Showroom Projets Ingénieurs 2018-2019

Showroom ESILV engineering students projects 41 teams of 5th year students Finance, computer science, numerical simulation, energy, aeronautics, big data, virtual reality Today I show you my project called Audio Driven Mouth Animation or in short ADMA. I do vocal synthesis and I also create the articulation of the mouth that goes with this vocal synthesis. With my team, I realized a portfolio in risk management. It is a tool that allows to realize a portfolio of market assets from the choices of the user who can connect to different trading platforms. My project is MSMS Mental Short Message System. My goal is to send SMS by thought. Tomorrow, this will give voice to people who are tetraplegic or who have lost their voices. In 10 years, my goal will be to send SMS by thought in the subway. My objective is to make an autonomous indoor drone. For example, we can send a drone from the lobby to the showroom. He will continue to explore, directly go to the cafeteria. Our project is the modeling of a smart-city in partnership with the association De Vinci Durable. The goal was to build a smart-city modeled on Revit software with a main building on 3 floors and then make a virtual video. This promotes the association and the New Energy specialization.

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