Top 9 Dropshipping Products for Winter 2020

Welcome to the Ali2Woo YouTube channel. It’s
an about drop shipping business from AliExpress and about Ali2Woo plugin – a great
solution for drop shippers! In this video episode, we’ll look at the
top 9 dropshipping products to sell in winter 2020. Let’s get down to discussing these products
right away and not waste time on a long introduction. The first product on our list – Hedgehog Mittens. Mittens in the shape of a hedgehog are a quite
attractive product that excites children. Customers who dropped reviews on AliExpress
highlighted its softness, warmness and material quality. Kids feel excited when they wear
such gloves. This is ideal for dropshipping stores. According
to Google Trends, this product which falls under the “Winter Gloves” product category
often experiences a seasonal trend from November to January, annually. The next product in our list – Winter Hat
with Scarf and Mask for Children. While winter is a season everyone expects
every year, it could pose health risks and make children fall sick. Virtually everyone, especially kids, needs
a scarf and hat to cover themselves. Here’s a quick tip – do well to offer
a discount to anyone who buys several caps. Google Trends analytics have it that this
product has seasonal popularity. Another product in our list – Handmade knitted
blanket. Anyone who appreciates engaging home décor
wouldn’t overlook this product. It’s a handmade blanket that takes the aesthetics
of any space up a notch and brings positive emotions to kids and adults. Plaid is available in various sizes and colors
on AliExpress. So, you have a good number of options if you plan to advertise this product
as an accessory for photoshoots. A report from Google Trends shows seasonal
spikes in consumer demands for Plaids during the winter season. Kindly note that a large plaid can be advertised
as a blanket and this is another category of products in high demand. The next winning product – Coffee Thermal
Cup. Winter leaves everyone seeking warmth. Many
people prefer hot tea, coffee or a mug, and this makes thermal cups and thermoses more
popular in this season. This mug comes in various colors and serves
as a great gift. You stand to gain more as many buyers buy more several mugs at once
for themselves, families, or friends. You can close more sales by offering a discount
on any purchase of several cups. Statistics from Google Trends show a usual
high demand for this product. One would expect that – a seasonal demand for thermoses. The next product in our list – Thermal Underwear
Set. It’s trendy in this season as people don’t
want to wear very thick clothes that fetter their movements. Often, they prefer thin thermal underwear
that retains heat and keeps giving them warmth due to its technology. It’s especially nice when you get a set
of thermal underwear as people see that as a successful purchase because it entails several
products in one. One of the selling points of this item is
that it has options for both genders. This gives you even a wider audience to reach. Google Trends report also shows it has a seasonal
demand. By the way, this product, just like others
that made it to the list of best dropshipping products to sell in winter 2020, has ePacket
delivery. Another great product to sell in winter 2020
– Led Lamp with Green Flame Effect. During winter holidays, people like to decorate
their homes and take the aesthetics of their space up a notch. For several years, the trend
for Led Lamps continues at this time of the year. A trending product of the upcoming winter
is a Led Lamp with a green flame effect that creates a stunning glow. The seller has lamps of various types and
sizes, and the product has good reviews. Google Trends statistics show a seasonal trend in
December, annually. Next on our list of hot products to sell in
winter 2020 is Ski Snowboard Mask. Winter is quite a good time for sports, and
people need protective masks for snowboarding, skiing, and other fun activities. On AliExpress,
there are several snowboard masks, but you would always go for low-priced products with
great quality, as a dropshipper. Take a look at these plastic masks.
Google Trends show clear peaks in demand for such masks during winter. The next product in the list – Winter Inflatable Ski Circle.
Winter is a season of entertainment for adults and children. Riding in inflatable circles
is fun, and most people want to do it. It’s safer than other activities say skiing and
snowboarding. It’s quite simple to master how to ride, so this product is often prevalent
during this season (especially among children). It comes in various designs and colors, and
this makes it stand out and give any user a personal and stylish cool look. This is
important for sales as the purchase will be emotional. The last great product in our list – Winter iPhone Case. Apple brand has put in work to make their products and services stand out, and make
their customers look stylish and unique. As a dropshipper, you can tap into this already-set
standard to make a decent income. Niche Cases for iPhone is a way to go.
It’s good to note that these cases are available for various iPhone models. This product hits
the market and follows the general trend of soft plush things.
Take a look at Google trends report on Winter iPhone Case. Well, now you know some hot-selling products to give a shot this winter. But 80% of drop
shippers stop at the “planning” stage. You need to start acting!
We also remind you that the Ali2woo team can help you create an optimized and responsive
dropshipping store and find products for you. Have great sales in these winter seasons!

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