Shopify Dropshipping: Why Saturated Products Will Get You FASTER RESULTS!

what is up guys welcome back to a brand
new video and I think this is episode number nine alright y’all so we’re gonna
talk about saturated products okay is products still in demand if a lot of
people are selling it or if you know just the season has passed is it still
sellable to sell a product okay now here’s the thing I don’t believe in
saturated products you know why because I’ve literally done a case study in the
past you know you can literally watch maybe I’ll say about eight videos you
know from this video I did a case study selling a saturated product now that
saturated product I don’t really remember because I do so many case
studies on my channel but I literally did a whole case study to where I would
sell that product on Facebook and what I did was I basically did a whole
different strategy okay now here’s the thing guys so many people have already
seen that product so it would be completely dumb if I did exactly what
everyone is doing right if I added that product on to my online store and I just
literally had the same description had the same videos had the same images and
then I went on to Facebook and then I looked up that product and I figured out
oh look somebody else is selling it oh look I’ve seen a couple of ads three to
four months ago so if I went on and copied those exact same ads that those
other Shopify stores had and I did it on my store I wouldn’t get any results now
the problem is that many of you guys are probably doing that exact strategy
you’re literally copying what every single straw if I store is doing in this
day and age where in twenty twenty guys so if you look like I said if you look
back in that video I didn’t do no copying I did a whole different strategy
that a lot of you guys were pretty shocked and surprised that it actually
worked because that’s how that’s all I do on this channel guys all I do is be
creative and you got to be apart from the other people okay you cannot copy
and you know try to do every single strategy that everyone is literally
teaching on YouTube you have to be unique in this ballgame it’s
plan you gotta be prepared so now that we know that there’s no saturation in a
market how can you actually promote a product that you think it’s saturated
right because a lot of you know that like I said you see all these YouTube
videos talking about you know top winning products or top five winning
products and this and that you know I was literally the first one to make
those type of videos if you look back maybe two years ago I literally was
making those exact videos and I guess everybody’s just catching on okay like I
said I only do innovative stuff on this channel and I drop knowledge mom’s okay
but continuing on guys in order to find a really good product let’s say if it’s
saturate and you want to sell it you got to come up with the approach how are you
actually approaching your potential customers is your brand a lot different
than say your competitors because if you think about it in the level playing
field in this dropshipping game you know everyone is literally going on
aliexpress importing the product onto the online store probably copying all
the descriptions and you know literally doing everything that you know everybody
just looks the same you’re a drop shipping store you look just like your
next-door neighbor so how are you different from your next-door neighbor
well you have to maybe change up the pricing are you a different type of
brand do you actually care about your customers do you want the solve their
problem right what is your voice why are you promoting
this product right if you can be completely different with your approach
then you will be in the right direction then you can sell a saturated product
now another way to blow out your competition in a saturated market guys
is you know take a step back okay take a step back and look at your niche okay
what niche are you in are you in the fitness niche okay now if you look at
the fitness niche or the fitness category and you look at it as a whole
yes it looks a little bit saturated you know it looks like a lot of people are
promoting fitness products left and right you go on how they express it
looks like everyone’s selling the same thing but here’s the key guys are you
looking into the sub niches in a fitness niche so let’s say you go a step down a
notch and let’s say you want to find products that’s geared towards back pain
instead of overall Fitness right are you looking for products for under age
kids you know that would solve their problem as well are you looking for baby
fitness products right you know things that are going to you know help them
grow into you know a boy or whatever the case may be guys you know if you can
find a really good Fitness product in a sub niche then you’ll be in in the good
direction another example is the kids niche for example let’s say overall you
know there’s baby products in that industry but instead of just focus on
everything now you’re just focusing on you know mothers that are preparing to
be a mom right Maternity bags right and you know I was selling thousands of
thousands of those in the past and they’re still selling right now because
it’s a sub niche but a lot of people aren’t really looking at it that way
because they think it’s saturated because it’s a baby product right but
I’m only focusing on people that are mothers right people that are eventually
going to be mothers because they need you know some care you know they need to
you know provide for their kid in the future they’re new moms they’re trying
to you know have some recommendations and that is where you come in and
provide them with the product same thing with toys right instead of
promoting all the baby products you’re only focusing on toys so that is how you
got a look at it guys you know focus on a sub niche instead of a overall niche
in general now the last tip before I in this video guys is your offer I love
talking about your offer because this goes back into Facebook advertising now
if you look at you know drop shipping in general everyone and their mama is doing
Facebook ads okay everybody’s abandoned Instagram influencers nobody’s doing
Google Ads Pinterest look a little lonely over there but everyone is
literally doing Facebook advertising and promoting the same offer now if you have
a different offer than your competitor or your next-door neighbor then your
offer looks and more enticing right now instead of doing a regular discount
which everyone is literally doing right instead you will do a buy one get one
free or buy one get 70% off or whatever the case may be right it’s a completely
different offer than what you would do in the future because everyone is
literally doing discount codes and you’re completely different so now those
potential customers that’s already seen that
product is gonna go towards your side right another example is price
difference right if you have a different price offering for your product then
that makes it a whole lot easier and makes it a whole lot
you know difference in general as well so another thing that goes with offers
guys is selling complementary products you know most time these days when
you’re dropped you have a drop shipping story a lot of you guys are probably
advertising one product or promoting one product instead of doing them bundles
now if you go on a shopping I app store most of those app stores or most of
those apps do cost money right so most most of the people aren’t gonna do
bundles whenever they’re doing their drop shipping store so let’s say for
example you have these air pod cases right now there are products in the
market that are selling air pod case covers I did do another case study that
you guys can check out probably leaving a link in the description or you could
check out this card up here but basically you can sell these Airport air
air pod cases covers and then you most likely know that every single person
that owns an air pod case is gonna probably most likely have an iPhone now
you can probably get these iPhone cases for maybe three dollars or two dollars
and then you can sell it for maybe $19.99 now let’s say you sell it for
$19.99 you can add a couple memory product for free right you haven’t
another incentive and say hey you know maybe we can give you a free iPhone case
okay now all those iPhone cases on Aliexpress you can get them super cheap
guys like for less than a dollar maybe even two dollars or so but your profits
is still there right so now the incentive gets a little bit better the
offer gets a little bit better and now that customer gets enough push to
actually buy your product right instead of just selling one air pod case cover
which doesn’t really you know ring a bell because a lot of people are
probably doing the exact same thing you come in at a different angle and boom
you are in demand okay so you got a look at it as not as a saturated market but
how you can go into it and make it a change right have a game plan whenever
you’re going into these niches so guys don’t worry about saturated markets guys
go ahead and contribute to the market because there are thousands of thousands
of you know there’s products being
advertised every single day and you got to get a piece of that pie okay so if
you did enjoy this video make sure you smash that like button if you did enjoy
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and I’ll see you guys later

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