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hey it’s Hoz and in today’s video I’m
gonna tell you all about a drop shipping tool that connects you with thousands of
suppliers in the EU and the US there’s a free forever plan in this tolo which
makes it really really cool and if you’re doing drop shipping and you’re
selling to people on this side of the world then you need to check this out okay so here we are at the home page of
the people who make the tool they’re called Spocket and let me give you a little bit
of background. Spocket reached out to me and basically said hey we’re in the drop
shipping space check us out so I did and I’m glad I did
as most of you know I talk a lot about drop shipping I have a free drop
shipping guide on the blog and I have spoken a lot in the past about a tool
that you can use to connect to thousands of suppliers who are mostly in China and
around that side of the world. Now the problem with that if you’re in the West
and you’re selling to people in the West is mostly around delivery times: if your
suppliers are in China or around that area then it’s gonna take quite some
time for those products to get into the hands of your customers. Yes you could
always Express ship those products but that’s going to be a lot more costly and
that’s a cost that you’re gonna have to pass on to your customers which is never
a good idea. Now the second problem is around standards and that can be a
two-fold thing one it could be a legal issue for example I have a cosmetics
brand and I source my products from the UK and I do that because those products
are manufactured to EU standards. Now if your products are coming from a
different part of the world where those manufacturers don’t have to adhere to
those standards then you know probably they’re not gonna go through the extra
expense of adhering to those standards not if they don’t have to but the
problem is that your customers may be expecting those standards aside from the
legal issues that could be involved okay so for me this tool solves
that, this is why I’m quite excited about this because this tool connects you with
suppliers all around the world including the EU and the US which means that those
products are going to meet the standards that your customers here expect and also
your delivery times are gonna be acceptable. Okay so you can see on the
homepage that this product works with WooCommerce okay but this drop shipping
tool also works with Shopify. I don’t know if it works with other platforms I
will reach out to them and ask because I do want to do a more in-depth tutorial
but for now let me just hop onto my Shopify store and you can see here that
I’ve gone to the Apps section I’ve clicked on the visit Shopify app
store and that has taken me to the App Store where I have searched for Spocket
and installed it. Now you’ll notice that there is a nice onboarding screen here
this is the wizard that you are presented with when you install the app
and it shows you well it asks you what your current sales are and there are
various categories so for this one I think most people who don’t have their
own suppliers their own agreements with private suppliers are going to be
looking for a tool like this that automates this kind of thing where you
can connect with thousands of suppliers. There is literally no barrier of entry
and then you can import as many products as you want so I’m going to assume that
most people are going to be getting started so I’m going to go for that
option and click continue. Let that load. Now you’ll see here a lot of categories
bath and beauty bags and wallets pets sports are those tech accessories toys
women’s clothing there is just a ton of stuff ok so I’m gonna go for bath and
beauty why not okay so you can see that you can select more than one ok so I’m
going to select bath and beauty and fashion
accessories okay let me just untick everything else. I’m gonna click on
continue let’s go on here where would you like your products shipped from? Now
this is brilliant, this is fantastic. Obviously if you click on no preference
then this is gonna be your broadest possible catchment area this is gonna
search for as many suppliers as there are in the system but the fact that you
can narrow down your suppliers and say I only want suppliers let’s say for
example from the United Kingdom or from the US or Canada is fantastic. I
absolutely love this bit. Okay so you click on continue okay so in this part
of the wizard we’re asked what price range are you looking to find products
in. Now of course with drop shipping the beauty of drop shipping is the fact that
you don’t have to buy stock up front you actually only pay for the stock once
you’ve made the sale and obviously your markup is included in that so you can
sell products low-end products as well as high-end products but it’s still a
very good way of filtering your potential suppliers according to your
criteria because you may want a store that sells only really expensive items
or really cheap items it really depends on the type of market that you’re aiming
to to target so I’m gonna go for the very low end market why not in fact I’m
gonna select two categories here from 0 to 20 dollars and from 20 to 40 dollars
ok I tell you what let’s go all out let’s go and find let’s just click on no
preference. Okay let’s click continue but there’s a lot here for you to
actually explore. So let’s load these products and see what happens. Here you
can see that the interface has been very well thought out it’s beautifully laid
out you’ve got step one step two step three okay really really cool. Search
products and add to import list push products that you store and process
your first order it really is simple. Now I’m not going to do a step-by-step
tutorial in this video I do want to do a full review of the tool in a separate
video I just wanted to let you know in this video that this tool exists and
that it works with WooCommerce and Shopify and I said I’ll reach out and
find out what the plan is whether they have other platforms in their roadmap
but yeah I mean I’ve shown you how to install the app on Shopify how to get
through the wizard how to get to this point which is really where your search
for products begins you just click on the find products button there and I
want to do that now just to show you the screen and you’ll see that there are
lots of categories and trending products okay which is good and all you do is you
scroll down find the products that you want and just click the Add to import
list you’re basically going to build a list and of course you’ve got a search
box there where you can enter the keyword for example let’s ad iPhone and
hit enter and that then is going to filter out
through all those categories all those suppliers rather and show you what’s
available okay. Okay so this is it I think that if you’re selling products to
customers in the West and you want to find suppliers on your side of the world
then this is a must-have tool this is one of those tools that every solopreneur
that does drop shipping needs to have in their tool kit and of course you can
still use the tool to connect with suppliers on the other side of the world.
Now the tool comes with a free forever plan so you can get started for nothing
it really is a no-brainer I’m gonna put a link to this tool in the description
below this video so you can go and check it out. Now there are some really cool
tool reviews coming up so do subscribe to the channel and click the bell to be
notified and as I said I’m gonna do a more in-depth tutorial a step-by-step
video on setting up with both WooCommerce and Shopify. In the meantime
take it easy and I shall catch you in next video.

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