Showroom Logic drives more conversions for car dealers with paid search and Bing Ads

[MUSIC] We are Showroom Logic. We’re headquartered in Miami,
but we’ve got a team spread out
across the entire country. We’re 100% focused
on automotive. So we work on all
three tiers from the manufacturer directly all
the way down to the independent dealers and franchisers. We offer our clients a trusted
partnership, and I say trust because we have a lot of
transparency in our offering. A lot of people in our space
don’t offer that level of transparency. That transparency creates trust
and a long term partnership. Showroom Logic started off with
a Google only offering, and we added Bing into the mix
immediately, saw good traction. This is largely due to the fact that there is
a lot of consumers out there that people don’t realize exist
outside of the Google network. As more and more of our
customers get on board the Bing train, we’re gonna
see even more follow suit. Our customers see a higher
click through rate. They see a lower cost per click. They see a stickier visitor. And it’s a really unique
opportunity that a lot of people still don’t know exists. My Bing partners are very
knowledgable about this space. So not only do they
know their business and their product really well. But they’re very good in
terms of industry knowledge. They keep up on things
that are changing, and our industry changes
very rapidly. One of the most important things
that Bing brings to us as a trusted partner is they
help us educate our dealers. And that education
is really viewed as a partnership approach. It’s really about, let me just
teach you what’s out there, and then we can decide
together if it’s a fit. And Bing really helps us
get that message out there from an educational perspective. Bing offers our
clients a different set of customers to go after. These customers, or consumers
rather, are typically a little older, more affluent,
they have more money. They spend more than
people on Google do. So it’s really important for
our customers who are dealers to understand that they have an
additional opportunity outside of Google with an audience
that does more, spends more. And is really an ideal
consumer for them. [MUSIC]

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