Showroom Logic and Bing

Showroom Logic is an automotive
marketing agency specializing in expert level SEM.>>When I entered the automotive
space I found a lot of vendors taking
advantage of people and I really just wanted to do
things right by the client. So we built technology to fix
a lot of those problems and also educate dealers and help them really make better
decisions with their marketing.>>We talk about
market share strategy. We talk about how we can
help dealers move their inventory faster. We talk about how they
can be very specific and targeted with their SEM efforts.>>Our company’s success depends
a lot on them putting their marketing dollars in
places that drive ROI and Bing is a great place.>>When a dealer joins
the Showroom logic family and they start rolling on Bing. They see great results, because
they see a higher click-through rate, a lower cost per click,
a stickier visitor, and ultimately a lower
cost per lead. That helps me with retention. It also gives me an opportunity
to continue to grow that account, because people are then
happy to add more spends, because they’re getting
much better results.>>It’s a very crowded
space we’re in. There’s a lot of buzz and
a lot of people copycatting and trying to say they
do what we do. And I think the elite status
allows us to be on a higher field.>>The status that the elite
partnership brings to us is that added level of support
through our Bing Reps. And working closely with them to
have that extra set of eyes on the accounts,
to identify those opportunities. And to make sure that nothing
falls through the cracks is very important so that we can jump on
those things and make sure that our clients are receiving
the best performance possible.>>Obviously they have great
technology, it’s Microsoft, but I think their attitude,
and willingness, and drive to make this program great
is what attracts me the most.

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