Vapor Retailer Registration Demonstration

Welcome to New York State Online Services. In this video, we’ll show you how to register as a vapor products dealer through the Online Services application. To begin, log in to your New York State Business Online Services account with your username and password If you haven’t created a Business Online
Services account, visit the Online Services section of our Web site to learn how. From your Account Summary page, select Services, located in the upper left. From the drop-down menu, select Registrations and account updates, then select Vapor products registration This will bring you to the Registration Summary page. To learn more about specific fields or questions, select the blue question mark icon beside it for more information. In the section headed “New registration,”
select “Register to sell Vapor Products.” Then select the appropriate Registration period from the dropdown menu. When you are ready to proceed, select Add New Registration. The Verify my Business Information page will provide you with a summary of the business information associated with your Online Services
account. If the information is correct, select the
“Yes” button in the section headed “Business information.” Below, in the “Address summary” section,
verify that the address information for your business is correct by selecting the “Yes”
button. If you select “no” for either section,
you will be able to update your information. When you are ready to proceed, select Continue. On the Registration Details page, let us know if your business has been convicted of any tax crimes within the past year in the section headed “Registration information.” You’ll also be asked to provide the date
your business began or plans to begin selling vapor products. In the “Retail methods” section, check
the appropriate box to indicate the method of sale for your business. When finished, select Continue. Next, on the Business Locations page, select
the retail location for this registration from the list of available locations associated
with your business. If the desired location is not displayed,
select Add New Location. When finished, select Continue. The Registration Fee page will provide you with a summary of your registration information. In the section headed “Registration fee
details,” the registration fee will be listed as your total amount due. You should verify the information displayed. When you are ready to proceed, select Continue. On the Select Your Payment Method page, you
can choose to pay online with a direct debit from a bank account or with a credit or debit card. If you choose to pay with a credit or debit
card, the Tax Department’s credit card services provider will charge a nonrefundable convenience
fee of 2.25% of the total payment amount. This fee is not collected by the tax department. There is no fee for paying by direct debit
from a bank account. To make a payment by direct debit from your
bank account, select Pay from Bank Account. The Pay from Bank Account page will allow
you to make a direct debit payment from a checking or savings account. To make a payment, enter your bank routing
number. The bank name should populate automatically. Next, enter and confirm your bank account
number. Select the account type from the drop-down
box and enter the name of the account holder. If you’d like us to save your bank account
information for future filings, check the box labeled “Save bank account”. When you are ready to review your registration,
select Continue. This will bring you to the Review and Verify page. To review your location information, select “View”. To make changes, select “Edit”. If no changes are needed, review the eSignature
section and select Submit. On the Transaction Confirmation page, you’ll
receive a confirmation number to show that your registration has been received. You should print this confirmation page for
your records by selecting Print. To print or save a copy of your full registration,
select View/Print Forms. If you’re a vapor products dealer and your
retail method is vending machines the process is slightly different. In this case, when you get to the Registration
Details page, in the “Retail methods” section, select the checkbox for Vending machine,
then provide the number of vending machines. When you are ready to proceed, select continue. You’ll then be directed to the Attach Vending
Machine Details page, where you’ll be asked to provide additional information about the vending machines reported on the previous page. Select Choose a File to browse your computer
for the appropriate documentation. When you’ve located the appropriate file,
select Upload File to attach the document to your registration. When you are ready to proceed, select Continue. This will bring you to the Registration Fee
page, where you will be able to verify the amount due and continue to submit your payment. Be aware that certain registration types may
require you to provide additional documentation. This will be shown on the Registration Summary
page, which will display your submitted registrations, the status of each registration, the issued
date, and the begin and end dates for each registration period. If the status of a registrations is listed
as “Additional information required,” you will need to provide additional documentation
for us to process your registration. Select the Actions button for the pending
registration, then select Attach Supporting Documentation. You’ll be taken to the Attach Documents
page where you will be provided with the opportunity to attach any supporting documents needed
to process your registration. This will bring you to the Review and Verify
page, where you’ll be able to continue processing your registration. This completes our demonstration. If you have questions, please visit our web
site for further information. Thank you for your interest in New York State
Online Services.

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