(Dropshipping winning products 2019) In this video I’m going to show you 21 winning dropshipping products that you can sell right now in your Shopify dropshipping store to make a lot of money in 2019 2020 and beyond and absolutely crush it. These are untapped products. Nobody is talking about them We found them through our methods and you’re going to absolutely love them. Let’s find out Hey, what is up, it’s Rafael here and in this video I’m going to show you a list of 21 winning products how we found them and how you can target them on Facebook as well and what to do to sell them and profit from those products But before we start if you’re looking to build a successful Profitable and consistent drop shipping business talk to somebody 101 that can help you talk to an expert for 45 minutes to an hour You have that opportunity right now by clicking the first link in the description It’ll take you to a page where you can schedule a call with me or somebody on my team will talk about your struggles What you’ve been doing wrong what you can do Right and the exact strategy that you need to make a lot of money with your business Schedule a call right there go and watch another webinar don’t want another course to talk to somebody what I want to know exactly what to do to be profitable consistent and scalable and lasting if you want a Module that I created for my mentoring program on how to go from 0 to more than three thousand dollars per day or more on Facebook ads for dropshipping make sure to comment secrets Comments secrets down below subscribe hit that notification bell and I’ll pick one Person for every video to give out that exclusive module comment secrets subscribe hit that Notification about click that first link in the description to schedule your free one-on-one call now Let’s get on to this beautiful list right here top 21 products to drop sure right now We’ll be going through them one by one and sure how we found them What is a place look at? example for each out of you one of them and how to target them and how to Essentially sell them and what you can do to get the most profit out of these products the first one tactical full-figure Tactical gloves how we found I’ll show you the video right here. And this particular one is very interesting I think this could be just like the indestructible shoes that I mentioned a while back in April before they became Massive and if we look at indestructible shoes calm This is the brand that was able to turn and before watch this video I want to show you the example here indestructible shoes was able to turn shoes that are waterproof breathable Non-breakable into a massive brand making one seven hundred thousand dollars per month The same thing could happen with these tactical deluxe in the circle gloves if you look at the video right here You basically the the gloves can’t break You can’t break your hand while doing crazy things or just doing whatever you want. You can use your touchscreen with it as well just like this and Yeah, right here. It’s the same thing as the indestructible shoes. Like you can’t break them. You can’t burn them You can’t destroy them but now it’s a glove so I think it’s a big big opportunity to build a brand out of Tactical gloves to make millions of dollars just like indestructible shoes is the same exact thing This video has been running for about a month now 634 thousand views which is pretty nice and it’s scaling slowly slowly last time. I checked they sound like 400,000 views. So they’re Scaling it up just like in the structural shoes. What’s doing five six months ago now it’s gloves So you want to go ahead and be first in that trend the engagement is pretty tight here It’s a pretty big on that size. You can definitely go ahead and sell this particular product But I recommend for targeting is tactical brands. Anything has to do with indestructible tactical gear or military gear hunting construction and outdoor sports one big big interest for indestructible shoes Was people that work in construction one of my students made more than ten thousand dollars Selling these shoes back in April by targeting people that worked in construction Had a construction company or were interested in construction and home construction in general So it’s gonna be a huge huge one the second one that I want to show you this smart comb soap dispenser We’re gonna pull it up and you probably know if you travel if you go to places that are Public and big like malls and so on They always have these smart dispensers where you put your hand and it pulls up the the soap These are for home soap dispensers So they’re taking that technology and basically selling it at home and you can easily dropship this from Aliexpress is not some patented think so you can basically see the video here and It’s a simple product in about a week. It has four hundred and thirty four Thousand views in a week in one simple week half a million views. Absolutely insane It’s scaling up really hard the engagement over here It’s good. If we look at the store over here selling at household touchless soap dispenser. It’s called fresh piss calm You can see the reviews on the bottom and the whole page basically showing you these little gifts What it’s it’s solving a problem where people are basically having a mess on their soaps as well It’s really good for people to have children So if you want to target parents and just people that have a family in general, it’s a great product. It’s antibacterial So it helps in keeping your hands cleaner Instead of like pushing on that thing every single time and if you want to target this particular product you can do parents Which I think it’s gonna be a big one that is why it’s so scalable because something that parents worry about everybody that has a family in some way it worries about that or It’s just easier and more convenient and you can use it in that way as well as home brands home improvement grants like Home Depot Lowe’s all these brands are really good for that and soap brands people that are interested in soap and Interesting so friends on Facebook It’s gonna be a very target at one that you can sell this product to maybe they have a lot of soaps there are soap Enthusiasts, they buy all these things for soap or some fancy soap this spencer’s now they have a smart home soap dispenser I think it’s gonna be a great product to sell the third product that I want to show you is the split flexibility helper right here We’re gonna look at the video and this is one product that we sold a lot of money twenty thousand dollars back in February and January and now it’s making a massive comeback in about three weeks It has three hundred and sixty nine thousand views You can see the video right here basically helps you make better splits. The engagement is low, which it could be It’s either a watch page or they’re running a lot of video view ads for this particular product, but it’s still running It’s cildren pretty well, and it was a product that they’re well for us So if somebody’s reviving it and it’s running it again, that could be that it’s gonna be a massive one again And it’s also a good Christmas gift for anybody that’s interested in yoga Maybe doing the splits maybe sports as well any combat sports this super important I’m a judo back in the day and it was super important to be flexible as a great product to give for Christmas for Now, it’s Cyber Monday. It’s gonna be huge So, I think it’s a great product for you to sell if you want to target for it You can do yoga people interested in pole dancing gymnastics, and also people interested in combat sports jiu-jitsu Judo MMA all of that. It’s a great product to sell for them And it’s also a great product to gift to those people for the fourth product right here the home faucet Booster shower this one you’ve probably seen it because it comes from sleek’s which is a brand that absolutely blew up with a tile Dispenser that little tiled product that you put your towels in your home This one absolutely crushed it for them the towel dispenser And now they’re testing this one massively sends a Monday so week ago or less than a week ago. They’ve had 183 thousand views I’m gonna play the video again, just so you see it This little foam faucet dispenser and you can basically clean your whole sink very easily and clean your dishes very easily and you can swap it in very easily and change the Speed and the force on it Yeah, I think it’s gonna be a solid product this particular brand created a whole page for it So a whole simplified page if you look at it right here home faucet booster shower if we look at it down here and It’s not a simple product page is actually a one product landing page. So they’re putting a lot of effort into it They created its own landing page created a home video and they’re known for already having scale The product has $100,000 level now they’re coming with this one and they’re testing this one thoroughly It’s gonna be a huge product as well. They’re testing it they believe in it. It could be a huge product just like the tile dispenser for targeting What I would do is people that you’re sending shower or showers when I was selling that head shower That is for actual shower for you showering and it’s motor head that you can change the speed direction all of it from it We are targeting people interested in shower and showers and it was doing really well home improvement brands Home Depot Lowe’s Anything that has to do with home improvement could be big for it as well as pitch and brands quits nard Anything that has to do with more to Stuart or any kitchen grants kitchen appliance brand. It’s gonna be huge for this product It’s more for people that cook at home all the time, and they need that extra helping hand to clean their dishes It’s gonna be absolutely Massive the next product personalized moon lamp and this one is a little bit more known but it’s picking up again And it’s a moon lamp just like this one That you can basically put your own picture into it and then it creates a moon lab for you It’s a personalized moon left in the past video I was talking about personalized products and how they’re gonna be the new trend A lot of people are selling products just like this one This one is an opportunity to sell an already famous and popular product as a customized one So it’s pretty solid and down in the bottom in about three months 2.7 million views with really nice engagement. It could be a product that you can sell as well And like I said, it’s personalized So it has that extra edge over just whatever product you’re selling out there that it’s very saturated This one is personalized. It gives you that extra edge Like I was talking about my personalized product video if you want to check out that video click the link description It’s gonna take you to that video and you can watch it now for targeting this one in particular I would do Christmas gifts moon lamps which is sort of an easy one and then dating and relationship anybody that’s interested in Dating or relationships probably has a date people that are married is also really good one you can put that it’s very Romantic, and now it’s Christmas and it’s gonna be a great gift to give to people that are married that are in a relationship So it’s gonna be huge and people interested in Christmas gifts anything towards this time of the year It’s gonna be huge for Christmas because people are actively gifting products people actively giving things away for Christmas It’s a good time to sell any type of product now for the next one rechargeable and portable light I’m going to show you this one right here. I’m gonna pull it up and this one in particular you Probably haven’t seen this one. It’s kind of a funny one And we’ll see the video right here This is elastic throwable and touchable it’s It’s kind of cool it’s pretty cool and in about a month it has a 1 million views So it’s scaling up pretty hard. The engagement is really good and it’s a good product just as a gift Like I said now it’s gonna be cyber. Monday Christmas coming up. It’s gonna be a massive one So it’s not really a product that solves a problem that solves is massive thing that everybody struggles with no It’s more of a product that is just a cool Gift and a lot of products that will grow and will scale during this time of the year are going to be just cool gifts And gold products to give to people during Christmas If you want to target this particular product, you can do camping and outdoor which will be good a lot of people interested in camping or going outdoor Especially now that it’s not going to be as much Sun as much heat as before They’re going to want the source of light all the time And this is a cool one that you can take wherever you want as well as people interested in lighting lights Selfie lights all of those types of Lights. It’s gonna be a good product to sell before we go on with the amazing products I want to congratulate this particular student the first week of October. They won two point five thousand dollars in this month She’s gonna make one twelve thousand dollars Absolutely crushing it with her store If you want to know the strategy that her and many other Students learn make sure to schedule a free one on one call with the first link in the description Go ahead and schedule a talk to somebody me or somebody in my team 101 so that you can actually express your concerns about drop shipping and how to scale your business profitably consistently and Scale it up to the level that you want to scale up schedule free call first thing in the description and I’ll see you then for the next product on my list multi-function and Scissor cable cutter I’ll show you this one right here will see the ad and you probably send this one is from gadget calf Who’s known for selling a bunch of gadgets for a lot of money one hundred thousand a month Consistently and this one in particular is a new one in about a month It has about two hundred thousand views, so it’s not huge but it could be huge coming in the next couple of months So you can see the product here and a basically we can cut any Wire any type of cable that you give it? Right there Pretty cool product good as a gift and if you want to target it You can do Home Depot home improvement metal brands people interested in home decor Metal brands because this is one thing that it could be used for is DIY home decor Home improvement making sure your home is ready for winter as well. So it could be a good one to target for that now I’m gonna go to the next one peekaboo teddy bear which It’s a it’s an interesting one that we found and I’m gonna show you right here it’s more as a gift for parents and you’ll see right here and peekaboo and It drops it And it goes up Then it goes down peekaboo It’s a pretty cool product. It’s not a problem-solver It’s not a big one But it is a product that is going to be great for Christmas and Cyber Monday for gifting for parents specially parents that have children Or as a gift from parents to their children So anybody that’s parent anybody that knows a parent is going to be a great one or anybody that has a baby It’s really going to be a great product in about a week. They have two hundred and eleven thousand views So they’re scaling quite quite fast and the engagement on this is pretty good Let’s go back if you want to target this particular product and always the brands that do really well for us for For toys or Hasbro fisher-price Torture us Babies R Us. You can also target parents parents is a huge one. It’s a demographic on Facebook You want to go ahead and target it and also people that know parents So in your ad copy you can write no appearance that needs this or no apparent that love says Be careful with how you word it on Facebook face It doesn’t like when you want to tag people down in the post But you can do and add just like that one and promote the product in that way So let’s take care of those two. We did those and now let’s go to mini USB portable juicer and let’s go to this particular one and For the next couple of videos. I don’t want to keep you here for two hours So I’m going to show you the the product and then the video and then you can test it for yourself You’ll see the video right here and It’s a mini portable juicer or blender Basically, and it’s a different type of blenders already a portable blender like blend jet this one in particular also acts as a juicer Which gives it that extra? touch for people that want to give it as a gift or want to buy it for taking their food or their Take it basically a mini meal to work taking a mini meal to camp picnics or camping with their family It’s gonna be a great product in about three weeks. It has 20,000 views. So it’s not a huge massive product I saw it on my Facebook feed I thought it was a good one share with you and it could be a good one for you to scale Later on if you want to target it target people interested in juicers anything any interested in quiz nerd Fitness interest people that can take that to the gym or after the gym and Organic foods, that would be a good one people enter center organic foods or anything biological It’s a huge one for blenders for juicers. They take those fruits. They make a smoothie. That’s a food on the go It’s a great product to sell for them and it’s a good problem solver that they can take wherever they want Now the next one let’s cross that one out easy small chopper right here. We’re gonna look at that product and let’s pull up the face cap right here and you can see that thumbnail is is Quite funny there and for the particular video right here It’s basically a product where you put whatever foods or whatever vegetables and fruits you want pull the string and it chops them all up Choppers and anything that has to do with food preparation Always has been massive on Facebook and this one is a version that is smaller and Really cool that you can just pull lever and it chops up your food for you in about a month They’ve done a 1.3 million views So it is going up in views and they’re scaling it quite a lot with good engagement if you want to watch that again You can basically just pull the lever and it’ll chop the foods for you If you want to target this one, you can do cooking people interested generally in cooking Food Network chopper Choppers and any food appliance brands anything that has to do with Martha Stewart any brands that are for cooking for food? It’s gonna be a perfect fit for that the cooking channel any channels any magazines any media for cooking or food? The next one easy toothpaste dispenser. I’m gonna pull it up right here And let’s see the video and this one in particular Actually, we found it by a company that was targeting my girlfriend on in Ukraine So her account is from Ukraine and that company was Ukrainian and they were targeting Ukrainians so he found this product through there and then I looked at is this product selling in the US as well and Yes, it is selling in the US as well this particular one last Tuesday it has 3000 views which isn’t much but it could be a scalable product moving forward and you basically put your Juice face there and you just pull it together to face So it doesn’t happen that many views that much engagement, but it could be a huge one that you can scale It’s a good gift. It’s also cheap. So it’s not a big decision It’s an impulse buy and you can target people interested in toothpaste Family parents and people interested in bathroom appliance brands for product number twelve the aquarium algae Controller and this was a funny one the last year 2018 when I was doing done-for-you Services for e-commerce. I was doing ads for people one person had an aquarium brand came to me It was like hey, I need somebody to do my Facebook ads I need somebody the scale of my store and we were super successful in the Australian market. We scaled up to $15,000 a month selling aquarium equipment and aquarium ecology and this particular product is a great one You can put it and it controls your Oggy completely and it’s a yeah, it basically removes stubborn algae Which is something that people that have home aquariums and have aquariums anywhere or restaurants have aquariums big deal a lot with in about two weeks at 635,000 beach but is pretty insane for this particular product? Anybody that owns an aquarium or is thinking of owning an aquarium this product applies to them? So let’s look at the page right here. Amazing Lola It’s a particular page that is making a lot of money And this one in particular is sold for it’s not letting me go back on it But this one you can see the product basically helps you remove algae from your aquarium and fix the aquarium up Right there. It’s a great product It’s not super super highly scalable But it is something that solves a massive problem for people interested in aquariums ecology aquatic life anything to do with aquatic life fishes Turtles Yeah, whatever they have on the aquarium. It’s gonna apply to them So the next one this dental plaque remover and deep cleaner. Let’s look at the video right here and I’m going through this as fast as I can. I don’t want to wait two hours here on the video But this one in particular you’ve probably seen it It is a little bit scaled up about three weeks at half a million views And you can basically remove the plaque from your teeth and remove any stains that you have Disclaimer be very careful with this you could harm yourself with this product or somebody could Potentially harm themselves with this product and you can then have the fault on it. They can sue you or anything It’s not as dangerous as other products that I’ve seen running as well, but be very careful with it It is growing. It is scaling up just be extremely careful It is a product that could harm people if you want to target it, you can go ahead and target people interested in dentist Which is something huge if they are a dentist or they’re released interested in dentists Then they could have some connection to a dentist or know it get dentist Then they can refer this product to them people interested in teeth whitening and dental cleaning that they can do it themselves At home the next product that we have here is a 3d solar system crystal ball. This one is an interesting one It’s similar to the periodic table that absolutely crushed me 1/2 a million dollars, but little elements inside of it This one looks quite similar It’s a different audience but it’s sort of a similar kind of product and it’s Amazing for Christmas as a Christmas gift in two months It has 16 million views So it’s scaled up massively and it still has potential to scale even more some people when that periodic table came out They thought oh, this is a cool product. They started promoting. It made more in ten thousand dollars with it This could be a solid ten thousand dollar product or more right here. It’s absolutely beautiful and it looks amazing It’s a good Christmas gift nice engagement And if you look at the top and the comment here four months for my birthday to go so it’s a good birthday gift It’s a good Christmas gift and it’s a good gift in general for anybody If you want to target this one you can go how to target the solar system the cosmos series which is Series for people interested in astronomy in solar systems and anything it’s a good series to target and also people just in general Interested in astronomy and just the planets or the universe in any sort of way It’s a great gift to give the next one This is the bathroom water stopper, which you’ve probably seen before it is a really good product and I’ll show you exactly what it does and it basically stops water from coming from your shower And you’ll see the video here And it stops any water from coming from the shower It’s a nice Problem-solving product in about two weeks and it hasn’t been running that much has almost a million views in about a week and the engagement Is pretty good. I think this product is going to scale massively It applies to pretty much anybody that has a bathroom and a shower so basically scalable to as much people as you can as you remain profitable and it is a good product just in general to Either buy for yourself with gift to somebody that has that problem of water coming from the shower We have that problem all the time staying in Airbnb in different apartments So it is a good product to buy and also it’s a good scalable product If you want to target it, you can do Beth and beyond people interested in bathroom home decor brands and people interested in. Mr Clean or any type of the bathroom brand any type of home improvement brand It’s going to be a massive one for that the next one turn your pet into royalty Customized canvas, I mean, oh that’s not the one I’m going to show you this one right here and this one in particular I don’t have a Facebook ad for it. But I have the store that’s selling it and they’re basically turning their dogs into a customized really really cool royalty picture just like this one right here and they could turn your pet into a king or a Princess or whatever that is and these are not that expensive at 45 euro. We found it here in France So they’re targeting unsaturated markets a lot. France Germany Spain. They’re hitting those markets really well in the US as well It’s working so it doesn’t matter in which niche sorry in which country which market you’re competing in It is a good product to sell there and these customizable products I have one of my students who’s doing really really well with customized dog products It’s a huge niche that’s gonna keep growing and growing It’s a massive niche for you to get into if you want to target it pet owners Pet food brands and pad toys any sort of thing that falls under that umbrella especially pet food brands people interested in pet food They know that they they at least could have a pet or they know somebody that has a pet So especially if dog food brands are gonna be huge to target for this one this second one mini Security camera security cameras on Facebook, although they sometimes get disapproved or banned. They are huge They scale up like crazy in this one Show you right here this Is a little little camera that’s barely noticeable and it’s motion activated. So when if somebody moves around it it can start recording There’s a lot of security cameras on Facebook that I’ve done it massively They’ve killed up to more than a million dollars on Facebook again Sometimes you will get your assets approved just because Facebook doesn’t like this type of product But this one in particular is scaling up pretty well in about a month three hundred forty six Thousand views and really good engagement here and it could be a product that skills up really? Well. Somebody knows how to target it Well, you can create your own one product landing page port and then sell it has the new Massive security camera that everybody should have in their home and sell it pretty well through that Do you want to target it you can target people interested in security security cameras and security Grants just like adat and other brands that handle security in homes and offices For more products go baby. Now for the next product is mad Koga Lu which is a huge one right here I’m going to show you the video and it’s basically a glue that you can put on anything Paste it to anything and it’ll work like that I don’t think it works as well as they put it in the video so disclaimer if it doesn’t work as well then as The zombie will totally let it’s the magic glue. They’re putting it to me that way in about three months fifty-one thousand views So it’s not that skilled up, but it could be a product. If you’re a beginner. You don’t know what to sell This is something that solves a problem that helps a lot of people and it’s highly scalable so it could be really good for you Yeah, like I said the video puts it as the next magical glue. Although it could have those effects and help people do that I don’t think it’s gonna be as good as they put in the video If you want to target it, you can do people interested in glue or glue brands and then scotch tape it’s gotta be a few to one people interested in this are usually fixing up things in the home or fixing things in the office at school and so on and then people interested in Home Depot and Home improvement brands and home improvement retail stores. It’s gonna be a good one the next one smart mini cameras. Later I’m gonna pull up the ad right here and show you which one I mean This is a little slider to take better photos better videos You can also put your phone but the iPhone Pro and put out from a living Pro coming out now This could be a good product to sell as a bundle – Pro 11 case and then camera slider so you can take beautiful videos and be the best person taking Instagram videos out there And you can also just sell it to people interested in cameras or they have a camera and they can take really nice videos by sliding they can along it beats that thing of people having to move their Tripod and having two women over their camera of some sort of way of their film Artists or there’s somebody that makes films or videos quite consistently a blogger This could be a huge product in about two weeks It has a hundred fifty nine thousand views from make my life better, which is quite a big Shot drop it drop shipping store. And this one is really really cool to sell as well If you want to target it people interested in camera brands tonight Concannon if they know the brand They probably have a camera or they’re at least interested in that space and also people interested in tripods Which is something that solves that problem with tripods not being able to move and also people are interested in blogging filming filmography anything of that sort the last two ones educational Magnetic board for kids. I’ll pull it up here And I’ll show you exactly what I mean Any sort of kids toys kids education toys all that will be massive during cyber monday leading up to Christmas It’s gonna be a great gift for 2020 and this one in particular. It’s a magnetic puzzle board and You can see how it works. Basically they put the little pieces into the the board It’s very interactive the kid can learn building out the the actual puzzle and it’s a good product to sell and sorry for pulling that out and in about three weeks it has 125,000 wheels so it’s not a massive massive video, but it’s doing quite well and the engagement is a little bit low They might might be doing some video meal ads But this one is a really cool product. If you want to target it you can do parents Like I said before Hasbro toy brands, like I mentioned you can do fisher-price parents Toys R Us Babies R Us and also people interested in Education and kids education t-shirts anybody that’s in the education space for kids It’s gonna be a massive one. The last one ultrasonic portable cleaning gadget right here If we pull it up This one in particular is not one that you can dropship right now But it’s one that you can dropship very soon. It made about three million dollars from IndieGoGo which is a crowdfunding campaign and it basically helps you clean up The entire sink and it helps you clean up the home very easily just like I’ll show you in the video right here cleans at a microscopic level And then it can also work for clothing and clean your clothes very easily Right there in about five months. It has half a million views or almost 600,000 views with a really good engagement. Like I said, it’s an IndieGoGo product It’s called Sonic soap and it’s probably going to be available in drop shipping from and Aliexpress supplier But from an agent very very soon So I did a lot of money and four million on IndieGoGo, which is pretty insane a lot of money in Japan So Japan is very close to China. What I’m thinking is that a Chinese supplier is going to build this product out And also you can dropship it later on It’s gonna be a good opportunity for you. If you want to targeted Bed Bath & Beyond cleaning brands dishwashing brand and that is The full list of amazing products if you want to know another 10 Extra products that you can sell right now in the rest of 2019 leading up to 10 2020 and absolutely crush products at top products best products that you can sell right now check out the video right there Check out that video right there Click that subscribe if that notification about schedule a free one on one call with the first link in the description We can absolutely crush it together with me or my team scheduler call right now

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    Secrets!!! Great Video Mate

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