Shopify: How to Create a 6 Figure Dropshipping Business

there are different ways to create
businesses on Shopify but but today’s video I’m gonna be teaching you guys how
to create a drop shipping store no here’s the thing drop shipping has
definitely changed so many people’s lives including myself and I currently
do drop shipping to this day because it’s so easy okay it’s just crazy how
you can actually set up a website import products you know from China and start
selling to the masses on Facebook Instagram Google whatever the case may
be you guys you can sell it anywhere and start making money and start filling up
your pockets every single day that’s the crazy thing and you don’t get paid every
two weeks you get paid every single day so that is why I’m going to teach you
guys the potential and how to actually get started so that you can get the
wheels rolling so you can actually go on my website on the Malik Mufasa com
slash Shopify drop shipping if you do want to access this website or you can
click the link in the description if you want the exact steps first what you need
to do is create a Shopify account now I will leave a 14-day free trial in the
link in the description like I said Shopify is the best way to
make websites guys Shopify you can sell anything online you can you don’t even
have to sell products online you can build up a blog you can build up a
personal website you can sell digital products on there and you literally have
a 14-day free trial so you don’t actually pay until the 14 days is up but
in order to start selling and make your website live you do have to make a
subscription on Shopify but you don’t pay until the 14 day is up so really
cool thing you know you can try it out I always you know recommend Shopify
because most of the time you run affined you’re gonna actually make sales and
then you start getting hooked because now you want to start you know getting
your second sale now you want to start making $50 a day or $100 per day or even
$1000 per day and some people make you know five thousand and one day if they
pick the right product so that could be you guys so don’t take fot Shopify for
granted guys go on to the website sign up and start building up your store so
the next thing what you need to worry about is choosing your specific niche
now here the thing that a lot of people get you
know kind of confused now you can go with your passion or you can go out
there and pick something that’s gonna actually make you money and for me I
like to pick something that’s gonna make me money at the same time that’s not
gonna you know bore me around or something that’s not gonna make me feel
motivated every single day because at the end of the day if you’re not
bringing in any money even though it’s your passion and a lot of you guys are
new to e-commerce you can really you know you might quit you know on date you
know on the week or whatever two weeks or whatever the case may be guys so pick
something that actually has a lot of money surrounding that nishan I’m
actually gonna show you guys a couple of niches on Aliexpress that you can get
into so the easiest way to pick a niche guys is obviously go to the site that
you’re gonna get your products from right so if you want to go into women’s
clothing well here’s all the categories that you can start selling in you can go
into out where and jackets you know right now in the United States it’s in
the winter there’s no better time to sell these type of products trench coats
real fur items woolen blends far fur right you can sell jeans and bottoms you
can sell t-shirts and tops accessories like I worse you know hats belts scarves
and you know cosplay costumes you can sell anything within the woman clothing
an Aliexpress makes it so much easier to wear they divide everything for you like
the same thing with men’s clothing let’s say you want again to you know jewelry
and watches instead of just doing watches you can just stick to jewelry
just like this specific store is doing called ice on her you know they have
about nineteen point three thousand followers and this is a really good
looking you know Instagram page they went out they saw an opportunity as far
as jewelry and one of my homeboys is actually doing really really well
selling in the jewelry niche he makes well over you know six figures every
single month and every probably every single week actually he’s doing fairly
well with this you know this specific niche so I highly
recommend if you want to you know find a niche to get into this is the niche
that’s really cool because that appeals to the Millennials it appeals to the
young people it does really well on Instagram and if you can you know really
put on a really good ad on Facebook you can really kill it so let’s say you want
to get into something like home and gardening and start selling you know
wall posters or you want to start selling furniture like high ticket items
or if you want to get into the kids in toilets which is one of my favorites you
know this is where I actually started because I thought about you know what
the parents you know they care about their kids and more than anything so if
they can bias things that are gonna you know be towards their kids it’s gonna be
the best combat into making more sales it’s gonna be impulse buying products
and took I took the advantage you got to really think about that same mindset and
how you actually go into it so I’m actually gonna just lay out what niches
I personally would actually get into and I would honestly get into women’s
clothing and men’s clothing if you are selling on Instagram and if you have a
branded page just like this store that I showed you now I would also get into
phone accessories but I would only make it if it’s customizable okay there’s a
difference you can go on Aliexpress and start selling random phone cases and
things like that but make sure it’s new make sure it’s trendy and make sure it’s
something that they’ve never seen before and make sure it has a lot of features I
would also get into I’ve honestly personally want to get into consumer
electronics just because there’s a lot of liabilities that come with it and a
lot of customers actually return you know products and things like that and
they get broken really easily since they’re coming from China so I would
highly stay away from consumer electronics again I would get into
jewelry but I would stay away from watches watches it’s gonna be a lot
harder for a beginner to get into just because it is a lot harder as far as
customizing how you want to build up that brand and how you want to build it
from the ground up because there’s a lot of established watch brands out there so
I wouldn’t get into watches I would get into home and gardening there’s a lot of
customizability to that there’s a lot of different you
know categories within the home and gardening like home decor kitchen and it
gets searched up a lot on Google so you’re gonna get a lot of organic sales
and there’s a lot easy to sell because you’re selling it to the older you know
people that’s want to start buying and decorating their homes I wouldn’t get
into shoes because there’s way too many sizes you know especially if you want to
build a brand eventually or build a private label business and then you’re
gonna have to worry start worrying about different sizes and different colors I
wouldn’t get into shoes toys and kids like I said it’s definitely one of my
favorite niches I did really well in that and you can make a really really
killing if you find a toy or a specific product that’s trending online and then
you can start you know selling it maybe even promoted with Google Ads
and start you know getting those sales really really quickly especially during
the time you know around the holiday season sports and outdoors I personally
would stick to specific niches within this because there are niches that are
in more in demand like golf and fishing maybe cycling I would stay away from
sneakers and I would probably get into hunting as well those are niches that do
really really well on Facebook skiing and snowboarding another is another one
so those are the niches I would get into in sports another really great niche
guys beauty and health and hair you know there’s nothing better than improving
your image you know taking care of yourself and this is really really a hot
seller if you know how to sell it on Instagram and you can make organic sales
every single day if you know how to get into it now automobiles and motorcycles
I would highly recommend getting into this specific niche if you know what
you’re doing you don’t want to just sell random products you know I’ve seen a
little of students trying to sell it and it doesn’t really work well because they
don’t know much about that specific niche now it let’s say you’re interested
and you start learning as you go maybe you know it might be a possibility to
get into it but I highly recommend getting into it if you know about
detailing if you know about certain accessories that goes on
car or interior accessories that go into a car I highly recommend just getting
into it if you know what the heck you’re doing now another good niche the last
one I’ll express is home and improvements great niche you know
there’s a lot of trendy cool things that pop up every single day there’s a lot of
trends that come in and you know it just makes the workers and woodworking
industry you know a lot easier as far as building the things that they want so
those are the niches guys that I would highly recommend sticking into and
staying away from like I said you heard it here first on the moon faucet channel
guys no trust me on this when I say that stay away from the niches that I just
listed but go into those niches but make sure like I said there’s different
criterias that you need to follow whenever you get into this and it’s just
a lot of people fail and I don’t want you guys to fill especially on your
first try now the next thing what you need to do once you pick a niche guys is
you need to find some winning products now here’s the thing guys whenever
you’re finding a winning product they’re gonna notice a couple of things here
you’re gonna notice that there are products that are saturated there are
products that are already selling there’s products that you know that
already have an established company that’s you know the top or the face of
that specific product and you’re gonna find products that are trendy and new
now for me I would stick to products that are already selling okay you don’t
want to go into products that people have never seen before or just products
that you don’t see in the marketplace because at the end of the day if you go
into a product that nobody has seen before or it’s just new and you just you
know there’s no proof there’s no proof to know that if that product is gonna
sell and you don’t want to be the first one spending thousands of thousands of
dollars you know testing that product and you know saving other people as far
as now they don’t want to test that part because it didn’t work for you you want
to find products that are already selling in the marketplace and so that
you can capitalize and get your share of that specific market huge huge mistake
so many people do is that they import random products they look at it they
think it’s cool but do a little bit of extra research guys and I actually will
save you the time and stress with that because I actually have a guy that you
guys and download in the link in the
description that I personally wrote guys that you can you know find different
strategies to find winning products extra research to you know be able to
see that that specific product does have a history as far as selling so that you
can make a really good amount of money selling that specific product now next
thing you need to do is build up the store guys really easy I made a tutorial
on my channel that you guys can see in the link in the description it’s really
easy and simple all you got to do is follow the video step by step and it’ll
literally teach you how to do that guys now the next thing guys once you have a
sore what is next you’ve you know you’ve congratulations you successfully built
up your store like I said it’s in the for Shopify has a 14-day free trial and
you can do this in less than a day you can do this in less than two days what
is next after you completely build your Shopify store you have your products
ready to go well you need to get some traffic that is what I’m actually gonna
teach you guys on my next video on how to actually get traffic onto your
website okay there are different ways to get traffic guys you can go on Facebook
you can do Instagram Google Ads personally those are my three favorites
I personally wouldn’t worry about Pinterest or Twitter or any of these
other things because you know there’s so much money that you can make on
Instagram and Google and Facebook that you don’t really need to worry about
that unless you get to that phase where you’re just making a whole bunch of
money I mean you just want to expand okay now I will show you guys examples
in Shopify stores on my next video on how to promote your products the right
way and not how to you know promote your products like every single person that
watches a video on YouTube and does the exact same strategy and find no type of
success guys so if you do want to have an instant way to you know promote your
products on Facebook and Instagram and maybe you know Google as well you guys
can check out my course in the link in the description guys I have a huge
amount of testimonials that I do want to share with you guys that’s gonna pop up
on my screen you guys can check those out you know there’s a lot of students
that are doing really well as far as you know making a bath I store and actually
following the correct and the steps because that’s the thing
guys you want somebody to hold your hand and actually show you the ropes because
I’ve made the mistakes before I was in your position I first started you know
three four years ago and I was trying to find the products I was trying to find
you know the secret sauce I was watching videos I was doing all these extra
things wasting so much time okay like right now you’re gonna be wasting so
much time if you don’t have a blueprint or somebody to actually follow that’s
actually going to present you the steps literally videos step by step
curriculums lectures personal stories experiences you know challenges
different types of ways and strategies those are the things that make a whole
lot of a difference as far as having a successful Shopify store in 2020 you
know like I said the coronavirus and all these things different things start
popping up people are getting banned on Facebook Instagram is shutting down
accounts you know you can’t use software is there’s so many different things that
come into the the Shopify business that you need to understand and if you want
to learn more about that guys you guys can check in the link in the
description guys so if you want more videos like this make sure you comment
down below what you would like to hear as far as the content moving forward
make sure you hit the notification bellow so that you can get every single
video that I upload from the rest of 2020 guys I’m gonna be dropping so much
value so much content on my channel you do not want to miss out so make sure you
hit the notification bell and I will see you guys on the next one

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