Shopping Online for a Restaurant Exhaust Fan

Once you determine that your
restaurant needs a new exhaust fan or maybe even two. You’re most likely going to go online – that’s how you found us. There’s a lot of different options out
there. There’s one thing you do need to be careful of if you do go to eBay or
Amazon looking for a restaurant exhaust fan you want to make sure that the fan
is A) that it is actually an upblast fan and not a downblast fan. There’s a lot
of fans listed on those two websites that claim to be upblast but they’re
not. You want to make sure that it looks like this and it has this big opening on
top. That’s how you know that this truly is an upblast fan. If
you get the wrong kind of fan you’re going to have grease being blown right
back onto your roof. That’s a fire hazard and it’s going to ruin your roof. So A)
make sure that it truly is an upblast fan and then number two, you’re going to
want to make sure that the fan is ETL or UL listed. That’s going to ensure that
you’re meeting your fire code and your insurance requirements. So again, when
you’re shopping online for a fan make sure that it’s an upblast fan and that
it is actually UL or ETL listed. If you buy one that is not, you’re gonna have
wasted a lot of money and a lot of time.

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