United – The Friend Ship’s farewell flight

[MUSIC] [MUSIC] We are paying homage to the Queen of the Skies, that beautiful bird. I grew up in a United family. My father flew for them for 36 years. He flew the inaugural flight in July of ’70. As a young man of 17 years old, I happened to have the good fortune of flying on the very first 747 flight. At this time, we’re ready to begin boarding for United 747. Yay! [CHEERING] I love the 747. In my day, I worked the aircraft. [CHEERING] – Hi, everybody.
– [ALL] Hi! – Woo!
– 747, last flight!
– Let’s do it! You think about connecting people and uniting the world, this aircraft, it really opened up flying and the world to so many people. Bam! Queen of the Skies, 747 last flight. Did we all not win the Lotto? Welcome aboard. Aloha! [MUSIC] [JET ENGINE SOUND] [MUSIC CHANGES] So, here’s to our 747, and all the wonderful things this proud bird has done for our airline, and even better, here’s to what’s next. Cheers! [ALL] Cheers! This plane means a lot to us. I figured this would be the perfect spot to do it. – Christine, will you marry me?
[ALL] Hi! Aloha! Ah, what a beautiful flight today. 5 hours of pure fun, 1 huge party in the back. Captain Tom and myself safely arrived here, and a very nice ride to do so. Queen of the Skies. It was great! Loved it! Thanks. [EMOTIONAL MUSIC] I’m gonna miss you, girl.

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