UNICEF inspires donors with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

– UNICEF is the UN
emergency fund for children. We stand for children’s rights and we save their lives. We are doing programs
to get them to school, vaccinate them, give them
access to water and nutrition. We need funds to do all these programs. We get funds via governments,
private individuals, major donors, and corporates. One of the biggest challenges
is changing our organizations and adapting to the new
world, a digital world. Our donors are changing. With time, we see the
expectations of our donors grow. Even so, with the involvement
from them in our projects, they want to know how we spend the money, what were the results of the programs, were we successful or not and I think that’s a very
good way of engaging them. We want to transform donors to real lifetime supporters of UNICEF. – Our supporters expect from us that we spend our money very wisely, and that we invest very efficiently, and therefore, we came to Microsoft to develop a world-standard solution that supports the entire NGO sector. – In order to increase our impact, it’s clear that we need more funds. Customer Insights really helps us segment the right
audiences, to focus on them, to engage them in a very relevant way, and to retain them. – We have 60 million records. These data sources contain
all the history we have. We don’t know what kind of segmentations and information we want
to add in the future. With Customer Insights,
we have the possibility to handle more data than we have. We are more future-proof
because it’s adaptable, flexible, and gives us the possibility to innovate on things we don’t know yet. – We base our actions on
the data that we acquire from the behavior of the donors. We build new propositions, we create new content
that is relevant for them, and it’s really helpful
to get a 360 degree view. The other value comes with the integration of Customer Insights with the
Dynamics 365 applications. Dynamics 365 for Marketing really helps us run and test campaigns at scale. – We are able to automate campaigns so that we can shift from large campaigns to micro, targeted campaigns. – We’ve been looking for a solution that is based on one common data model, which means that we have
all data stored in one place and that consists of components that supports all
elements of our business, be it sales and marketing,
finance, operations, all of it. – Microsoft helps us
leverage the full power of the Microsoft Stack,
be it Microsoft Azure, Power Platform including
Power BI and Power Apps, Dynamics 365, for both
CRM and ERP processes, and we are connecting all this internal and external data together
with Customer Insights. – Microsoft is a great partner. Using their experience, their
knowledge, their expertise, gives us the wings to fly enabling us in our mission to save lives and help
children in the world.

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