The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset – Join the Psijic Order (PEGI)

Artaeum, the island that vanished. No longer a part of Tamriel,
Artaeum exists… …someplace else. Under a strange and unknown sky idyllic orchards and misty woods
surround Cephorah Tower. Here, reclusive monks
follow the Old Ways a combination of mysticism, magic and divine laws
that define the nature of reality. Now, in the Dreaming Cave
beneath Cephorah Tower the Psijic Order has foreseen
a dark cloud gathering over Summerset… Daedra. The Psijic Order needs allies
to stand against the coming storm. Join them. Learn the secrets of the Old Ways. Master the techniques
and gain unimaginable knowledge. Without the power and guidance
of the Psijic Order nothing can stand
against the Daedric threat. Welcome to the Psijic Order. 5th June 2018 PRE-ORDER NOW Get yours immediately
with Summerset digital pre-purchase

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29 Responses

  1. Eduards Grundmanis says:

    This is too good to be true, but it is true!

  2. Mannimarco El rey de los gusanos says:

    And why not the Thalmor? 😈 Or the cult of black worm?

  3. 0000 says:


    This actually looks cool af

  4. Aleksa Petrovic says:

    Some areas reminds me if some Warcraft parts, like Talador, Suramar, Azuremyst Isle.

  5. Kwísatz Haderach says:

    My body is ready

  6. The_Drop Bear says:

    Should have left the psyjic order as a mystery rather than running it

  7. K says:

    Shame more people don't play this game,overall it was very enjoyable

  8. Naptylious Bontery says:

    :O not for nintendo switch?

  9. Cigi Migi says:

    Best MMO game on market. I can't wait for this…

  10. EpiiDemiic89 says:


  11. Pvt Ryan says:

    New bgs game

  12. Temeraire3 says:

    Uhh can we leave this for ES6 instead of the mmo that'll be dead in a few years? -_-

  13. BorderJ95 says:

    Question: Is the game play gonna be the same as in Skyrim? Like fighting wise?

  14. pengwidowGAMES says:

    I mean when elder scrolls online first came out it looked cool but look at the flop that turned into, paying full price for a triple a title with subscription (to begin with) in which you could get the same satisfaction and same results on a free to play mmorpg

  15. pannan80 says:

    Online crap!

  16. Добар човек says:

    I started to play three months ago and I must say that it's best mmo right now. Seriously guys, try it, you will not regret. Big respect for developers!

  17. Sir Mordred says:

    Can we get a Necromancer Class?

  18. Arthur Foulstone says:

    I live in summer set so I find this hilarious

  19. Joseph Petrich says:

    Let's take a second and appreciate that the entire trailer was shot using in-game footage.

  20. Son Of Odin says:

    Can we get an actual game thx

  21. Alonso Cid says:

    Translate to Spanish please.

  22. akingnamedben says:

    I’ll pay 15 a month for y’all to fix the pvp servers on Xbox instead of adding a tiny new map like clockwork or summer set. Oh wait I already pay 15 a month

  23. gaylord mcgillicuddy says:

    As another E3 draws near with little hope of a new single-player TES game, it still pisses me off that Bethesda wasted so much time developing this turd…

  24. Dvalin says:

    What time can we play tomorrow ?

  25. Hovi says:

    If only the combat system was fluid. And more realistic

  26. Claude Duke says:

    The best game was Morrowind with the arena and the power to fly, now mix it with the other 2 newer version with a complete 2 world map to travel to be good or evil to master then invade the other world to conquer but with all the spells and rules of Morrowind and we have a kick ass game for single player. Eso will always try to do better but never really like the small limit as a mage can to do and should be like gods once leveled up and have a summon power like no other instead baby mosters at your side, but instead just makes more guilds that anyone can choose no what class you are and stuck to never lv up because of limits of skill point you can have, limits it power as well with the use of skill points so boring with only 83 points so you stay like a wiener. Like what gives. Good craftsmanship if you have over 100 hours and put a lot of money too so you can have a chance at decent amours, weapons, jewelery that you can craft especially when your playing it alone. Thats my opinion not yours…

  27. Конрад Лейк says:

    This is the best game trailer released to date. Still gives me chills!

  28. Carlos Guerrero says:

    Amazing, returning to Tamriel after 2 years out and just now I learn how to use motif and dyes. 😊

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