The Secret to Great Customer Service – 60 Seconds in the C-Suite

Empathy. We often give lip service to this. We ask a
few questions trying to understand a little bit about
the customer… that’s not what I’m talking about I’m talking about truly understanding
what motivates. How can you help them succeed? How can
you help them achieve their business goals? They are largely financial. So we can’t shy away from that. But through deep deep understanding what motivates an individual, a CEO, a board, a company, we’re able then to tailor our commercial propositions to help them achieve their goal. And if
we have the kinda relationship it’s built on the basis of transparency
and trust where they understand what we’re trying
to do – when we marry those two together and the result is a common goals joint action plans, and we execute as a
team there’s nothing stopping us. So the word… is empathy.

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