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How’s it going guys welcome back it’s Kevin again and in the last video we answer the question on everyone’s mind is Dropshipping dead. We uncovered that. No Dropshipping as a space as a way to accumulate wealth is not dead. It’s just that everyone else is doing it the wrong way In case you missed that video you can find it right over here today We’re gonna start building a branded nice dropshipping store The theory behind a brand new stropping store is to leverage the benefits of drop shipping while avoiding its drawbacks By offering a positive customer Experience from the point of purchase all the way to them actually receiving the product and getting quality customer support In fact, why has the branded niche drop shipping method worked so well for us it’s actually really logical We’re just following what your favorite brands are already doing here You can see an example of the North Face one of the most iconic outerwear brands out there and you can see the North Face is what you call a branded niche store in the sense that all the Products are fitting one theme which is an outerwear winter clothing type of store and there’s a lot of continuity It looks very professional and it looks very clean Obviously from a perspective a consumer psychology You’re gonna want to buy from a store that looks very very Legitimate like your favorite brands and this is essentially what we’re trying to accomplish with the drop shipping business Model just to emphasize the point even more the reason why it works so well is because your site is going to have an identity and a feel that’s gonna Differentiate you from your competitors who may be selling the same product for me Thousands and thousands of people sell the same products I sell every single day because I see their ads all over the place But they actually don’t interfere with our performance at all in this way. You’re virtually immune to oversaturation once you’ve actually been able to make a profitable and convert website Furthermore their sales are coming from multitude of products that are all cohesive Not just one product because you’re offering a very unique feel It’s very hard for someone to come in and now rip your concept up and also Saturate out the space because even though you’re selling the same product you’re selling it in a very very different way Furthermore you’re incentivized to build out infrastructure such as branding your products taking on some inventory risks Providing custom packaging speeding of logistics and more because you know that once you’ve made this site profitable It’s here to stay you’re a lot more inclined to take the risk and the resources necessary to improve the overall customer experience which makes Facebook happy makes your customers happy and it makes payment processors happy and most Importantly, it’s gonna make your bank account happy as well This is how our sites have lasted crackdowns by Facebook and payment processors as well as increasing competition We start drop shipping and at the end of the tunnel, we actually get a brand So the first step to this process is to pick a niche now Here are the criteria for picking a niche. Number one. You should have an interest in the niche that you want to pursue This is by far the most important criteria Because the difference between a niche store and the other types of stores that we’ve covered is That just because a thousand different people are selling the same products as you Everyone is actually Executing in a very very different way taking the example of North Face and outerwear Obviously, there’s a lot of different outerwear stores out there like Canada Goose, right? But each site is having a different feel and a different identity So even though they’re competing with one another the feel is very different and each business is able to find their core customer base will allow you to execute a nice store effectively is if you’re actually interested and Passionate enough in the niche to actually want to continue to work on it and improve it This is something that I want to clarify over and over again a lot of people make drop being an e-commerce seemed like a get-rich-quick stew you but thing you’re gonna realize about life and Entrepreneurship is that there’s no such thing as easy money In fact, if you found a way to make money easily and abundantly and it’s legal Let me know because I’m ready to quit my job and come work for you Number two your knees should be products that can survive the treacherous route from China to United States When you’re first starting out an e packet this usually means a massive ship that’s actually carrying cargo and cargo and cargo you can imagine how rocky the journey is as a Result you shouldn’t pursue items like large electronics or even very very fragile items Let’s say dinner plates number three Your knees should be something that you have some sort of understanding in and this is kind of related to criteria one But I’ve made this mistake so many times in trying to pursue female niches whether it was women’s handbags or makeup or beauty Technology, and I couldn’t figure out why I was failing then I realized the answer was so obvious I have no idea what a female will want to see in a site a product or even an advertisement I’m completely in the dark. So how am I going to connect with my customers and be able to sell effectively to them number four? After taking a cursory look at the products available on all the Express for your niche You should make sure that the target price you are going for on Express prices plus shipping being the cost that you’re paying This price that you’re going to charge the consumer Has to be lower than what they would get from a big brand that sells the same type of products So I’m gonna give you guys a golden nugget and a secret that I have I usually price products taking all the Express price plus shipping and Multiply it by two point five to three times. And that’s the price that I recommend selling at Obviously this has to do with a lot of testing so go out there and figure out your best price But that’s just the sweet spot that works for me So day one if you’re trying to source products That’s the magic price that you should think in your head when you’re looking at the different prices available at Holiday Express Multiply that number by 2.5 to 3 times and compare it with some major brands So if all Express is charging $10 including shipping for a baseball cap That means you would have to sell it for 25 to 30 dollars at this price point You’re practically competing with a very major vendor. That’s also selling baseball caps so why would a customer choose your product over an Established brand if you’re competing at the same price based on all this criteria And in case this one over your head I want you to pause the video and really think through these metrics because it’s very very important I’m not going to go through the thinking of these metrics just know that I did we’re gonna arrive upon Anime gear as the niche that we’re gonna pursue together Now that I picked a niche it’s time to establish a sourcing strategy So we are both purposeful and efficient and selecting products from all the Express and putting it onto our site This is very important so you don’t just go about all the express sourcing randomly and everything you do you should be purposeful and Efficient because that’s the best way to generate great results And that’s the best way to be time efficient to start sourcing purposefully You should take a look at the products available and all Express and come up with the product Collections that you’ll actually need for your niche You’ll notice that in some of your favorite brands things aren’t just put onto a random site with no organization Brands are very purposeful in creating an organized and easy to access customer experience and we’re gonna do the same thing So I’ve gone ahead and done the thinking if you have a niche in mind pause this video and literally write this down in front of you because it’s gonna save you a Lot of time and that’s how you’re gonna drive really good results and source the right products. I’ve came up with tops bottoms and Gloves for our anime store. You can further improve the customer experience by adding Subcategories under each major categories. And again, you’ll notice your favorite brands do this If customers can’t get to the products that they want in an easy way. How are you gonna convert them into sales? so under tops, let’s just put hoodies and compression tops Under bottoms and then put compression pants and shorts and we’ll just keep MMA gloves as an overall category All right enough talking. Let’s jump right in and start sourcing for our MMA store We’re here in the magical website called Aliexpress it’s a very special place that you’re gonna find all of your Products and we already explained how I’ll express came about in the previous video and why it’s such a powerful tool in order to source Products obviously you guys need a Shopify. You guys also need a real bear low just look all out for this video series I’m not gonna be going over a lot of the very very Basic steps that you guys could google or honestly it gets over covered anyways And I think this will challenge you guys to be a little bit more proactive Right and also be a little bit more self starting and that’s a really important thing as an entrepreneur So when you notice gaps and the lessons, I’m teaching or things that I’m doing It’s up to you to go out there on your own be resourceful and figure it out Before we start sourcing we’re gonna rely on this very powerful tool. It’s called Microsoft Word I highly recommend you guys get on this thing. And this is how we decide to organize our niche There’s tops bottoms and enemy gloves and within tops and bottoms. There’s also some products in there I’ve already done the research on Aliexpress by looking through these different categories and making sure One there’s enough products there and two that the price point is good so that type of thinking on determining the niche was already completed And that’s something you guys have to do on your own time But let’s start sourcing some MMA hoodies And all you do is just type in and in May hoodies and you can see right here Wow, there’s a lot of products to choose from. So how do you actually filter through all these things? Well, the first baseline filter is if you have the Google Chrome extension for over low Installed you’re gonna see that there’s an outline called a packet on all these products Right and some of these products will not have the outline a packet and you want to make sure in the beginning that you’re using products only with eeep Some products won’t have it and you don’t want to source them. What a packet means Is that logistics for this product from China to the United States is? relatively cheap and also it can be pretty reliable because a packet actually turns into USPS once it hits US soil and Everything here seems to check out now we’re gonna filter by the orders and what this does is it floats the highest-selling all Express products to the top of the page and this means that either Consumers or drop shippers or both are buying a lot of the product and that’s an easy way to start sourcing the right ones So clearly these designs are popular and this one really appeals to me. So let’s click in here now We’re at the product page level. I’ve already gone ahead and check the price. Remember, we’re multiplying this by 2.5 times I’ve looked at some competitors. There are institutional big brand players and that is a competitive price and What you’re looking for at the product level, you know, everyone always asked me Kevin How do I know if there’s a good product or a bad product? I’ll Express in the beginning. I’m gonna be honest It’s kind of guesswork But one big thing you’re looking for is the visual and creative assets that you can use you can see with this supplier They really went above and beyond and have a lot of content that you can turn to ads Turn to product photos right off the bat. There’s these detailed pictures And also there’s the photograph of this hoodie and every single angle. You’ll know that big brands love doing this So by this metric of creatives is going to be a really good product source If you go onto a product page and you only find one image you can’t really use any other images on there You know, that’s probably a good clue that it’s not the right product to source. And what about quality, right? So it’s hard to check for quality when you’re running an e-commerce business without getting it delivered to you But the best thing we can do is click on customer reviews. You can see the reviews are pretty good but the only reviews I want you guys to care about is by clicking two photos and Then looking at the photos that customers Have taken and you can see some of these photos right here and the big thing you’re looking for Is that the photograph looks like the actual product based on the images? They provide I would say it does look like this type of product, you know Probably different lighting but it is a closer resemblance Obviously you want to be scamming anyone, you know something a little completely different from what you’re actually trying to sell So this passes the test as a packet as good visual assets, you know, the reviews seem pretty solid as well We’re just gonna add it over to a barrel. Oh, and I’ve already imported this earlier But once it’s Adam to a barrel, oh, you can access it through a barrel. Oh and see all the products you’ve imported I’m only getting me sourcing this one product and teaching guys how to go through this process for one product because it’s a waste of time you guys can figure it out after I’ve Already given you in the criteria, but we’re obviously looking for all of the products listed here we’re going to fill up these categories and I would say you would want at least ten products maybe even 20 for each subcategory and One trick. I’ll give you guys is we determine this is a good product Instead of going back and looking for wrong products to follow this criteria. We’re gonna go to supplier page So we’re gonna click right here. This is the suppliers page. You can see all the different products that they’re providing So usually if a supplier has one good product that’s pretty reasonable and passes our metrics You’re safe to source the other ones even if you know, they don’t have as high of an order account You can kind of count on this guy to maintain some sort of consistency And the products that they’re selling and there you go If source our first product it’s up to you guys to source the rest. All right So now that we’ve actually sourced the products that’s gonna be on our website and we pick that niche I want to actually provide even more value for you guys so if you provide an email address by following the link in the description My team will actually email you the most viral products and each Aliexpress category based on research that they do for me every single week We’re gonna send you this week’s report. Absolutely for free if you drop that email All right, guys, this is the end of the video to summarize We talked about the benefits of a branded niche approach to drop shipping We talked about how to actually pick a niche and the different criterias that you should use to pick the niche furthermore we talked about how to source products and what makes good products on how you versus bad ones in the next video we’re gonna talk about how you can take easy steps to turn all the Express products into a Professional-looking collection just like your favorite brands. So I’ll see you guys next time Thank you guys so much for taking the time to watch this video. I hope you enjoyed it A lot of people think I’m crazy for putting this content out there for free So make sure you press like and subscribe to share it with your friends I’m on a mission to transform ecommerce education, and I can’t do it without you you can follow my journey at Kevin Xing official on Instagram DM me and I promise I’ll respond to every single DM and join the discussion and my private Facebook group Generation-e, I promise that no question will go unanswered. See you in the next video

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    Detailed Summary

    Building A Branded Niche Drop Shipping Approach

    • Leverage the benefits of drop shipping while avoiding the drawbacks with Positive Customer Experience + Quality Customer Support from start to finish of the process.

    • Become like our favorite big brands by being professional, clean etc to make it legitimate for clients.

    • No over-saturation if you are unique, which also gets you a profitable & converting website.

    • This approach will incentivize you to expand by building infrastructure, taking inventory risk, speeding up logistics and customer care in long term

    • Pick A Niche

    1. Have An Interest

    ○ To succeed, you need to be passionate and interested in the niche to work on it and improve it continuously.

    2. Products That Can Survive Route From China To US/Any E-packet Countries

    ○ No fragile products, or very large items, as it can get damaged easily.
    3. Understand Your Niche

    ○ Have a thorough understanding; analyse and research everything
    for better execution
    4. Make Sure The Price Is Right

    ○ Make sure you price lower than the brands selling the same product

    ○ Golden Nugget/Secret

    – (Ali-express Price + Shipping) x 2.5 to 3 = Selling Price

    • Implement sourcing strategies for being purposeful & efficient in selecting products.

    • Come up with product collection suited to your niche.

    • Improve customer experience by adding sub categories under main categories.

    • Research more about Ali express, Shopify and Oberlo.

    • Use Word/Notepad to organize your niche for research & sourcing

    • Only select products with e-packet and sort products with highest orders for sourcing the right ones.

    • Right products will always have great visual/creative assets for ads and product photos.

    • Check reviews with photo to know if its a good product. (Make sure it matches the product look and description given).

    • If one product is good, chances are other products are good under the same supplier.

    • Study & understand The Viral Products List.

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