Simulator shows what to do in sinking ship emergency

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  1. Tu Chenz says:

    this bitch needs to be bent over and fucked with the force of 1000 black men

  2. Titanic says:

    If you don't know the layout of this ship, or the ship is tilting fast, JUST RUN FOR YOUR FREAKING LIFE!
    Run around until you find a staircase, which is better if it farther aft cause the water won't be in the way. If you have no other way but through the water, hold your breath and dive. Also, to give yourself time to get out, close any doors where water is coming in, and shut them as tight as you can. If you can find a valve to drain water, turn it. Also, if you have stuff like furniture, block any doors that look like they will burst.

  3. C Erickson says:

    it was a fine video like i thought it was cool when it started to sink like i love the titanic so much and now this cool video adds up

  4. Steve says:

    I thought that ferry was a stability problem, not a hull penetration.

  5. I Just Don't Know says:

    CNN? I'm surprised they haven't blamed all ship disasters on President Trump when everyone knows it's all Obunghole's fault.

  6. hoe says:

    why did I watch this, I’m going on a cruise soon >_<

  7. Rebecca Mace says:

    The woman is seriously fucking annoying.

  8. Chippo says:

    its easy to fix the hole. Flex tape

  9. MIGUEL BGamer22 says:

    How about the titanic they locked up the people for they can not escape or leave

  10. Anton Lorenz Siongco says:

    Holy COW

  11. Ear Bleed Master says:

    they could sure use some FLEXTAPE

  12. im a clown watching you says:

    Use flex tape to plug that hole

  13. xKittyKylo Studios says:

    Titanic simulator?

  14. Ratcoon says:

    One answer Flex Tape

  15. Grayson Powers says:

    They should get flex tape

  16. qIlIld says:

    Sponsored by the titanic

  17. Jose Cunin says:

    Fake news

  18. свинг Y says:

    Use Flex seal

  19. Mekkium says:

    They should have used flex tape.

  20. karl marx says:

    The Clinton news network…can't believe anything they say!!

  21. SKEME1973 says:

    I think they need flex tape

  22. Pepito 07 says:

    Y’all know can is fake right like at the beginning that is green screen the ocean is

  23. Nima 114 says:

    "On a ship, this is a universal sign of trouble" really?

  24. no chromo says:

    Lol she seems so hype while he so calm

  25. LeDontae' Frazier says:

    flex tape will do 😂

  26. WhileECoyote says:

    just use flex tape

  27. Garðar Máni Arnarsson says:


  28. Nightwalker356 says:

    Use flex tape

  29. Mr. Noob_55590 says:

    WHat about the titanic.

  30. Sebastian Martinez says:

    Use flex tape

  31. Taylor says:

    Phil Swift here for FlexTape!

  32. AnotherRandomUselessYoutubeChannel says:

    if this video was published in early 1912, 1500 might be saved

  33. gowon's airpods says:

    Just drink alcohol like the baker in Titanic, his body temperature was good enough to face the cold ocean for about thirty minutes. Plus if youre a man, your chance of surviving is 25%

  34. _StandBack_ says:

    That’s why you use FLEX TAPE!!

  35. Norrene Kern says:

    where is dis eh

  36. Miguel Ruelas says:

    You need flex tape

  37. IG0516 says:

    "from an unknown source" well where else do you think the water is coming in from?! HINT: YOURE ON A BOAT IN THE OCEAN

  38. Math is FUN says:

    put some flex seal

  39. _LYNX says:

    That's a lot of damage, GET FLEX SEAL.

  40. lucas smith says:

    This situation would be great for flex tape

  41. alxx. says:

    they need flex tape

  42. Russian Penguin says:


  43. MinYoongi Swag22 says:

    If this happens to me I think the best thing is go to the top/outside and put on a life vest and just jump

  44. Floyd1504 says:

    "Go to the main deck because that's where the lifeboats are"🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣
    Yeah! No shit Sherlock.

  45. RhythmAddictedState says:

    God, the presenter is so annoying.

  46. Patrick Wagz says:

    0:20 "So, anyway, I'm on-board this multi-million dollar ship simulator. It's a sophisticated piece of advanced training equipment. OH, lookie here….. the FREAKIN' horn works "


  47. Nigward says:


  48. Bananaaaa342 says:

    Heck nah I never want to get onto a boat in the ocean ever

  49. Patriots Nation 4 Life Tom Brady is GOAT says:

    She tells that the lifeboats are outside as if thats not common knowledge for anyone
    Even with no life boats its common knowledge to get to the deck

  50. Sven says:

    Now they use flex tape

  51. Preston P. says:

    He is so bland ew

  52. Badwes World says:

    Hi Phil swift here with flex tape

  53. AndrewBlock says:

    Thank you for telling me why I have to go outside when a ship sinks

  54. Edgar Reyes says:


  55. Jack El says:

    Wouldn't it have been more effective to just turn off the water…

  56. Sarah R says:

    Just put flex tape on fixed the job

  57. Jkeez07 says:

    There is two fucking hour before it sink. Two fucking long hour two save so many lives, to get them out of their room, to get them at least go to the highest place, yet the captain saved his own ass and flee.

  58. john folsom says:

    CNN Sunk a long time age. They even used Flex Tape.😜

  59. Staples Giftbag says:

    They think they need all that wood…

    FLEX TAPE!!!!

  60. Bruce Martin says:

    I was on a sinking ship

  61. Aidan Shaw says:

    0:26 "i can blow the horn here" smashes hand onto multiple different buttons lol

  62. Kate Davis says:

    Stop messing up the mic.

  63. CJFAULKNER says:

    How did Fake News CNN get on my phone??

  64. Ilike Dabbing says:

    They need flex tape

  65. Eastern Explorer says:

    The guy in the beginning sounds like hes so sick of her shit haha

  66. Devaldy Jonathan says:

    but what if there's nothing outside.. no lifeboats?

  67. lego movie 2 says:

    Ship looks tilted already

  68. Marquiño Valle says:

    Where is this place

  69. Brendan Ho says:

    Flex tape is the answer

  70. Jon Dillon says:

    Oh my lord…this is the dumbest fucking thing ive ever seen….. for christs sake. anyone who learns anything from this needs to go drown. Please, die or dont reproduce.

  71. Kirin F. says:


  72. sKo Rep says:

    Can't you drain the water flowing to the bottom levels and flush it off the boat from higher elevation to maybe slow down its capsizing? Or is that just not possible?

  73. snellavision says:

    Would've been nice to have a non-idiot presenting the piece… pretty and loud and not much else

  74. Mr. StoryTime says:


  75. ubershredder1989 says:

    Jeez where does CNN get these reporters from… believe it or not this is the same woman from this video :

    *Hurricane Harvey Survivor Goes Postal on CNN Reporter *

  76. acne nigga says:

    Just carry flex tape tf

  77. Danijela F says:

    Using sewol as an example is horrible. Those young innocent kids were told to stay put in their cabins while the crew got out.

  78. Mecha says:

    Well there lifeboats but if day gone ur dead so I think go to back of boat best option

  79. PekosGaming Daily stuff & things says:

    Use FlexTape cmon

  80. Brads randomness says:

    Flex tape will help

  81. Gabriel Miller says:

    The ships I know personally don't even have a radar … yep only 2 old school engine room telegraphs and of course a wheel !! And a rudder in the back which to my opinion looks much sleeker and better … not as safe but still better looking !

  82. Majestic Potato says:

    Wow he sounded so excited to be interviewed 0:14

  83. Ed Evans says:

    If passengers start seeing flood water rising into their areas you can bet the $10 Cocktails have just been scratched.

  84. BOXI BOI says:

    Flex tape is needed

  85. Vsauce 7 says:

    They need flex tape

  86. julie Wallis says:

    Why do Americans need to SHOUT even when they’re talking? Listen to her, from 5 seconds until 13seconds, she has to SHOUT for dramatic effect. I’m off to tend to my bleeding ear holes.

  87. dude gaming says:

    I have i idea put flex tape on it

  88. debbiemacd says:

    All you need is a screen door and some flex seal and that baby’s on its way, but throw that woman overboard first!

  89. Thicc Toaster says:

    They need some flex tape

  90. Trevor Nygaard says:

    What an absolute shit video

  91. The Game Archiver says:

    English Captain: "We're sinking, we're sinking!"

    German Coastguard: "What are you sinking about?"

  92. Gabriel Edmondson says:

    Is it just me that funds the news anchors accent annoying and fake.

  93. YF Calibre says:

    When your on a sinking ship GET FLEX TAPE

  94. Thijmen Steen says:

    Ah just use flextape…

  95. Morgan Gough says:


  96. kinder alpaca says:

    Did she really know what was going on at that time??this is not a fun trip to the stimulator pressing buttons and being loud af.inform people in a mature way.hundreds of kids lost their lives.

  97. Niklas6799 says:


  98. Cat Nik says:

    this woman is so annoying plz fire her

  99. Bxullux says:

    Get some flex tape


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