The Coronavirus Kills Dropshipping & Grant Cardone Exposed – SSU Podcast #3

[Music] hey and welcome back to episode 3 of the start starting got podcast about the latest ways social media and online video are being used to make money in 2020 as always I’m your host Greg prease joined with co-host Josh gudgeon and we’ve got Joe Murray behind the scenes hello making things work great episode for you today we’re going to be talking about what actually big news we’re gonna be reviewing listener YouTube channels so people that watch the podcast have sent in their YouTube channels first to review you know I’ve got the YouTube site that they are the marketing side Josh and Joe we’ve got video production and also a bit graphic design experience between the two of them so we’re gonna really break down some viewer channels and yeah and give some advice on how I can improve this but excited yeah we’re also gonna be talking about the coronavirus how it’s affecting business how online entrepreneurs are trying to exploit Kobe Bryant’s death shameful and also the resurgence of fighting as a trend on YouTube so stay tuned I want to start by giving a quick shout out to our sponsors first off Skillshare there’s a link to Scotia in the description below where you can get two months free trial of their premium service and access any of their 22,000 online training so check that out using our link in the description hosting a hosting company you can get ninety one percent off by using the code to start starting up and clicking the link in the description to this video talk about those later on in the podcasts and finally the YouTube money making Academy if you use the link on this podcast you get 30% off that same so more on that a bit later into the podcasts we’re gonna jump into talk about the corner virus Coby fighting and reviewing those channels but before we start as everyone do all right yeah I’m all good like I’m a tweak on it well yeah this month has just been it’s been the longest month ever like it’s been so busy yeah I didn’t know anything about today’s podcast experience could be new for me as well but yeah nice good man yeah I’m excited we were saying before the podcast us chat just like that’s the great thing about doing this as a team like through this if someone’s super busy there’s still the other tier we take up the slides know you guys have been carrying me to be fair so thank you you have caps that the code really like you know do you know about the coronavirus do you know what it is oh yeah I do yeah big something like I’m good joking about affair just because it from my other podcast a mere one like Danny or I do it with he’s been suffering really bad with like a chest infection fly two months and she went out to Thailand and then all this piped up and I’m like met you might actually have crew otherwise I feel bad for me in a fucking little room you have to be that little blue for an hour a week for the last two months and now you might have Kuroda virus I’m like what do you get a new podcast so uh well as we’re on the topic of coronavirus that’s a great Stefano and the reason I were like you know coronaviruses everywhere all over news and stuff but the reason I thought we’d get to bring it up today would be on the potential impacts coming out the business yeah you know like a lot of youtubers dropshippers that’s the first thing I thought because when I saw the although footage that’s been coming on BBC and online I’m sort of shut down the city completely shut it down it’s like no one’s like us yeah it’s just completely shut there’s nothing that I saw these shops I’m thinking imagine if someone just said write your ollie quarantine you should know any business I’d be like that’s just not how can you do that I’ve got a mortgage you gotta show me to stop stop traded yeah well I feel like what if like you only had like one day’s worth of food in the kitchen in you can’t know all the local shops the clothes then my web developers in China at the moment so I don’t know what’s gonna go going with him now he’s there on holidays he really so I reckon a good way to like just sort of cover this topic is we’ll give a quick intro into what the coronavirus is just in case you’re the one in a million person listening to this who hasn’t heard of cone advice yet but yeah I think it’s just really cool to drill down my mark and just talk I’ve got an article up from a business blog just talking about what impact it’s gonna have for dropshippers for youtubers that maybe suck get that merge sort of China and yeah and just give some advice maybe it so any of our listeners on what they can do if they’re a business that has production in China so I reckon to explain what coronavirus is our resident expert Joe should probably go our resident Josh I think in my opinion I think it’s quite scary actually I’ve been listening to hitch three and he’s been going on a page free podcast yeah history podcast it’s a hot topic at the moment isn’t it and it’s it’s gonna I think it’s gonna go worldwide I’d be very surprised if it’s not in the UK already I don’t know if my statistics are actually true right but one hundred and something people have died yeah I saw a hundred seventy-one so I guess that’s what they said let’s 200 people’s died this year apparently the last year five hundred people died because of HIPAA Vata mice’s so that means five times more likely at the moment to get killed by a hippo than you are coronavirus they done like a 20-day period from a hippopotamus attacks SARS the that actually killed what was it four hundred people over a four month period I know uninfected it only infected seven thousand I think right whereas kuratas coronavirus who’s already infected around 9,000 in less than a month yeah and so the fact that it’s it’s meant to be more contagious isn’t it than previous epidemics yeah it’s killed a hundred somebody already in China there’s been cases reported in the US I saw the other day India I think that’s if it’s present in the scary because if it’s kidding that many people in China you think our density populated China is think how densely populated in the arisen it might be level of income in India I’d imagine respectfully it’s probably lower than China except how care is probably lower so that was gonna be a breeding ground where it could spread even worse than in China so it’s an India I think yes and people were flown back to Scotland with it and the UK Jo and I would distract last night the World Health Organization labeled it a global epidemic now it’s been officially yeah already global into a rocker and I don’t think it was our bad like I just it’s just being sort of like over there backgrounders not appear much attention to it so kind of an infectious level and I don’t think it’s definitely confirmed yet because he keeps going up and down but the estimate it’s about 3.5 which means it’s a 3.5 people around you are most likely going to get affected if you and then you can simply go to effect three and a half of the people yeah wow that’s bad so yeah you’ve probably seen the news articles and stuff already talking about this how quick it’s spreading that people are dying we were Han Province in China where it originated been completely shut down as you mentioned before 50 million people live in Wuhan province so 50 million people can’t leave area that they’re blocked in the roads have been closed off dump trucks have dumped dirt on the roads you can’t drive out of the area they cut they’re told not to leave their flat so there’s just 50 million people living in a ghost town pretty like can you imagine all can think of now those we’ve seen the Simpsons movie where to put the dome over the of a Springfield that’s all I could think about 50 million people it’s crazy it wouldn’t pretend it’s like The Walking Dead it’s gonna be like like in a civil war or something because you can’t you just been dictated to you know so like I said the reason I put this up is a lot of people who watch this video and follow my channel I’ve got online stores where they have suppliers in China maybe there’s youtubers where the merchandise comes from China what’s the impact it’s gonna be for you yeah because okay your production might not be in Wuhan province but if this spreads to the rest of China it’s gonna have a crippling effects for your production company I know a lot of factories have been shut down already in China and imports and exports all right I mean stops or whether they’re being really delayed because they have to be screened for the virus before they leave the country and so yeah it’s gonna have pretty bad effect for anyone starting in the online space the sources that Paulo China you know I I won’t mention the name but we’ve recently lost a client hoodoos freight forwarding so it’s all shipping containers and all that sauce stuff and they were struggling like really struggling as a business because of brexit and our relations with America and the exchange rate because it’s fluctuate so much they’re very much a volume based company so they only make a small margin on a lot of products being shipped off or air freight around the world and then they have actually got an office in China so I’ve not spoken to him because again we’ve recently to sort of part ways because they literally just cut all all the marketing budget but this could actually finish that business off and he says like the companies that I believe were a 60 million pound turnover business currently got 40 + impact employees and now this is like this will be like the straw that breaks the camel’s back I think I’m not sure I can definitely see it affecting dropshipping businesses yes which is I don’t know where with did you know that we’re fair there are drop shipping business I didn’t know just in case there’s any listeners listening the donor or drop shipping is crocheting is a business model where you said online store online but you don’t actually have any of the products yourself all of the products come from China so when your store gets an order to come through you basically send you forward the order to China and then the Chinese supplier sends that all just straight to your customer so you’re basically selling a products without having anything in your in your own factory or your own storage area so yeah the the problem here is if your supplier in China can’t operate business anymore you’ve still got your store and winning or getting orders but you can’t fulfill those orders yeah I’m not yes so I’m not sure whether we’re fair gets their stuff from China but they do drop shipping so did they order it from somewhere in the UK and then I send it out off from America I’m not sure but if companies as big as that get affected so a news report saying that Apple has been affected they’ve had to shut down Apple stores over there some of the big footsie 100’s and my big American companies of like I think they did their end of week report and lived a report and 27 of the big companies had mentioned the coronavirus as impacting for that day yeah I can’t that bad like I guess I have been under a rock and meeting making fun at the beginning but I didn’t realize it got so what can you do if you’re a drop shipper online seller and that has products source in China I found this article which Joe’s gone screen now and he scroll down I’ve skimmed by the earlier but there are some tips towards the bottom and what you can do I think if you’re a for a seller so i’ma drop shipper what should I do I can’t read that can you maybe recently yeah yeah with many manufacturing and logistics facility short temporarily we recommend you prepare for delays and just tear that into account before continuing to run paired ads and tech orders is a good idea to check with your supplier but assume that your items will not be shipped promptly so maybe send out like an email marketing and just explain some issues and yeah take a hold on putting Facebook cards on and Google Ads and then look at it from that for sure yeah you definitely need to stop mmm extremely slow down the amount of traffic coming to your store at this point in time because you could be getting orders you can’t fulfill so yet turn off the ads for sure and yeah if you’ve had any orders come through already I guess you might have to get on the phone so I’d be your supplier in China see if they are still operating and sending packages out of China and maybe contacts the customers that have made those orders in the same we were really sorry we’ve been affected by their cabrona virus outbreak in China it’s gonna be a lot longer before you receive your products I suppose from a business standpoint the best advice that you could probably give to anybody was a business owner it be not to rely on one thing is your main income stream I know you can’t foresee coronavirus popping up but if you’re 100 percent drop shipping and you’ve got no other form of income so you should have really should have all the you should have all the things in the pipeline like if you’re relying 100% on drop shipping you could have adapted your business model it elsewhere to maybe potentially get some suppliers in Europe or wherever you wherever you based just so that you have got a scattered approach because I think a lot of China has always been a reliable place to source product yeah you never know when it might stop and again because of world events that constantly going on like with Trump with brexit all these things you do need to have a contingency plan in place like I know where I have felt super exposed because all of my like a percent of my income have come from pretty much one client before you know yes amazing this you know like they don’t have to do much they’re paying for everything and if that client goes your business is gone it’s similar to those that run targeted Facebook ads you know when people are their business is literally just to run targeted Facebook ads and then Facebook just dies 24 hour period Facebook got what’s up goes down or you get your Facebook ad account plots yeah yeah I take that business is gone you need to help him with all income streams so I’m changing a few things in my business at the moment and before like you know the last two years I’ve basically run off projects so any project I get in no that’s the money I make whereas I’m changing up this year and trying to get people on you know monthly retainer so know how much money I’m gonna make each month which means I know how much money I can invest yeah grow the business so that’s my plan for this year yeah that’s business only you’ve just got to be thinking how can I make my income as stable as possible only one way of doing that is diversify diversify your source of income diversify your suppliers if you have got a shiny supplier can you also find maybe an American supplier or a supplier in India that can supply the same products for you if you were to watch Chinese supply goes down or if it’s a Chinese holiday how can you put these contingency plans in place then like you said there’s pricing structures and stuff you can do as well to guarantee consistent income to just make your business more stable to secure yeah but now if you are effective like rotavirus as a business owner and I feel for you and hopefully it all gets sort of seen and yeah and if you are like just drop drop a comment like let us know what’s actually going on I’m sure we could bring this up again on the next episode I’ve been treat to see because it’s not going it’s not going anyway so if you’re if you’re if you’ve been affected by it drop the comment let us know droplet DM whatever and on a chart you’d be good to let other people know yeah that’d be great to get some some feedback on that hopefully we can come back two weeks time and say hey the virus has been contained it’s over the sword but I don’t think that’s gonna be there the realistic I think it probably gonna spread a lot more isn’t it couple of weeks mr. grass outfalls yeah a realist Australia actually recreated the virus which is a step in the right direction Oh secure it all right let’s move on fingers crossed it gets sorted but that’s the corona virus in a nutshell next up you have been like Josh you might have missed this the super busy last couple of weeks but most people will know it as well that Kobe Bryant died recently assiduity oh yeah tragic and yeah died alongside his little girl and I think was seven other people within his helicopter terrible news yeah and you think that would be a given that uh it’s really sad news it should it’s a private man you shouldn’t really poke and prod it tumor actually interfere with it but there are some knuckleheaded I’m trying not to swear cuz of the YouTube monetization yeah my would use other words that we weren’t recording live but some online entrepreneurs that have actually tried to capitalize on the in speech marks opportunity Kobe Bryant’s death as presented and sort of jump on an immense women on the hype and the trend and make money from it I thought being interesting topic to talk about because it you know it brings into question ethics as a business owner I think it I think it’s kind of a tough one because because he’s such a superstar so obviously people want to like hobbies memory go on so I understood me personally I’ve never followed any basketball I genuinely don’t even know what it looked like until I knew the name because it’s just a household name really for basketball I didn’t know what I look like and you nothing about it and I did see a lot of people in the UK like share you know it’s suicide and stuff like and there’s an elite athlete I understand that but I personally didn’t feel the need to say I play anything on social media people do to support and let the legacy live on but meet meek so I’ve got nothing attached on yeah that’s it I don’t feel the need to do say most people in the UK would be the same yeah but I do understand when a famous person does die like if it’s someone that you’ve got close connection to even though you might not met him it’s a good thing to do but those that have exploited it in a bad way which we discussed I shared a post so Grant Cardone the like 10x entrepreneur of why ever like he the day of the day that he dies at the actual day I think it was the deal he died on the day after the basically part of a montage video of Corbett and in the litter so it’s like a screen you bring up yes so it’s a black and white for those that listen it’s a black and white video M of Corbett so straight from the word go grand kados conference has gone yeah it’s in like a logo put in the top left corner for his conference so I think you didn’t have to say the music Joe going to mute that so that black and white like in my video and in the top left-hand corner it says 10x growth conference so it’s like nothing to do with his conference it’s just Kobe Bryant like a really inspirational montage video and he’s just plonked his logo on it and then I like you even serious I watched the whole thing so shocking and if you skip to the end of it it just says like it’s going to there now yeah and it just says Kobe Bryant is 10x oh damn you can speed me out you can have to beat me out he would be real I shit like LinkedIn to professional network and what what were the caption I put to it like chicken I think you said one month death is another man’s marketing one man’s death is another month marketing material and I just put what and I yes I can’t believe I could you know I can’t believe but what the flag if he just put a tribute oh you know didn’t put his conference browning on there it would have been a nice you know gesture you know would have gotten exposure because he did it but it was still would have been tentatively but to just put a montage of Kobe Bryant like iconic moments and then completely unrelated to it to slap your conference logo on that proper stresses baggy slice grant cardone czar scumbag anyway because like he’s gonna make so much money everyone follows his bike what what what advice right I’m sorry but what advice is here def it a business to go whatever money you want to make just ten exit that’s not helpful yeah I want to make a hundred gram this year Joe Dokes it I make a million it’s like that’s not helpful like anyone who follows that crap get a real job by just it’s not I just cast under him and he makes so much money like this absolutely no need for him to exploit that mmm and I don’t need the extra businesses there from but what this is gonna do and yeah you’re right he’s got people that love him but at the same time it’s probably got a lot more people that hate him so he’s a controversial figure as well but this was just like this is a step c5 saying he got a lot christen four in the comments in the I’m this so he put this on LinkedIn and I’m I read for you some in the comments and they were all negative and yeah I just think this is an example of distasteful and I think all approach to business and yes yeah and but fortunately like with the rise of the way social media works is when you have massive current events like this yeah if you if you put out content in relation to that current event you’re going to jump on the trend and jump on the hype train so that’s what going car loan is tried to do here he knows a lot of people are talking about Kobe Bryant thinking about Kobe Bryant if I put out a Kobe Bryant piece of content certainly get me more exposure and this is an example of how following that marketing strategy the wrong way can just blow up in your face and just really ruin your reputation I think it’s disgusting so how else would people exploit any stuff so another one comedian Irish fear this is as well as dodge so over the day the Kobe died or the next day you know so really raw it was like it was the day I did the day you know and Kobe left behind a wife and three other daughters you know outside of the daughter that died so the family is still dealing with you know this this grief and this terrible news comedian early Shaffir goes out of social media and I can only think it’s for the same reason of trying to jump on a current event to get more exposure and apparently he does it quite a lot like so if the celebrity or like a figure dies like he does go on and he’s quite outspoken about about them and basically what I did was he jumped on this and because back in like 2001 or like back in like the early days of his career he was accused of rape I was accused of sexual assault it went to car and the actual literature does not a state that the both had different ideas of how consensual it was he did do it against his wife was like five months pregnant but he wasn’t found going no wasn’t found guilty it was settled out of court and he’s been squeaky clean ever since so like he’s not convicted but he still had that sort of lingering but again he’s like but people have been passing it was so long ago it wasn’t that fun getting caught so you until proven and there’s a whole Redemption things and they’re like you know if you have unproven you know an no decision was made in the past but you’ve got some negativity around your reputation you should be able to redeem yourself you know would you percent and if you’ve got the video the Irish shivir did yeah it basically go to google and type in like Ari Shaffir Ari says a RI and then Sofia I suspect right that most of your listeners most people are watching this will not even know who he is the only reason I know who use it because a friend of Joe Rogan’s yes the only place you’re never gonna see him was Joe Rogan really and I’m actually a mere world what he I think that’s it they’re like that’s someone talking oh yeah the third one down yeah so let’s just introduce his first boy first play Joe so yep comedian not as well-known as the biggest comedians out there like Joe Rogan and and so on and so on but he on the day coke died he posted a video on Instagram and the author wrote a tweet and in the video he’s basically saying he was happy Kobe was dead kind of chuckling about it and laughing about it saying it was twenty three years too late you should have died twenty three years ago when this rape charge was hope against him basically yeah just the only way a reason I can think he was doing this was trying to just jump on the hype of Kobe Bryant dying get exposure and raise his personal brands I guess on out of this awful news and he did a tweet as well pretty much saying the same thing if you can press play we can watch it boys watch the territory every once in a while there’s a good story good story comes out guy who got away with race if you’re listening to this guy he stood outside a basketball Stadium recording a southing hears and God I’m here in Charlotte the Homewood team that originally drafted him so you get it you get the picture it’s horrible it’s and it was the day he died man if it wasn’t a day with the day after smiling and like rejoicing and the fact that cobra bite had died so yeah the only reason I can think that he did this is to grow his brand you know and jump on this trend and this high but it blew up in his face as well he got so much negative backlash from Instagram Twitter he he actually said the next day my Twitter was hats and someone else did it he made this video so clearly that wasn’t what happened oh yeah yeah he delete he deleted the tweet a couple of days after um and also now as a result of all this negative backlash people were saying protests him go outside is shows and protests him he’s actually cancelled if you gone you can find his website he’s actually canceled all of his coming comedy shows like he this did not go well for him all my crops all the air and merchandise on there as well by then yeah they’ve dropped all the merchandise cobby’s just to stop people from reselling it of people selling stuff on eBay yeah obviously not going to buy anything but I mean I’ve got less gripes against like you know your person at home trying to sell some merch on online but if people are people who are already established and stuff and they’re just jumping on it because of the hype yeah it doesn’t sit well with me and especially you’re trying to get attention by laughing at someone’s death to like terra-bull a photo points on that now it’s just I mean last thing I want to say is well helicopters to be honest because like I spent seven years at military and every deployment we had a helicopter Weaver’s in it were always broken down like I have been how many three helicopters and like the one that were in the Navy were a little Wildcat it were broken all the time scary as all and I remember speak to the pilots about it about like how sort of fragile they are and dad just gonna drop out this guy and before I went to Vegas to get married my sister I thought we should do it I’ve been a helicopter ride up Grand Canyon previously you have this were there gonna be a second time so she’s like we should do a helicopter ride over Grand Canyon I’m like absolutely I’m not getting a helicopter ever again are you not doing again ever ever in my life and I’d said that and then this was like a month before we were going away literally the day after so there’s a airline in Las Vegas called Papillon so it’s Papillon his French for butterfly they crashed with a couple in the Grand Canyon people survived like they actually suma House of I yeah but this for like so this like a month for got married at Daniel’s like letting good happen again you know we should go lightning never strikes twice right that’s some weird logic there but in free helicopter never ever ever ever ever am I getting a helicopter over again I’d love to go then one but I think I need a parachute if I was gonna bail in it shut the door there’s just no gliding there’s nothing so that’s it it’s a plane loses engine the stuff it can still collide down and safely lands but if a helicopter you just going to drop us I mean I’ve watched the I listen to the air-traffic control back from Kobe’s actual movements yeah and so basically what happened was like they were holding to go to an airfield dense fog and they could to get basically a pass from one air traffic control to another and there’s just no there was no talk of anything but it was just too long yeah in the falling straight into the mountain and again so that it won’t even like it we’re engine failure I mean look at the Leicester City boss do you see that video yeah we’re dressed not up this yes sorry don’t get helicopter I just want to say if you are a marketer entrepreneur and you’ve got a content strategy with your marketing if a big celebrity dies just don’t do anything you know don’t try and use it to advantage the only thing you really can do is say rest in peace and and leave a tribute but don’t see it as an opportunity never works it’s just not I think or is it all right I reckon next we should review some of these YouTube channels that people are sending into this it’s be a nice nice statement forest ok so just gonna interrupt the podcast for just a second just to give some credit to our sponsors and then we’ll be back into the content in just a few minutes so just stick with this first off we want to give out a shout out to Skillshare Skillshare is a online learning community within a twenty two thousand online classes they cover subjects such as digital marketing design photography business and more you can even learn how to lose how to play a musical instrument on that using our link in the description to this video new customers can get a two month free trial to get unlimited access to all of her twenty two thousand classes on Skillshare it’s a premium membership you get for two mums getting the free trial with the link below skill she has got their own google android and apple iphone apps so you can literally stream your online classes from anywhere in the world there’s 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in the next podcast in two weeks time if you’re listening to this or we were not on YouTube you can also if you tagged me an Instagram story so you tagged start starting up and just make it clear that you want your YouTube channel reviewed then I’ll include you in the sort of draw when I’m choosing the two channels to review so yeah tag me on Instagram and stories start stocking up or leave a comment below but yeah let’s jump into these two channels and see what we’re looking at so we got first Joe we’ve got Cambridge English teacher Rory I mean Susie got he’s got one point eight yes I’ve gone oh nice yeah the photo is key stats I didn’t filmed yesterday with beard meats food he’s got 810 thousand subscribers I went on to put it in the last 30 days it’s so like we’re at the end of January now I’ve gained 94 subscribers during a beard of gained 60,000 40,000 40,000 in the month this matters more this is probably like Greg’s only grow them a great got that was new to fall yeah all right so first impressions loading this up what do you guys say bananas changing my there you go yeah just on from first looks I think we maybe definitely look at using some bolder text color scheme maybe use some bright oranges gonna stand out a little bit more my yeah my initial first impression is you really need to work on your graphic design skills or get someone into the year you got this for you that’s one of the most important things on YouTube like your thumbnail if someone sees you in the suggested video panel on the homepage you need like and it’s good enough for looking at them there that’s gonna draw someone in to click on your video that’s never heard of you before yeah I wouldn’t say the one who’s currently making do that on the plus side they are consistent yeah so yeah they’re consistent you’ve definitely looked at you know creating a brand and keeping that consistent across but I think definitely look at the graphic design skills maybe do of course yeah maybe sign up soo Skillshare for a free teeth month free trial and you can get a graphic design course free but what tips would what would teach would you give for like if to quickly improve is is designs latest thumbnails as a graphic designer Jeff so just next to this we’ve got a channel called the few oh no no go back to okay good is there a graphic design channel to do animation all sorts of different stuff if we look at their channel and look at their graphics everything still got a brand but they’ve got really nice bold text that’s really nice it looks really good you know these are the kind of thumbnails that I like and the way that it’s done he’s really good so maybe like I said look at using another graphic designer use you know fire very few budgets tie or use you know yeah you can get designer for cheap corny of these days like to just do your weekly videos for yeah I wish you reckon you can probably get something for like $10 per thumb now yeah yeah will you do it for $10 for thumbnail mmm no that’s the beauty of five there yeah you get a beauty of a currency strength we can chop our way Josh okay I’ll look after you I always say yeah okay so should we watch it yeah yeah I think one second before telling beer just go back to the very top so I can see all the banner I would say also I came as English teacher Rory what if I light it on your Tom page what am I gonna get from watching your videos am I gonna learn how to write essays better or write literature better like I think you should just have it more self explanatory Sue’s on on your page what I’m gonna get from following your channel maybe like it maybe is that niche that you’ve got to be in the north to know like because he’s got some my f c/e what C is so I may be like they’re like actual official sort of like stamps of yeah it says that no you got every course by doing your SATs and stuff that’s what the top banner says free FC ECA a of course so yeah I guess if you’re in the know you know I’m thinking I’m I need my engineering sort of degree like there’s like certain things that you’d search like you London I’ve I tried what I need to be looking at yeah and maybe he’s like that in there are there accreditations can you put them on your banner and just to show rather than you know I don’t know what FCIC is I’m sort of saying like maybe we’re not supposed to know because we but that’s just a free course he’s offering I think if you know what that is and you see it there’s a free course you know that’s what we’re gonna be great but all that banners telling me is that I can get free course from this guy if I go to his you’re out but what is the channel gonna give me like what am I gonna get from following his weekly videos yeah it doesn’t really explain that Rory Rory English teacher but okay that’s great but are you helping other English teachers are you helping students who are doing exams you helping authors like what exactly are people gonna get from watching your videos I just make it so that’s explained as soon as you land on that and that channel page yeah just looking at all these videos that you do in as well so you’ve got one here that’s called breath Black Friday deal and then you’ve got how it was practice speaking English in a non English so the ones that are about speaking English I’ve got more views most of you out of speaking this is it we should really watch your videos how to get the most out of my youtube channel okay you know let’s watch one of this is yes how many views everybody has to be getting this one’s got 221 yes exams I like it get opening that’s good yeah let’s watch them a lot pass this exam I’m gonna pass this exam hi everybody I’m Cambridge English teacher Rory from student languages calm and I am questioning will you how can you press the video guy here what do you think 5 I would start to die inside like that when I’m all went on for to Oslo isn’t it she yeah I get the right you did bit of a funny bit at the beginning but I mean you did you intro I think I fell asleep like so I don’t like it I don’t know I thought he talks to slows how he say it’s got some flight so YouTube like YouTube’s got to be quick like you’ve you’ve got to grab that attention straight away and it just needs to be it needs to show with my character like it let me watch a bit more like he sees me what one boat one asset like one thing is doing right is his personalities coming through isn’t it like it is it yeah it’s a little funny bit of the start this is a question ok maybe not so much at this part but the star you did a little funny skit and stuff like yeah people connect to that sort of stuff yeah yeah like that if you edit it because one thing that you can’t do in professional video production is like like sort of skip cut you do it in your videos like you’ll cook they’re very harsh we can get on YouTube so do it like that’s right there first when your silence is right the Gallants are you going premiere and you can look at the waveform pan can see where there’s long gaps cut them out yeah you know it’s fine it makes it a lot easier to watch so edit so that the videos are sped up yeah because I mean how long is that video 12 minutes for it could I’m assuming that it could knock a lot like a block tower there and if it’s quick people get an information that they want straight away like if I wondered on this channel for anything that he’s trying to help me with if he’s not sort of pulling his finger out I’m out there like I’ll find someone else it’s going to be quicker for sure yeah you just search for something you found this video you’re not gonna sit through 20 30 seconds to start getting from it’s like it’s like when you watch tutorial videos to screen recording you’ve got some guy who beginning talking for 10 minutes about others music playing over the top um yeah you start a tutorial let me get through it I don’t care like yeah your eyes crack on yeah you see you’ve got hook people and start providing value as soon as possible so that opening skit I think you repeated little at the same line like 4 times 2 would have been enough then you can could have got into it you know the contour the video talking quicker cutting out the silent sisters anything you can do to start delivering value earlier in the video Rory it’s going to be it’s going to be a step in the right direction and get you camera on a tripod so it’s like a level cue looking down yeah it’s to lower than the only weird if you want to a message Greg and then Greg I’ll put you in touch with me and I’ll put a thumbnail together as wealthier if you want just as an example yeah I’m just a quick corner and just see what you think of that that’s a nice gesture Joe yeah so you can email me at a podcast at start stocking up calm and we can got there Rory or just leave a message under this video but yeah um so before we move on I just say general notes design work on you design make the thumb there’s more clickable draw people in and I found you in search or see you recommend on the home page and get to the point quick on your videos edit quicker speak only don’t be talking about essential stuff no fluff but on the plus side you’ve got the confidence to actually talk on camera and deliver by YouTube video so it’s really good I think you could just met them quick cause you’ll engage your audience a lot more and you’ll see you probably a lot more growth on your channel because people will be more drawn to it so like massive claws for actually getting off your ass and doing it yeah and for big consistent there’s a lot of videos on that channel sort of fair play man like it’s a you don’t you’re on your way yeah you a lot going for you worry we’re just focusing on negatives because you’re trying to give constructive feedback but there are like a ton of positives like I said personality came through straight away your comfort on camera you’ve obviously doing something likes you’ve got one point eight thousand subscribers already we’re just trying to nitpick on the negatives to w-would like improve your channel overall maybe have a look at Joshy three point lighting set video because yeah a cheap version don’t you and then a more expensive yes by again from my quiet oh you have seen knows what is doing see so I missed a sign in front of a window says using a nice soft daylight on his face it looks it actually looks like quite a nice cut skin cut skin tone sir yeah he’s doing right I also like that you’ve got Cambridge Rory went on that hat yourself like a little little name like a character and you’ve got some match like earlier and think about minutes to sir yeah that’s a good drop on it all right let’s move on to the next one but thanks for setting that in Rory let us know below if you found that useful if you’ve got any more questions and we’ll be happy to help yeah thanks we’ll go next yeah so let’s use prints LG junior again on this one graphics you know look at graphic skills it’s you know if you’re interested in getting involved in that have a look at those and see if you can fix this banner because this white behind the crown is a big no-no definitely okay well you just have the crown wouldn’t know what background with you well no I won’t just do that I’d do a lot of things different a change it make it make it a lot better if you just if you made it air transparent so you could yeah yeah yeah get rid of the white and it co transpose what’s his name and mr. Charlie’s got he’s got 86 subscribers and it’s name is Prince LG junior small Journal then he started an anime channel okay what type of title bit far away here what sort of title was for the video so he has been going for a year he’s only uploaded five videos let me just stop there if you want to grow on YouTube you got to be putting out content and he gotta be putting out regular if you bring over a year you should have at least fifty two videos one video a week hitting just five that’s like one over ten but weeks he’s only really started one month ago because he’s got one month two weeks ago one week ago and then six days ago okay so he’s got a good rate and then yeah the last four our top 10 upcoming anime you should watch top 10 anime where main character is hidden top 10 anime where main character is air and then another one that’s an anime so basically he’s got he’s got a theme he’s got his nice yeah you got a he still he’s doing that right yeah yeah I always say if you want to like corn you cheap you need your audience needs to know what they’re signing up for why they subscribe and she and the way that you put that across is you focus on a single topic which he’s doing correct here he’s focusing on an anime people will find his channel know that there’s gonna get they’re gonna get anime relates to videos and that’s what they’re signing up for so keep doing that and it looks like now you’re on the right track in terms of upload frequency how regularly doing that as I really like three or four days so yeah keep cracking on one thing I’m guessing he might have done which is quite good he’s this video here has got 27,000 views his first one sir and that’s how to play roblox from roblox on ps4 so what I’m guessing he might have uploaded some other gaming videos that ya might not have done as well he’s deleted them and they started need started his new niche but didn’t want to delete that because it’s got 27,000 yeah that’s my favor on shallow caves over here do the detective work now yeah you’re probably right i you know what i always recommend don’t ever delete anything off your channel like because it’s always it’s a way people can find you even if you change it’s like topic and niche I’d say keep you back I got you know on there but just keep smashing out the new niche from there from there onwards so yeah I wouldn’t recommend deleting stuff but you know he’s obviously wanted a clean start so I wouldn’t linger on that too much banner if you if you landed on this YouTube channel you pull that banner would you know it’s an animated channel straight away yeah you can see there cartoons like it’s like Dragon Ball Z or somewhere in background hmm cartoons it’s clearly on air yes I always target but now I reckon yeah you want you definitely doing a lot right the compared to what you doing wrong like I think we’d be trying hard to find negatives here like it looks like you found your niche now and you’re uploading regularly let’s watch some of the videos top ten most badass female anime or a burger okay this is an intro this is a long intro how long did that intro gone for 41 seconds 41 seconds before he starts to get into the 10 10 minute countdown we’re done some thing you could do is talk over why these are the most 10 badass female you might really play you know no no just music and then videos you know talk over it you know see why you think that and yeah yeah not essential but it would be an extra I can i still extra feature talk to it but first off get like intro down to like five seconds at maximum if someone found you and searched oh this is gonna like show me the top 10 female characters and you’re taking 41 seconds to get to the first character why they gonna stick with your video I drop in from you I get straight into account now to start with then you can introduce an intro when people start like subscribing and then to develop your channel from there I would then say like potentially look at for anybody character into it so actually voiceover like like Joe said because then it becomes a personal thing because it minute you just start a montage in clips together without any real information so you not you start facilitating something for people to find he’s sort of like top 10 things but it’s not really you like it don’t make sense like I’m a youtube yeah by you personality is what so I’m still on YouTube people subscribe to individuals and individual personalities if you can get your personality across in your videos that’s always gonna be a good thing yeah so I think that’d be good good way to do it man voiceover yeah yeah yeah I say you’re on the right track shorten your intro down or maybe get rid of it completely and just do you know stay on anime and follow that strategy for three to six months and see where you are then I’d love for you to check back in with it’s actually and that’s not it’s going in like a few months time yep I always think like 3 to 6 months is the right amount of time to really realize if you want to win or not or you need to change like strategy so yeah cool all right any final comments Joe no not not really on this one I think the thumbnails are pretty cool it works for this yeah you know just look nice when you later this one you know I’m not really into anime but unless you can see top 10 most badass female anime characters and then the thumbnail is a female character with a sword in a hand he’s pretty cool it works one thing I’d be a little bit concerned about would be copyright yes I’m shown oh yeah yeah like is he gonna get away with using or this footage from TV animation shows that already exist or will the creators of these shows find these videos and take the videos down or eventually get the channel taken down so that where you get away with it yeah we’ll be right where we commit its cost like a news outlet in it so if you use it for my news purposes then you are allowed to actually do it by fair use educational purposes yeah and we’re not profiting from from it I guess so we’ll go over there but whether he will is a different story um I guess you’ll be finally go out soon enough what the current ID I’m not an expert in copyright law but it might be something to look out for ya laters prints LG junior copyright strikes coming out yeah lover what what were the next channel be will be like cartoons from 50 years ago cartoons I’ve just gotten up for this could be a copyright strike for that I could do Cotton’s from before copyright law was in place so he’s not gonna get in trouble but ya know maybe yeah I’m a little worried about copyright but apart from that I think you’re on the right track just keep keep pushing and see where you are on three six months and a big way if you can check in with us yeah so new feature it one right yeah I mean are conscious of the audio video yeah yeah we’ll get used to like talk right video described as this goes yeah I think it’s a cool segment I like I think it’s gonna be a cool one this we should do shopify stars I’m not gonna shop if I stars websites and you know anything we can review really yeah I’m keen to like do as much like audience interaction and get you guys sending in stuff first like as possible so YouTube channels stores any sort promotions you’ll run in if you want to just like send this link by email or if you want actually just comment from the YouTube channel you want reviewed on this podcast go ahead and we’ll include that in future episode Gracie’s wait how much time we got left Oh 15 minutes all right reckon you can talk about five fifteen minutes Josh yeah all right so last topic of the podcast um Sean it’s basically talk about how fighting and boxing matches just popped up again on YouTube and seems like it was all of my trending page yesterday Jay Paul is fighting another youtuber and I think it’s just an interesting trend that keeps popping up over a couple of months and being really pushed and popular on YouTube and be cool to get your thoughts on it yeah I think it’s cool I mean we’ve discussed it on the on my podcast with Danny like what people are forgetting now is because of the rise in social media so the fight game itself the boxing’s always a lot of money but only at the top end so the top end hundreds of millions of dollars per fight MMA fighters die actually earn as much money I did think so UFC fighters most typical contract for a UFC fighter is ten and ten so ten thousand dollars to turn up ten thousand dollars for a win which is wrapping it so you max you’re gonna die twenty grands yeah and let’s see fight twice a year so you’re only only forty grand hey you put ya through and what say I’ll do like sticking around like your contract my all will be for three fights but yes so the and in the lower levels in amateur level and then even the pros in any other divisions and not the UFC but smaller smaller shows it’s not a lot of money in it but what we have seen recently is a lot of influences transferring over for these like super fights yeah so specifically in MMA we’ve had like the Georgia show a lot which if the American listeners it’s basically like a reality TV show just some sort of like good-looking guys that are in good shape for the transferred over time and had a fight and got a muscle check how they perform in there’s actually one guy the Jolly Shaw guys that don’t he’s like inside the Bellator now and he cleaned out one of my mates from gym like he actually absolutely pens all their might they all may I find up on YouTube again being bio reality TV star yes Karan Chalmers vs. Alex Thompson but yeah so these reality TV stars are coming across an alarm on it so the actual hard hard bread fires are getting really sort of peed off with it for what people need to remember is that it’s the entertainment spot so people like Jay Paul they’re bringing a massive crowd yeah that’s it isn’t it and that’s probably a do crowd yeah it’s new crowd pay-per-view buys so that’s why the sport in boxing MMA is just increasing massively um yeah he sees I think it’s a good thing before we play that Joe just wallet someone mind I was chatting to someone in Adair Mara and networking event she actually works for that company do zone yeah yeah yeah she said she did all their graphics for then what was the thumbnail and all the school scorecards and stuff and she was took yeah the zone actually jumped on to they promote they they broadcast in they the Jake the Logan Paul and ksi fight like they became the broadcaster for that fight and she was saying how it was like a big it was a sore point and within the company at the time when doesn’t decided to jump on that fight because they were like are they’re not real boxers and why are we you know supporting these influences getting into sport when they’re not actually get real athletes but she was saying it’s actually been an amazing business as a decision for design because the amount of new people that downloaded their app that watched the fire that are paying for my subscriptions like the YouTube audience they’re coming over now and getting interested in a sport like it was a amazing like business opportunity for the company yeah but that ego or that protection of sport and athletes that was in the company you know from people who were traditionally into sport and they did not like the business decision but that’s why they’re employees I guess and there’s and ozone and the the company owners because they make these business decisions to grow the company and they saw the opportunity there and went with it I mean the only reason that sort of if you look at boxing if you look at how they gets publicized like Muhammad Ali who is one of the best talkers in the game you know not not only a fighter so that’s how people do drawing tickets and it’s the same for the UFC the only reason the UFC became as big as it did is because they did a reality TV show it was pretty much busted like lost all the money until they eventually did the Ultimate Fighting Championship TV show where they put 20 fires in a head-to-head all the way through oh yeah watch that yeah yeah so UFC they Ultimate Fighter one is one reason that the UFC’s is big as it is today because two fighters Stephan Bonnar versus Forrest Griffin therefore and it was the most intense laughs it was the most amazing display of fighting that you’ve seen on national television yeah and that’s what took it into the mainstream so that’s why cause case fighting before that was just you know no one want to see it yeah I only started hearing about it like four five years ago max you come into the McGregor era so yeah the fallout it was the Stephan Bonnar Forrest Griffin and then you’ve got your big names come up from that and then McGregor came and brought even more into the mainstream my uncle used to watch cage fighting when I was young and like I went into what I watched it I mean one was like oh no you don’t want to watch that you don’t want to watch that I’m like it was pretty brutal stifling showing me back in the day that was the draw when I first got into it was like how brutal it was like blood everywhere and yeah it’s like speaking of brutal so this is Geordie Shore star versus Alex Thompson Sorry mate it’s a memo from Jim and it took this fight which you basically they dictate the narrative to him and he had some work going and basically say yeah I’m gonna knock him out and he often took another day so which one is your friend the one that’s not gonna tattoo is all over him in the white shorts no the other words black shorts your friends in black shorts yeah yeah on sit by Baron no tattoos oh that was my sow what’s called getting penciled like yeah a god there’s no question about who won that fight first player to our own Chalmers that he’s now like got a very successful career in Bellator so he’s the Geordie Shore star as josh australia and it just goes to show his boxing or anything before are as you just i think having girls unboxing experience and stuff in the past but again is just reality TV star Sam is like Jake Paul and log and Paul versus ksi like off youtube these are just act like they’re just athletic guys that are youtubers that have gone and dedicated monster monster training to put on this spectacle and made mom one of the most boxers they’ll ever dream of me yeah because I wasn’t really a before II started boxing got it got into it and it’s got dedication I can see why the existing boxes are unhappy because you know these new youtube stars are coming in or reality TV stars and making way more money in them but they don’t realize like it’s a business isn’t it and how many eyeballs are bringing in and that’s what I educate the fires on now in my podcast at the gym I might listen it’s in your game is your social media so like don’t be posting same shit everyone else is posting with you know just by itself is in the gym like you need to be drilling up a fanbase because you’ve got sell tickets so that’s just as important as your skill set as a fighter yeah I mean I didn’t even know much about UFC but I know that the hype that came with Conor McGregor and how good he was at drawing crowds and being a fan base really helped the UFC that doesn’t really have the UFC and help grow the company yeah I mean so they sold it a couple years ago for four billion dollars crazy money you know and he had a contributing factor in that Andy yeah you know long ago paid a fraction of it I keep you know he he’s all subcontract to basically see but he helped her grow how much money did Connor demand for that fluid fight I think he read 100 million dollars yeah and that was at USC file ops groundbreaking right yeah yeah I mean just the fight is just recently had against cowboy he and eighty million dollars in a five second fight so that means you in two second two million per second yeah I’m not fine yeah that’s not bad I said on investment is it but yeah it just shows you like the more like attention that you can bring all customers or eyeballs or however you want to call it the more valuable you are and the more money you miss exactly it’s exactly same for you YouTube channel the more eyes on your channel and more your worth to a potential sponsor you’ll know more than more than me but sure yeah but you know it’s common sense real isn’t it yeah like the more poppy you are then more valuable you are and like you know that’s why people who are singers have like no more albums can demand millions to perform at a festival compared to someone that’s just coming up being played maybe on the local radio because you’re gonna bring in more customers more attention more eyeballs and you grow the brand in general so yeah I know there’s like yeah there’s a lot of unhappiness with in boxing in UFC but if these little you two fighters are bringing in millions of new people to go here to watch the match this is business this is business should we wrap it up yeah let’s do it but I just wanted to talk about just just to finish that topic off like I just think it’s really interesting how this is like a new thing on YouTube and how like you cheap seems to be pushing it a lot as well and I it always pops up and trending around the time there’s a big fight between youtubers and I think it just kind of shows you like it taps into that like psychology of like people love a bit of like controversy they love a bit of like beef a little bit of a tension between two people and whether it’s a fire or whether it’s like an argument or something usually pops up it gets a lot of attention ladies sex drugs and violence and it like we are all attracted to it in one way or another you know like whether it’s just to be an eyeball a fly on the wall or some people are more interested than one of your fighters but that’s why most of any sort of like movies and stuff is based around sex drugs violence like that’s the hook of the story lie there and what’s why we’re drawn to it so like to see actual physical violence between people joking surpri more severe totally I think so yeah yeah I think I think it is yeah so if you were like a marketer influencer on social media this stuff works you know if you can tap into some controversies and commotion maybe create a bit beef you know it’s gonna probably get you more views so as a lesson to be learned here for sure yes all right let’s wrap it up next podcast in two weeks time remember to send in your submissions for YouTube channels stores to be reviewed listen to us on Spotify our podcasts in the podcast but follow the links in the description weeks [Music]

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