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(Shopify Winning Products) Finding winning products to sell on your dropshipping store it’s probably the thing that’s holding you back from actually making sales and Scaling up your store to the next level is a thing that holds everybody back in this video I’m going to teach you the secret method that I use and my students use I’ve tested this on Hundreds of people and it works every single time I’m going to show you exactly how you can do it yourself find hot products the best products to sell right now in 2019 2020 and beyond let’s find out if you want to build and scale your Shopify drop shipping business two point ten Thousand dollars per month or more right now, make sure to subscribe and hit that notification bell right now I teach people exactly like you how to grow and scale your store to the next level right now in 2019 2020 and beyond so make sure to subscribe hit that notification bell, and I’m happy to announce I will be giving away every single video a special Lesson that I did for my mentoring students how to grow your Facebook apps for dropshipping From zero how to test products how to start getting some sales all the way up to more than ten thousand dollars per date I will announce the winner of the past video at the end of this video if you want to win for this video Make sure to comment secrets comments secrets down below subscribe in that notification Mel I will be checking if you want to find the top winning dropshipping products right now. You need to start modeling What’s working right now? Some spy tools a lot of expensive programs? So you might be paying for my painting like 200 up to like 500 a month for spy tools programs to find products Maybe you’re hiring people to find those products for you There might be products that have been working two months three months. Maybe six months or a year back you want to find products that are working right now that are actually making sales and you can sell and profit from right now the first step you need to take is to actually go into Facebook and pull up your Facebook feed the Facebook homepage and What you need for this is how to find profitable Products from Facebook you will need Facebook and an app called turbo ad finder This is taken from the free training presentation at the end of this video I’m going to talk about this special training that I created So you only face I also need this app called turbo at finder and you will also need Facebook pixel Helper, so this is the other app that you’ll need. It’s called Facebook pixel helper It’s right here and it shows you when a page has a face of pixel and also shows you the pixel ID Which is very crucial to here So when you click the turbo ad finder and you click it off You will see a bunch of posts from your friends maybe from your cousin from your Facebook groups Whatever that is and you click on it. You will only see ads sometimes it doesn’t work But most of the times it works pretty well So you’ll see an ad here and add their ad again Add ad and you see ad after ad after ad so Facebook is showing you all the ads started running on your Facebook feed Right now if you’re interested in something particularly, let’s say you’re interested in sports. You’re interested travel in beauty. Whatever that is You’ll probably see ads more tailored to you and your particular Interests that being said what you’re going to do to find drop shipping products is find ads That look like they could be dropship so this particular product this dick shapes would in just Seconds get yours here the salty core and I know it’s a job shipping store But it obviously looks dropship it obviously looks like a product that they’re drop shipping. Let’s go down here Hey silky skin. This one is a little bit of a huge brand So probably not the best one to use. Then you have ice golf here. Let’s look at this one and The cool thing is with this app called Sale source right here if sales work pulls up and you can get it with a link in the description if it pulls up that Means is a Shopify store. So in this particular one, it didn’t pull up here on the side So I’m guessing it’s not a Shopify store and it could just be something. Yeah, it’s it’s like self-made or Custom-made golf ball, so I wouldn’t go for that. I would just go for this one now This is the trick that you’re going to do to make Facebook feed EU Products literally give you winning products and how to find them right here What you’re going to do is click the Add to Cart button, and now you’re gonna click the checkout button So you’re gonna ignore everything else? let’s go to the checkout and what you’re gonna do in checkout is use this little trick that I’m gonna show you right here and Using the Facebook pixel trick. So this particular code you’re going to Take that and copy it and I’m gonna post it down in the description. You’re gonna click here and then go to inspect and Then go to console here on the top. You see where it says elements console You’re gonna click a right click and then click inspect or to clicks If you’re on Mac got a call console and in the bottom, you’re gonna paste that don’t hit enter Don’t hit anything What you’re going to do is use Facebook pixel helper to then pull the Facebook pixel ID and you’re gonna put that where it says Content ID you’re gonna put it there and then you’re gonna take the price of the product 55 98 and put it in value So 55 98 and then you hit enter and it’s gonna say Undefined what this does is it actually activates the purchase event on Any store and if you look out for your pixel helper, it’s gonna show you that a purchase has been activated So you pretty much on Faceook eyes. You’ve bought this product Now what happens when you buy a product on Facebook you get shown a more ad Like it or it’s more likely to show you ads just like the product that you saw so it’ll pull Facebook again And you do have to refresh every single time then you pull the the Facebook turbo ad finder You’re going to see dropshipping product drop shipping product again Drop shipping product drop shipping product drop shipping product again again. And again, you do this a couple times your feet will be literally full of drop shipping ads for example This one is a big drop shipping ad. This one isn’t but still they’re showing this one is a huge one I showed it in my top winning products video if you want to check that out It’s down in the description and check that video out the top 21 products to sell This one was one of them If you think you can do this strategy If you think you can do this like put a pixel code make sure to set it up Alright, and then Facebook will feed your products Make sure to comment down below if you’ll do this strategy starting right now if we go to shop now Again with the same thing the the link and the ad sales stores will pull up on the side Let’s see if it pulls up and it pulls up now We’re gonna go to Add to Cart we Add to Cart then we go to checkout go to checkout and then we can do the Facebook pixel trick again and again and again and Disclaimer don’t do this more than like three four times a day because Facebook is traffic How much you’re spending on Facebook and what exactly you’re doing on Facebook? So if you do it too many times, they might think that it’s fake or you’re doing it wrong in some sort of ways so not more than three to four times and only do it with ads that are actually making a lot like ads sort of huge because if not, You’re just gonna buy it from people that are not really doing that. Well And it’s not gonna work in the Facebook feed. So do it again three to four times a day Not more than that lesson that it’s okay So you can do the pixel trick then what you’re going to do Which is the next step to this is look at the store. So you just visited Let’s see this really simple and let’s look at shop now Before we move on I want to congratulate John Calder on right here If your username if it’s that you won the zero to ten thousand a day Special module if you want to win for this video, make sure to comment secrets Secrets on below subscribe in that notification about in that like button. I’ll be checking you might be the winner for this particular video We’re going to do is from the turbo ad finem from the asset refining on Facebook And now you’re doing the pixel trick you’re getting a lot of ads you’re going to use this application called sale source You’re gonna click analyze store and then analyze store is gonna tell you how much of store makes What the products are the best sellers what kind of theme the store has you can get this? Software it down in the description and three months ago I mean, this is probably a new domain not a new store But in three months are making 121 thousand to two hundred forty three thousand per month, which is huge. They’re absolutely crushing Now what you’re going to do is not really look at the best selling pots. The best sellers are good They’re selling a lot for this particular store, but they might be a little bit saturated They might not be running well for you What you’re going to do is look at the recently uploaded products down at the bottom This one says 24 days ago 25 25 days ago a month ago a month ago. That is where I found amazing Untapped products from huge stores that are doing really well. Then we go into the recently launched and we find products that might be super untapped and just new products that are launching in the market you find those there’s a new products at this store that’s doing a Hundred thousand a month. They just launched It’s a high probability that they’re going to be really good products Another pro trick if you want to do it is to actually go in the facebook page and link these two together So let’s go to the ads library Let’s click on the outsider here. Go to add library And what we do is we go to sale source, and we look at recently uploaded products And if one of those recently uploaded products is in the Facebook Ads library, which are gonna do right now asks library And then we click on filter by I’m in France right now. We can click United States and Right now we’ll try to find these are only five ads or 15 ads running for this particular product but if we see a connection from sale source untapped recently uploaded products and they’re also Testing them on Facebook That’s a product that you need to get on and it’s the gravy train To start selling because there’s a connection between a product. They just uploaded and also a product that they’re also advertising on Facebook That’s why I say model. What works don’t try to reinvent the wheel if you see somebody doing really well on sale source Got a Facebook ad cyber. If you find a connection, that’s a massive product that you should be so now that you know the face of pixel trick and how to find Untapped products that could be doing Amazing right now and recently uploaded as well if you want to take this to the next level I’ve created this training right here a beginners like you are making ten thousand to fifty thousand with a three-step drop shipping system People are absolutely loving this free training. It’s made me when twelve thousand a day the lessons that I’m teaching you right now Check the first link that in the description for this training and if you want to schedule a free One on one call with me or somebody on my team to see if you can get mentored directly but me and get results Amazing result in your Shopify drop shipping store ten thousand a month fifty thousand per month We have students earn a hundred and fifty grand a month if you’re interested in mentoring directly from me take the second link in the Description to schedule a free one on one call with me or my team and you can actually talk to somebody 101 scheduler quality about free training that in the first link in the description and last thing if you want to learn the top 21 Products a full list of 21 products that you need to sell right now check out the video right there There’s gonna be a video right there that says top to anyone products to sell right now Make sure to subscribe hit that notification belt schedule a call with my team check that first Training down in the description and click that like button If you enjoyed this video go click the 21 winning products, and I will see you in the next one

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