Tiny Shipping Container House Deck – Living Tiny Project Ep. 16 – Part 1

Hello. Hello. This week finally we are gonna talk about the wooden deck we are building on the top of our shipping
container. So, let’s get started. Well, this episode as it was getting too
long and we couldn’t finish the whole deck in one week, we decide to divide this episode into 2 parts. In the first part we’re gonna talk about the design of the deck. how we chose the wood, how we chose the treatment for the wood, and how we assembled the main beams. So, next week we’re gonna talk about how we assembled the roof, that we’re going have inside the wooden deck, how we are assembled the drainage for the water, and how we assembled the decking itself and how we treated the decking itself. That’s a different kind of wood,
but we’ll get there eventually. So, let’s start with task number one. The design of the wooden deck. At first we thought it was easy. But as soon as we start thinking about every single connection, every single detail, it was not that easy. Yeah, the thing is, we had like basically like a wooden deck on our minds… like, we couldn’t see it. But, we try to get this imagination and put into a 3D model and once we did that things changed. like because once you do the 3d model
the mistakes start they start to show up You know, like, you know… You plan in a way and then you see that the water would not leave that part of the roof underneath. You know, just… when it’s like a model that you’re actually gonna build… you know, it’s just a completely story… it’s a different story. You know, thing get complicated. So, to make easier we’re gonna show you guys the 3D model of the deck. Imagine these 2 blocks as the shipping container. I know that’s not detailed, but you can imagine. That’s south, north, east and west. So, on the top of that we added the supports that we showed you guys on the other episode. Now, let’s add the main beams. In between these things we will have a roof. The water from the east roof is gonna drain to this direction and to this pipe. The water from the west roof is gonna drain in this direction and through this pipe. We have one main problem that’s… I think that was the worst problem we had. You know… the water that comes from the hang… you know that… Because our wooden decks is goona hang 30 centimeters over the shipping container, and we don’t want this water to go through the deck, we want to bring the water to the roof. So, that was the most confusing part. So, we decided to have a main roof. But, on the sides we’re gonna have like just a lot of small little roofs, that brings the water inside to the main roof, and then drain to the pipe. Right? I hope so. Is that confusing? So, let’s show you on the drawing. So, that’s the drawing. So, all this is more roofs are gonna take water to the big roof that takes the water to the pipes. And that’s it. We’re done. When we finally achieve all that we are gonna install the decking itself. But that is something we are gonna talk
about in future episodes. And then we still need to do some finishing around and underneath. You know like… you need to give like a good finishing, so when you look from the outside you just see a big wooden deck and not like a lot of pipes and stuff. And roof. So, let’s get to the second part. Now that we have the plan, now that we know what we want, we need to decide about the wood we are gonna use. Did you like the wood? Yeah, a lot. Yeah, it’s… I don’t know. It’s funny because there are so many kinds of food in Brazil. Way too many kinds of wood. So, we spent I think 2 weeks searching about the wood, which wood we are gonna use, which one was not the most expensive one. Because the best one of course is expensive. Yeah, the price is like a big, you know like … a part of the decision was price. Because if we could we wanted to use the wood called Itauba. That’s like our favorite one. The color is nice, I don’t know, it’s a really strong wood. It’s a hard wood. It’s a really hard wood it’s gonna last for a long long time. More than the container itself. Yeah, it might … yeah, I think it’s
gonna last more than shipping container. But, Itauba was just too
expensive. We just couldn’t pay the price, afford the
price. So, we decided… other than that we could go to a really cheap one, that would be pinus, pine. So, it would be pressure-treated pine, that actually is not bad it’s a really good one. But it’s like half of the price, maybe a little bit less than half of the price. But then we had the second, the third choice, that would go would be Angelim. So, the problem about the pine where we
buy the wood, is that sometimes when you get like a big beam sometimes you get some knots on the middle, and that makes fragile the wood. So, as the dimension would be like really big, we didn’t want to take the risk. I mean… it could work out fine, but sometimes you just get a knot on the wrong place and I don’t know. We decided to go with Angelim. So, to… So, the Angelim is for the main beams and for the joists. Yeah, the thing is we didn’t want to use
Angelim on the top, on the deck itself. Because, I don’t know, it gets too much sun and water and as the pine is treated and it’s more dried. If the wood is dried I guess it’s gonna react better with the weather. But, on the structural part that are the main beams and the joists, we decided to use Angelim. So, it’s gonna be a mixture of Angelim, on the structure part, and the decking is gonna be treated pine. And the other choice that we needed to make was the treatment, which treatment to use. Because there are… we can just paint with
regular paint or… Yeah. The thing is… we are in Brazil, in the south of Brazil, and here is really really really humid and would is something that in the humid weather and sunny and humid and rainy sometimes it’s just … would get bad really
quick. So, Angelim, supposedly, correct us if we were wrong, but we asked a lot of people, and talked with a lot of people that understand about that, and they say that Angelim is a pretty good wood. But if it stays on the sun and on the rain for too long without treatment it’s gonna crack all over and it’s gonna be bad really quick. So, we decide to treat the wood. We had 2 main choices for treating the wood. Which ones? I don’t know the name in English. Varnish or stain. Actually, I’ve never heard about stain before. I mean I’ve heard on many videos that I watch on YouTube. But I never… I thought… I always thought that stain was just a varnish, a kind of varnishing. And I realize that’s not at all. So, let’s talk about the 2, the main
difference… the main… I mean the difference between stain and varnish. What’s the difference? The varnish is just superficial. Yeah, it’s like a layer. Yeah, it’s a layer. So, every 2 years I guess, we need to take everything out… off. And then we need to paint it again. Yeah, I think actually it might even less for longer the varnishing. But, as it’s a layer as soon as you take this layer off the wood in not protected anymore. And as we are talking about a wooden deck, that you walk on the top and you know there is flexibility and you know things move. I think it’s not the best choice. That’s my way of thinking. So, we decide to go with the second choice, that is stain. The difference is that stain is not a
layer, stain actually… Stays. Impregnate… it’s like a… how… you need to like the… Impregnate. Basically the treatment goes, you know,
inside the wood and there is no layer on the outside. So, it’s basically something that the wood absorbs paint and creates a protection layer inside. A barrier. For the sun and for the bugs. Yeah, it’s amazing! I’m gonna show you guys. You put water on the top of the wood and you just… the water won’t go inside. It’s like a membrane that creates, but inside the wood. But, we heard that we need to treat more often. But the difference between treating with varnishing than treating with stain is that stain you don’t need to take the stain off you just paint on the top of it. You don’t need to do anything. Just once a year you paint it again on the top. And varnishing you need to take like, you know, the bad parts off and then you know sand it and then you paint with …I don’t know… We decided to go with stain. And then the next choice was the color. Because there are like more than 10 kinds of colors. Yeah. But the good thing is we could choose a color with stain. It’s funny because stain, you know, you kind of pretend that you are any kind of wood you want. So, we have Angelim. So you go to the store and you get like Angelim with this stain looks like Itauba. But, if you use this stain it’ll looks like a different kind of wood, and with this one looks like like a different
kind of wood. So, we chose one, that we didn’t know if it was gonna look good. But we liked it a lot. It’s funny because in the store they showed us a piece of wood that was painted and in the end we didn’t get the same result. It looks different, but it looks really good. Way better actually. It looks much better. So we treated with stain and that’s the color, you know, we got. Well, now that we chose they would we want and the treatment we want it’s time to treat the wood. But first we want to thank 2 friends that we met through the channel. That are Sonya and Juliano. Sonya is from New York and Juliano is from Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and they contact as if they could help and they show up to help right when we were painting the wood. So, I mean… It was really help it was really helpful. Takes a long time to paint the wood. We didn’t know but as we decided to paint the wood, before making the deck, before assembling the wooden deck. Every layer we needed to have 3 coats of stain. Yeah. We need to have 3 coats in 12 hours in between coats and we could not like, you know… We have like 4 sides of the beam. We did 3 sides and then the other side. That means we needed 6 days to do that. Yeah, because it’s 12 but for us we took 24 hours between layers. Yeah, so I mean… takes a long time to you know… It’s a small task but you keep doing for a few days. And when you have like more hands to help it’s much quicker to do the job. Let’s show the video clip. I think it’s easier… So, video clip about the whole process until now. Now we just need to paint these 3
times and then we can start doing the wooden deck. So. Let’s go. What is going on? I’m just aligning. We just need to make sure we have the
same amount of beam hanging out. Like this. It’s all marked. We just need to… Make some holes. And then we can screw the beam on place. Yeah. I have never done this before. So, let’s see if I can do it. It’s like this? Yep. Enough. Good? Yeah. I did it. There’s always the first time. It’s working. So we hope you guys understood the
bigger picture of the wooden deck. Yeah, actually I know you guys were expecting to see a 100% finished wooden deck by now. We were as well. We were as well. I mean the thing is we always depend on the weather. And sometimes the weather doesn’t help. And we do understand people that are like
sometimes, not complaining… but they were like expecting more from us, you know, to get more progress quick. The thing is we are only 2 and we are building learning… Going to stores, editing… Editing videos. I mean editing videos takes a long time of our week. And we have 2 choices: we basically don’t have a video a week or you will show you half a wooden deck. I prefer to show you guys half of a wooden deck so you guys can, you know, keep following the progress and understand that it’s not like… it’s not… you know… It’s not like you think and the wooden deck just show up. If you need to be build it you need to build it. And if takes long it takes long. And if someone wants to came and help we are really grateful. The house is always open for new friends. if you are around and if you feel like
stopping by, many people done already. And a 100% of the people that showed up was so cool and so nice and just… And so helpful. Helpful, a lot. It’s just like even like
giving ideas and I don’t know or just giving hands. It’s a huge help and that’s our purpose of the project. It’s to get to know more people it’s get to
know more solutions and to learn more. And the more people you know interact
with us the more we learn the more you guys learn. It’s good for everyone. I guess that’s it for now. For now that’s it. Hopefully next week we’re going to have the entire wooden deck or at least close to that. But, don’t worry. We are working on. We are
trying really hard to progress. But the thing is takes long. We need you know we need to paint the decking. We still need to buy the wood for the decking still and we need to treat the wood for the decking. So, it’s like 5 days just to treat the wood, so… Yeah. So, se you guys next week.

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