that’s the the true product that
you’re wanting it has predefined coding in it so that it reduces coding errors and
they choose the coding org and uh… choose how much what the quantities is and added to their cart just like any
other system and then when they finish their order
they can tell where they want it delivered any special instruction who has the option of the date that they
wanted to receive it by uh… it’s shipped on the freight truck

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