The Lang 36″ Original Patio Model Smoker – Part 1 Virtual Showroom

Hi I’m Max Good Director of Equipment
Reviews and Keeper of the Flame at Welcome to our Virtual Showroom. All right, all you cheap offset smoker guys out there. This is what we’re
talking about when we tell you the difference between the cheapest and the
real deal. The Lang 36 Inch Original reverse-flow, quarter-inch heavy steel.
Look at this firebox. That ain’t no Brinkman guys. Tight
sealing. There’s the intake damper. When I say reverse flow
that’s because comes along here. And here’s your exhaust chimney with a
damper on it. Did I mention tight construction. Look at that, that’s heavy-duty. Now Ben
Liang is very proud of this channel the runs along the bottom there.
It catches grease and diverts it out through this large ball valve underneath.
And when you’re all done you can scrape it down through the valve hit it with a
hose and you’re done. This means that gunk doesn’t collect at
the bottom so when drippings hit here they sizzle up and add flavor. And Ben
tells me that some people lard up this end by the firebox and use it like a
griddle. Lang is legendary in the competition circuit folks. If you really
want to hook on offset. You got to get a good one and this certainly is a good one. You’ll find the link to my full detailed review by scrolling down right under the little piggy with the red hat. To find out more about this and hundreds
of other grills and smokers visit our website. Where you’ll also get tested
recipes, tips and techniques, and everything you need to know about
outdoor cooking. the biggest, baddest BBQ website in the world

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5 Responses

  1. Vinay Singh says:

    Hey if you don't mind me asking. What is the width of the smoker from edge of the wheel to wheel?

  2. Phil Susie says:

    Do you happen to know what the diameter of the 36 inch tube.

  3. kevin neel says:

    You will pay more for this little smoker than what I bought an HBT pull behind smoker for.

  4. Jim Cash. says:

    LANG done got expensive ! Man likes a good smoker, but not over paying for one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Michael Wingard says:

    Could you start doing more in depth video reviews with you cooking on the grills please? This is just not enough.

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