The Three Amigos Go On a Showroom Tour | St. Albert Dodge

Hey guys, welcome to St. Albert Dodge. I’m here with Evan, Justin and Daylan we’re going to give you a quick tour of the showroom. Follow me I’ll take you around over here, you got a couple nice products. Utility Vehicle of The Year, the Pacifica. Well equipped, leather seats, heated seats. We have an SRT left in stock, redesign front end. I love the look of them. We’ve got only a few of these left for the year there’s only a thousand produced in this colour. We have a copperhead one in the back as well, we’ve got a Scat Pack Challenger and we got a Durango with $10,000 in discounts. It’s a demo you’re picking up a $60,000 Citadel for in the fifties. Evan should be able to show you the rest. Thank You for coming in, take it away Evan! Hey there guys Evan here with St. Albert Dodge just want to show you the other things we have in the showroom, a lot of nice,fun, beautiful vehicles. We got this beautiful 4×4 Trail rated TrailHawk Grand Cherokee here. Wonderful, wonderful investment. We’ve got this gorgeous Hellcat Challenger 707 horsepower, lots of fun behind this. We also have this wonderful Chrysler 300c V6 all-wheel- drive fully loaded with the adaptive cruise control. Justin you want to show us what else in a showroom? Absolutely, thanks Evan I’m going to start you guys off here with a Limited Edition Orange Wrangler Sport, beautiful big toyo tires, awesome exhaust system. Take you over to the Cherokee, built for comfort, it’s the sports, cold weather package. Let’s finish you off with the Ram regular cab come down see us at St. Albert Dodge .See these beautiful vehicles for yourself.

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