Showpo: a fast growing Australian online fashion retailer

Showpo is an online women’s fashion retailer. E-commerce has boomed in the last 10 years. Showpo wanted to grasp that and basically, take on the market. Being a pure-play online retailer, we don’t have any bricks and mortar stores, totally online now. For our Australian customers, we offer free express shipping for orders over $50. We also have three hour delivery service in Sydney and we also have a same-day delivery service for customers that live in Melbourne Metro, Brisbane and Adelaide Metro as well. Using third parties, we didn’t have as much transparency as we would like. So moving everything in house, we’re able to slash our order costs in half and that’s where Showpo DC was born. Since moving into this Goodman site, we’ve been able to ship over two million items to our customers. One of our strategies with same-day delivery, was to pick our Goodman site that was in Central Sydney. We were really close to all our carriers, and we are less than a kilometer away from the Australian Post distribution centre, which makes it a lot easier for us. We wanted to be right in the centre of Sydney so our courier drivers are able to fulfil the three hour promise that we have to the customers. As you can see our inventory is really big. Everything that you pick is in sequential order. We want to keep customers happy, so everything’s efficient. We are running an 18-hour operation here at Showpo DC, just so we can meet our customers expectations. In this warehouse we have an awesome work culture. It’s important to reward our staff because they’re the ones that are getting everything done for us. They’re literally the front-line before these orders get to our customers. So we were very confident in this warehouse and we were able to sign a long lease because we wanted room to grow. If you are an e-commerce business, I highly recommend moving into a Goodman site.

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