Tesla Showroom Madness!! Model 3 Viewing Now Possible in CA [live]

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  1. Kevasti says:

    Remember When you free the data ….. Video down

  2. Teslanomics with Ben Sullins says:

    Thanks for joining me today everyone! Below are the timestamps from the stories. Don't forget if you're looking to buy a Model S or X you can use our code to get FREE SUPERCHARGING – This deal ENDS 1/31 so don't wait! https://teslanomics.co/td

    // Model 3 in Showrooms 0:56
    // Rent a Model 3 on Turo get $25 off first trip 2:00
    // Tesla Semi Orders in Middle East 3:50
    // Jaguar I-Pace Comparison 5:26
    // Byton Concept at CES 7:30
    // Tesla Can Sell in Rhode Island 9:04
    // More Voice Controls to Model 3 11:16
    // Q&A 14:50

  3. Maxwell Goldrich says:

    do you think they will split up the options in the Model 3 premium upgrades package? Too expensive and too much!!

  4. Gene Phipps says:

    Ben — Did you catch Brian Thompson's (the actor) Model 3 delivery video? He mentions you and Teslanomics as his favorite Tesla channel. Might be nice to leave him a thank you comment.

  5. DavinMMA says:

    ive been constantly re-thinking my stance on the model 3… so my colleague got his model 3 and he brought it into the office.. and i checked it out.. he was saying that the door's are "flimsy and inexpensive". In other words, he feels like the 58k hes spending on the car, doesnt really reflect in the doors. I think he meant about the safety. Perhaps since the doors dont feel sturdy like the Model S, he feels like the model 3 wont protect so much against accidents. I personally love the car, but i have been re-thinking it, i have to admit. ive been thinking perhaps i should put my reservation on hold for the AWD and air suspension… those 2 re definitely musts for me.

  6. E for Electric says:

    I believe the people are upset about the Tesla Model 3 trim update is because Tesla failed to communicate that to those who were taking deliveries. So essentially they thought they were buying a car with one trim but ended up with a different trim

  7. James Baxter says:

    I am looking to get a model S. I did not know you like them better then the model 3, Thanks

  8. Dashary says:

    I can't wait for Tesla to open here in Rhode Island!! Sadly, I only seen 2 Model S in RI hopefully more in the future.

  9. des8893 says:

    Byton looks like a Lucid Air clone

  10. Inquiring Minds says:

    Ben Sullins contradicts himself. He says that the screen with the directions is distracting yet he wants more safety features when you are not supposed to be looking at anything but the road while your driving. For the past 5 years, I have been driving myself and work, I have used Google voice command for directions, confirmed the destination and let the voice navigate me to my destination. Never once was I misdirected or given bad prompts. Old fashioned habits never work well with sophisticated tech. Keep that in mind.

  11. Art Feingold says:

    Ben, you talked about Honda and Accord copying the model 3 without all the bells and whistles and being successful, Chevrrolet has already done that with the Bolt!!

  12. Art Feingold says:

    Ben, you mentioned that Honda and Toyota could mimic the model 3 without all the bells and whistles and that they would be very successful, Chevrolet has already done that with the Bolt…why no shout out for a pretty good EV?

  13. Michael Deneault says:

    Sorry Ben but when you say the I-Pace at $60k is "pretty darned affordable", you lost me. Granted I understand that Jaguar is a premium brand but that isn't "affordable" to about 95% of Americans.

  14. aaron goldstein says:

    How much will it cost to charge at tesla supercharger since there is no free supercharging?

  15. Atique Mian says:

    I am excited to hear in RI Tesla sale.👍

  16. Vincent B says:

    Hi Ben
    I was wondering what the effect of prices dropping on batteries will have on the sticker price for Teslas (S, X, 3). Or do you think they'd keep the price steady to up their profit (at least for a while)?
    Lower prices would mean more people being able to buy one. More people buying = faster conversion to a sustainable way of living. Which is ultimately their philosophy.
    Keep up the great work!
    Grtz from Belgium

  17. isaac segura says:

    the chevy volt is very low end and costs the same as M3

  18. Laurence Allen says:

    The W Hour is much better than Model S or X

  19. El aprendiz the learner says:

    Yes tesla rules

  20. Tyson Edwards says:

    Thanks for the shout out. It had been on my mind for quite some time and thought I’d just ask him. Awesome that he responded(and so promptly). Loving your channel!

  21. Mark Wick says:

    I use Waze also. My daughter told me about it and now it is my go to maps app.

  22. Tim Gene says:

    Don't care about interior as long as it's not white.

  23. Jon Sprague says:

    Maybe we could have Howard Dean pronounce the name of the company from UAE that ordered the Tesla semi….

  24. MCSGproject says:

    lmao unreal clickbait there's literally not a single section of the video with showroom/model 3 footage

  25. Billy says:

    Quick correction. The location in Los Angeles is "Century City", not "Culver City".

  26. Maxwell Goldrich says:

    when will you be getting your model 3? And what is your opinion this color combo: pearl white with aero wheels.

  27. Maxwell Goldrich says:

    ALSO, when do you think the dual motors, and white interior will be coming, and if I send in an order NOW, will I get any incentives?

  28. Mark Lawrence says:

    With a charging rate that slow the I-pace is no Tesla killer.

  29. Eric Filsinger says:

    Black Tesla’s matter lol

  30. raine2005 says:

    Now that Ive seen the 3 in real life, I prefer the 3 over the S. It's lighter and smaller

  31. James Sanders says:

    Google owns Waze.

  32. Evoto Tesla Rentals says:

    Hey Ben, it is pronounced Alcan – Terra 🙂

  33. Michael DeForrest says:

    Soooo, did you take delivery? How did it go and did you get after market wheels? Anxious to live vicariously through your post!

  34. R says:

    I definitely think 'autopilot' is misleading. 'Driver assist' makes a lot more sense.

  35. R says:

    Off topic: what do you think about the huge dip in crypto? From a high of $828 Billion down to a low of $414 Billion; a 50% correction in 10 days! I'm HODL'ing because I will not panic sell and take a loss. Any thoughts?

  36. Tim Hibbetts says:

    The really unfortunate part of the name "Autopilot" is the public misunderstanding of the term. As an airline pilot, I can tell you that you can't just throw on the autopilot and go to sleep. The systems are actually similar in that the operator still has to closely monitor performance and accuracy.

  37. lee dalton says:

    i use waze in france very helpful for accidents speeds and any other pay gps

  38. Will Storm says:

    When is the sunroof coming?

  39. Loanword Eggcorn says:

    "Byton" = Bite on this? I do not want a car that's wall to wall screens. I want a car that drives extremely well, looks good, is efficient; that's a Tesla Model 3.

    Model 3 is objectively and subjectively superior to Model S. It's smaller, lighter, more agile, more responsive, far more energy efficient, more aerodynamic, much more cleanly styled especially inside, newer, and half the price.

  40. NG Tech says:

    Thank you for saying Waze integration would be amazing! I've tweeted Musk numerous times about waze integration (with no response obviously). I use waze literally every day. This would be the greatest thing.

  41. Alan B says:

    $70K = pretty affordable. Yeah, if you're getting a $200K Roadster. 🙂

  42. Alan B says:

    Byton has a lot of absurdly hopeful features.

  43. Alan B says:

    If dealers are there to protect the consumer, they have a weird way of performing that function.

  44. Alan B says:

    For voice command, it would be great if any setting could be changed by voice command OR, if that's not safe, pulled up using voice command to the screen where you can tap a big button to confirm the change.

  45. Ethan M says:

    Century City* not Culver City

  46. Wilhelm wang says:

    Having a s ive noticed that they are getting rid of the alcantara in general. Its a bad thing because the plastic replacment is more reflective.

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