TikTok For Business (+ END OF INSTAGRAM!?)

[laughing] I don’t know why I feel so
old just trying to write a caption, “Filming YouTube videos for business”,
you know, like that’s pretty lame. In August, my friend Jen
sent me this DM, “OMG Tiktok, it must be for teens, right? Please say we don’t need one of those
accounts now to, do we?” And I said “Haha, it’s for teens, yes, but who knows?
I’m sure marketers are on it already.” Well, this was only a month
ago and here I am, a marketer, on it already. So in today’s video I want to walk
through Tiktok with you. And truly, I don’t know if it’s
beneficial for business. So I’m going to go through the app for
the very first time with you in today’s video and I hope by the end of it, you and me – entrepreneurs – will have
a better idea of whether Tiktok is worth our time or not. Maybe you’ve
heard of Tiktok already, maybe your teenager’s on it,
or your niece or your nephew. But whenever these new fandangled apps
come out that the teens are all over, us older folks or elder millennials
as I like to call myself, oftentimes ignore it. We think
right away “the kids, the kids, that’s for the kids. It’s not for
me. I’m a serious business person. That’s just a waste of time.”
I have thought that myself, I mean Tiktok’s actually been
on the market for three years. It originally came out as Musical.ly and
I think I downloaded it but never did anything with it because I thought
the same thing like eh, waste of time. Let’s have, let’s let the
kids have their fun, you know, but here we are in 2019 and
I am diving into Tiktok. Let’s cover exactly what Tiktok is and
then let’s explore the app together. So what’s Tiktok? Well,
imagine if Snapchat, Spotify, Vine and Twitch, had a baby.
Their baby would be Tiktok. Now if it sounded like I just said
Spanglish to you and you’re like, what are all those things? Basically what Tiktok is is
an app for iOS and Android. It’s a way for you to share lip
sync, comedy and talent videos. Don’t run away just yet because from
what I’ve seen of Tiktok already, you don’t necessarily need to be Jennifer
Lopez to be posting these videos and entertaining the masses. So the other thing to take note here is
in 2019 Tiktok is the fastest growing app. We’re talking already
500 million active users. To put that into context, Instagram
has over a billion. So at this stage, Tiktok already has half the amount
of users that Instagram has. So that’s a lot of people who
are spending time in that app. So why should we, serious business
people, care about Tiktok? Well, based on my initial research,
here’s what I’ve found. The app is basically the wild,
wild west of social media. So think back to Instagram
back in 2011, 2012, when we all wished went all in on
Instagram. That’s today. That’s right. Now when it comes to Tiktok, the other cool thing about it is you can
really be known for your niche really quickly. There’s already a ton of
niches on the app in the makeup world, travel, art, fitness, so now would be the time to
get established in your niche. The trick will be to figure out
how your niche works on Tiktok. You can only upload 15 second recordings
or you can stitch together multiple recordings for 60 seconds, but this isn’t the app to bore
people with your trainings. You’re going to want to blend
entertainment with your information. One of the coolest things about Tiktok
is the potential for a large audience transfer. What does that mean? Basically, you can grow an audience on Tiktok
really fast and then connect them over to your other social media platforms like
Instagram or YouTube. Back in the day, other social media networks
used to be really good for that, but now they’re all pretty popular
and pretty saturated but not Tiktok. Let’s talk business potential
of Tiktok. As I just mentioned, there’s this share-ability
factor within the app, so connecting to your other
social networks or creating
a video in the app and then being able to save it to
your phone, save it as a GIF, share it to your Instagram stories. You can easily mix and match
platforms starting with Tiktok. It’s also a low pressure environment, so if you feel like sharing
on your Instagram stories
or in your feed is giving you anxiety, like, “I have to be
perfect”, Tiktok is the place to practice. Just think in terms of, well, no one’s really following me here and
no one’s really watching and caring, so that’s one way to get used to being
visible and showing up more in your business. The other cool thing I’m seeing about
Tiktok is it’s really not a perfect and pretty competition as we
sometimes see on Instagram. Tiktok is not about showing “your
best self” and “your best life”. It’s all about being real and
showing the world who you are. Maybe that means you’re not the fittest
person in the world or not the most productive person in the world, but
you can still show up, dance a little, have a good time, and
entertain your followers. Plus we’ve got some new features that
have just hit Tiktok including the ability to run ads. Yay. I love paid advertising. And the ability to go live. So yes, we already have these features
with Facebook and Instagram, but obviously Tiktok is growing so fast
because they’ve already brought them over to their platform too. So I have
Tiktok downloaded on my phone already. It’s in the depths of my social
media apps, but I found it. So let’s go into the Tiktok
app together right now. Nope. No. Okay. Definitely young. Definitely
young demographic right away. Looks like I’m signed in already.
Oh my God. What did I hit? Okay, um… 1.7 million hearts, that video. Let’s go to the Discover tab. “Dorm life” is a trending hashtag.
“Joke is on you” is a trending hashtag. I actually like that they
have hashtags. I mean, this is already one great
way to get your niche going. Let’s look at me for a second. Oh,
I need a Tiktok account to continue. Here we go. All right, so
here’s where I actually sign up. [French accent] Two very
boring minutes later… All right, so my beautiful user
account is here. User 3831693513447. Amazing, zero followers. But the app is prompting me to
create your first short video. Let’s do that. Allow access to everything.
You can have me Tiktok. Okay, so there’s Effie. I will flip to film this way. Okay, let’s be cool and not
talk in these videos. And then, then let’s add some sounds. Electronic. I do like electronic. [music] [upbeat electronic music] Okay let’s see what we can do
with the effects. Gold powder. [electronic music] Ooh that’s fun. That looks like we’re raving. All right, well I mean,
I’m happy with that. Oh, hold to apply effects and then
you can probably like switch. Oh fun. [electronic music] We’re definitely raving now. Okay, so that was super easy
to apply effects. I mean, I haven’t even gone into all of
this stuff too – transitions, splits. Okay. Well I’m
happy with our rave. Yeah, I’m really happy with that. See
what the stickers are doing. Poll? Ooh, okay. So there’s some
Instagram Story options. You’re going to love editing this.
Let’s say productive work day? Tongue in cheek. We’re having a
really good time in this video. There’s some other options here.
I see filter, trim, volume, but I’m kind of happy with this.
Let’s try it. Let’s hit ‘Next’. Okay, so this looks really familiar. This looks like I’m posting
to Instagram, so wow. And we have an option to add a Wikipedia
link. Interesting. Let’s leave the, okay, I’m good. I’m going to
leave all the default settings on. We need to describe the video. I don’t know why I feel so old,
just trying to write a caption. “Filming YouTube videos for business”.
You know? Like that’s pretty lame. Hashtag business, Oh see,
dorm life is really trending. They’re really pushing dorm life, which tells you a little
something about the demographic. But we are early adopters
here. We are trailblazers. So let’s look through
our business hashtags. #business has 62.5
million views. Hell yes. Let’s see what other hashtags we
can do. Find related to business. Okay, so I have totally pimped
out my caption with hashtags. Probably could do more, but I think,
I think we’ve covered that. Oh, let’s select our cover.
Yeah, that looks good. Okay, well let’s just post it and then maybe
I can save it after your account is public and your public videos will
be visible to everyone. Perfect. There we go. First, Tiktok video is up. So I guess we’ll just
let the app do its thing. Now let’s see if I can find
some other, um, entrepreneurs. Like if we go to #business right now, let’s see. Yeah, I mean there’s a lot
of hashtags we can follow. Let’s see. Can I follow this? Add
to favorites. Perfect. Let’s see your favorite items. There we go. Let’s take a look. So let’s heart it. What does this do? Oh, look at those comments. So go
back to mine and say, okay, so here’s where you can actually
save the video to your camera roll. Nice. So lots of share-ability. I can also share it to
my stories on Instagram. Let’s see what happens. Let’s just, we’ll just post it.
I’m trying to find my Tiktok link, share profile, copy link. Let’s go back to Instagram.
Let’s add it right here. Let’s just double check that.
This works. Amazing. Okay. So I guess I’m officially putting it
out to the world that I’m on Tiktok. I’m going to tag you. Do you
want to be tagged in it? Yeah. Yeah cause you have no
idea what’s about to come. I mean obviously I’m getting sucked this
black hole of entertainment because it is pretty entertaining just
looking at my own creation. I haven’t even found other
people yet who I want to follow. So I’m definitely gonna
keep exploring as they say. And I’m gonna check back in on
this because it was certainly fun. In terms of the business potential it’s
looking like those hashtags are pretty, pretty powerful. So I’m
excited to see, like, when I check back into my video, are there going to be views even
because I use those hashtags, clearly no one’s following me.
I’m not following anyone else. So if I do get views they would be
purely based off of those hashtags. So to wrap up, what’s the actual real
deal with Tiktok? I don’t know yet myself. I literally just posted my first video, but I’m definitely going to check in
on it again and I recommend the same to you. If you are interested in being an
early adopter to social media platforms, maybe you wish you got on
Instagram like six years ago, then this would be a good app for
you to get familiar with today. Do what I just did. Download it, play
around with it. Post your first video. Again, no one’s watching. It’s very low stakes and let’s
check in with each other again, maybe in a week, maybe in two weeks
about how we’re feeling about Tiktok. My greatest piece of advice is to
have fun. I’m all about social media. That doesn’t actually waste your
time. It grows your business. So if you’re into that, make sure you hit that Subscribe
button and the bell right now. To ease and revenue. I’ll
see you in the next video. Hey friends, it’s been 24 hours since I posted my
first Tiktok video with a whopping zero followers and I mean the
content was riveting. So let’s see if it got any views. So I’m opening up Tiktok right now and
I am greeted with some of the trending video as per usual. Sweet. Let’s look at my inbox. Okay,
so I’m seeing some notifications. I’m seeing 130 plus people
viewed my profile yesterday. Okay. Okay, that’s pretty cool. Let’s go to my profile and there it is. One video, 15 likes, I now have two followers and
my video has almost 500 views. 15 hearts. I have a comment. Someone said, Awesome. I even had people
responding to my poll. Most people said it wasn’t a
productive workday. Amazing. So within 24 hours my video has 492 views. That is so cool. And I’ll show you
my team member’s profile. Kaeli, she put up a video when we were doing our
research and within 24 hours her video got over 800 views. Now she
didn’t use business hashtags, she used jiujitsu hashtags, so it was probably like already
pretty niche and community based, but her video did really
well too with zero followers. So that’s pretty cool. I am going
to keep experimenting with Tiktok. It’s going to be my platform for “just
for fun” content. You know what I mean? Like it won’t really be business
related. At least I don’t think so. But anytime I feel like
goofing off or dancing around, I’m just going to put it on
Tiktok and entertain my, uh, two followers and see what
happens. So pretty cool. Oh, they’re showing me local stuff. That’s really cool. Okay.
I can’t look anymore.

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