Shopify In Canada (Answering Dropshipping Your Questions)

what’s going on guys right now I’m in
Toronto Canada as you can see the beautiful views out here doing our thing
you feel me but yeah I wanted to do this quick video for you guys just to do a
quick Q&A your boys about to cross the street so uh yeah let me run real quick
okay okay okay you know you know your boy run the trek
out of here do you feel me all right so I just crossed the street guys so we do
goochy goochy all right so I actually did a poll on Instagram I wanted to ask
and talk to you guys one-on-one and do a quick Q&A see what we got here all right
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product down below your boy is making moves out here look at this view guys it’s crazy so our first question is did I test that
product well me and my partner we just started at Southwest or since q4 is here
and you know we wanted to make that money because q4 is here we got Cyber
Monday how Black Friday got thank you guys
yeah everything so you know q4 is the opportunity to make some money no I have
not tested that product the only reason I haven’t tested that project because
you know I was on my way to Toronto so you know it’s kind of hard to you know
run some Facebook Ads whenever you on the travel when you’re on the plane
right so we’ll be testing that product flight tonight since it is you know
before Sunday is before the weekend so is the best time to test products on the
weekend right best time to scale so you know when I get when I test that product
out I’ll let you guys know so the next question is when do you duplicate or
increase daily budget on an asset well whenever you know you’re duplicating or
you’re duplicating the budget or you know he raising the budget is whenever
you’re trying to scale right so the best time to scale is if your row ass is
above you know whatever your break-even point is right so if it’s like maybe two
times or three times more then your breakeven point that’s when I would
scale that product but yeah that’s when I would probably scale my product is if
my product is actually like about two or three times the row a so you know let’s
say your row adds is 1.3 I would probably still maybe when is that three
or four in that particular Adsit so you remember guys are gonna be testing
different types of assets other assets work better which one do I like better
duplicating or you know raising the budget actually like duplicating a lot
more because every single time I try to you know scale my as they every single
time guys it always messes up you know it’s like
very very few percentage that you know I actually have a successful scaling ahead
whenever you know I just raised the budget but recently you know I’ve just
been duplicating the ad set let’s say I do it at five dollars I was just you
know duplicate to add to another five dollars that’s what I would do but if
you want to scale you know raise the budget I would probably just go up maybe
fifteen dollars if you if you only spending about five dollars right so
that’s where that’s my thoughts about scaling you know duplicating or raising
the budget it’s maybe your preference whichever works with split test remember
guys you’re always trying to you know get results right so you guys split says
how much can you really make on Shopify is Shopify like a seasonal thing is the
only money you make in the summer is it a monthly thing salary how much can you
really make on Shopify right well it really depends how hard you work right
that’s the first thing you know you can make millions of dollars or you can make
thousands of dollars or you can make no zero right you can make you know nothing
so you know the bitch the best best answer is you can make Shopify I think
you make the most money during the seasons let’s say you know portal 4 is
coming up you got Black Friday you got Thanksgiving Christmas best time to make
money is probably in the summertime winter Christmas those are going to be
you know the biggest most right because you know obviously people on the buying
move so if you’re trying to buy let’s say you’re trying to sell a product you
know in the summertime you know be smart about it sell summer products right know
sell is something that’s out of the ordinary you want to find products that
are actually winters right and if you want to find winning products you can
actually get my winning guy down below he’s been helping a ton a ton of people
out if you want to grab that that’s been helping a lot of people you can make
thousands and thousands dollars with Shopify or you can do so many different
things with it but it’s really up to how hard the person works if you build a
brand you could well you know honestly make money and you know any time of the
year because you know people will trust your brand it’s not just like you just
trying to find a product or anything but if you have a brand you know you can
sell any type of right so that’s my thoughts on you know
how much can you make day-by-day or how much you can make every single month it
really just depends on several factors but sublight does pay you you know every
single day so if you get you know let’s say you make a thousand dollars in sales
that day Shopify will actually deposit $1,000
into your account there and then you use that $1,000 for you know their products
the cost of the products and of course you know you guys spent on ads and stuff
like that but really really just a pin so I’m about at me and the mom about a
splurge real quick I’m about a I’m about to ball out you feel me even about to
pay to spend that Shopify money you’re filming which one should i crop guys
which one should I call I don’t know which one you get these look kind of
fresh though I’m not gonna lie these look kind of fresh
they have like neon I probably would get these probably good so the next question is how do you
manage returns and refunds well the way I do it is I don’t try I tried to let
the customer not Vanessa me okay a lot of customers like to finesse that’s the
biggest biggest thing so what I would do is I would probably try to it’s just
depends I mean if the product takes a long long time I would give her a refund
if you know the product is defective I’ll give a free phone but they have to
show proof before I actually give the refund
what was the reason how I found success well the biggest thing is that my
actually stay consistent I stay dedicated and I want it so bad you got
to have it bad you know what I mean like a lot of people quit whenever you know
they lose a hundred dollars they quit whenever they lose $200 so the biggest
biggest thing is you have to keep going every single day you got to work on
something every single day where there’s at space which has whether it’s your
design there’s got to work at it every day that’s what
also I read a lot of blogs I didn’t really know I watched a little bit of
YouTube videos but you know I think staying consistent and learning every
single day because everything on here you know you learn from your mistakes
that’s the biggest biggest thing in a business so how do you get better with
Facebook Ads right the biggest thing is don’t do too many strategies a lot of
people like to watch so many different people and the thing is is when people
watch way too many people they test you’re doing things and they don’t know
what works so the biggest thing is 16 one or two strategies I’d say just stick
to one strategy how long do you how long does it take to make a million on
Shopify I have not made a million on Shopify so I can’t quote on that all
right all right this might be the last last question but do you need an LLC no
you don’t okay I would not get an LLC until you make
maybe $20,000 on Shopify that is when you know your taxes and stuff come on
but that’s when I would get an LLC is when you make $20,000 don’t even worry
about the LLC especially if you’re a beginner part so this is the end of the
road I hope you love this quick Q&A I’m gonna do more in the future
I’m loving Toronto you know how to raids out here about a race I’ll make that
shot for my wedding so you know you can do whatever you want financial freedom
is the way to go if you want to build it subscribe right now go ahead and hit
that like button doing more videos like this so at the
end of the day your boys still here peace out

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