Shopify Dropshipping: I Tried Shopify Challenge for 24 Hours

what is up guys welcome back to a brand
new video in the channel in today’s video I’m going to show you guys part 2
in the 24 hour drop shipping challenge now if you haven’t seen my previous
video we did have a whole bunch of positive feedback so I was like you know
I have to drop some knowledge bombs on you guys I can’t hold and you know
nothing back so I’m gonna take you through a three step process where I’m
gonna show you guys how I built the store I was able to find the product and
how I was able to advertise the product so if you are ready for these knowledge
bombs guys make sure you smash that like button because it does give me some
feedback on if I should keep dropping these knowledge bombs on you guys now I
am aware that it is Black Friday and you know cyber monday is coming up as well
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mentorship and you guys can find the details in the link in the description
now on top of that one our call guys you do get an extra free 30 minutes
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from now you know a month from now and basically this offer is not a course
guys this is a mentorship and so you guys can check in a link in the
description for more information on that so I’m talking too much guys let’s get
straight into the 24 hour drop shipping challenge alright guys so welcome to the
24 hour drop shipping challenge where I’m gonna go deep and dive into this
case study that I did last week now we did a poll on my channel and you guys
voted that I should get into the kids niche and this is exactly what I did so
how did this store increase sales and made over 200 dollars in 24 hours now
let me show you guys a couple of results here for the course of four days from
November 20th to November 23rd because I kept the challenge going I mean you know
I found some interesting things here like I said in the 24 hour time period
we didn’t make about $200 or so as you can see right here
is 209 dollars we had 73 visitors of course we don’t have any returning
customers and then our conversion rate was insane 5.48 like I said I will be
explaining to you guys why my conversions was this high our average
order value was 52 dollars and 49 cents because people were ordering multiple of
them and we had about four orders now let’s actually continue on into this
case study because the crazy thing is that you guys can do this too like I
said I have experience doing drop shipping but you know you guys can do
this too if you follow these exact steps now let’s actually dissect what needed
to be done in this 24 hour drop shipping challenge now if we look at the bigger
picture you guys would state that you know it’s really impossible to make a
store you know get products and then start advertising within a 24 hour time
period but as definitely is possible if you dissect and make everything smaller
like Elon Musk said you can go and create something big have a big vision
but what are the proper steps in order to achieve those type of visions and
this is what I broke it down into so the first step is the store building right
so you have to build a high converting store in less than 24 hours we have to
add the logo we got to get the domain that apps the payment processors the
emails the shipping infos the sells the discounts reviews everything has to be
perfect within the store building process the second thing we need to
worry about is the product research we have to you know do different types of
methods to be able to find these products like Google Trends Aliexpress
and or brillo dropshipping we didn’t use any softwares for this challenge you
know we had to find product videos and photos we got to compare competition and
most importantly we need to understand what is the price point and how we
should be able to sell this specific product now lastly in order to achieve
this 24-hour dropshipping challenge you do need to know what traffic source are
you going to promote this product in right you need targeted traffic in order
to get these sales so we had options between google Instagram Facebook SEO so
what is the best option for a specific product there are better
options for other products for different types of traffic sources I’m gonna go
dive deep into this within this specific case study and one last thing is that do
I have the budget whenever you guys go out there to you know advertise the
store whenever you’re running advertisements you do need a specific
budget in order to achieve testing these results and products right so now that
we know what needs to be done within the 24 hour time period what is the
challenges and roadblocks that we’re going to face within this 24 hour drop
shipping challenge now the challenge number one is that time is it possible
is it possible to make money in 24 hours now this is a quote that a lot of people
use is that you know make money online fast well we need that quote to work
right in it now in our favor because I only have 24 hours in order to make
sales realistically it can be done but not many has achieved this results and
you know like I said I’m pretty experienced so I do think that you know
I can definitely make that happen now one thing that I would say is that
since we don’t have that much time we can’t spend too much time making a
website a properly built website there’s too many things to do on a website so we
need to do it so that we can have enough time to do other things that matter the
most in our website now for challenge number two guys within a 24 hour time
period there is no way that you’re gonna have no social proof or social media the
thing is is that I can’t spend time building IG pages within a 24 hour time
period yes I can go buy followers yes I can you know put some post up in 24
hours but what is the point of doing that if you know there’s no social proof
people aren’t gonna trust your brand people never heard your brand why how
would they even trust you if you know you have you know five posts you know
only post it in one day and then you have like 1000 or 10,000 followers on
your Instagram page you got to make it realistic here guys so Instagram is out
of the question guys Facebook is out of the question and this is a new store no
one buys a store from you know a place that has an over views now lastly
another roadblock that we’re going to face is finding a winning
now you can’t find winning products within 24 hour time period but it does
take time in order to find that product that works so the question we need to
ask yourself is that how much am I going to spend in order to find a product am I
going to be testing out different multiple products within the Tony
four-hour time period am I going to you know have to import a whole bunch of
products onto my online store and there’s too many products to choose from
guys so we do need to do this very quickly I mean you know all this process
is going to take a long time especially if we’re going to build multiple product
pages so my goal here is to make you know sales within the first try find a
product that’s going to make sales and remember this is a 24 hour time period
so realistically here guys this is going to be a challenge that
we’re going to have to overcome now I do understand that this is a 24 hour time
period and you’re going to have so many different type of roadblocks like I
stated in the previous slide but here’s the solution guys no matter what you
have to do whatever it takes right you know if you have 24 hours if you have a
deadline you have to achieve that deadline if your boss says that you got
to complete this work in a month or in two weeks
you got to complete that work right otherwise there would be consequences
and there’ll be things that you need to face in the future so you know for me I
can’t predict what happens but what I can do is work towards those goals that
need to be achieved and I can do the right things that works and do less of
the things that don’t work so I’m gonna use my knowledge I mean things that I
know that you know that’s going to make this process really easy for me and then
make this process as smooth as possible so that we can achieve the goals that we
need to do within this 24 hour time period so now let’s actually get into
the nitty-gritty stuff guys what kind of store did I build for this 24 hour drop
shipping challenge so basically this drop shipping store is called tank you
mama you guys are probably like wondering what the heck does that even
mean but it actually means thank you mama now thank you mama is what a baby
you would usually say since they don’t have the proper pronunciation or
vocabulary whenever they’re pronouncing this name right and I got the idea here
from this website called common first words for babies I didn’t know what –
you know what kind of name that I should you know name this drop shipping store
so I just you know thought about what kind what kind of first words to do do
babies and kids usually say and they usually say thank you so I used this
word as the actual name and then I just added mama at the end just because most
of my customers are going to be mama just because I’m going to be talking to
these customers as well so that’s the whole idea of how I got the name guys
and it makes a big difference especially whenever somebody lands on your website
they want to know you know the meaning of behind your brand and that’s
basically what it is you know the whole meaning of this brand is to get your
kids to talk fast right get your kids to you know talk as much as possible
usually you know kids days you know stay quiet
their parents are always wondering what why aren’t the kids talking and how to
own ways to you know get them to talk and you know that’s why I brought the
idea for this specific website and the cool thing is that they do actually have
a product that literally allows you to do that so right off the bat guys I’m
solving a problem for this specific customers right so as we dissect this
website guys you see that I have a banner it says free shipping ends in 24
hours you know what better way to you know say 24 hours especially if this is
a 24 hour drop shipping challenge so you got to create urgency so I had the
banner you know different color you know from everything from the website
everything is white and then you have the the pink banner so they can see it
easily whenever they no land on that product page another thing is that I
have a slideshow with the image now I kept it simple I didn’t you know had any
crazy images any crazy colors I just kept the color scheme the same with
white and then I had white baby shoes right there and then on the left hand
side I aligned the text to the left so that they can see the text clear
whenever they land on the actual product page go a little bit further and then
right off the bat they see the product that I’m promoting so like I said I
chose this product because it was you know geared towards you know the the
whole idea of this brand right here get your
kids to talk fast so I chose the talking hamster pet toy and I’m selling it for
about 1499 as you can see I have a simple description here with an Add to
Cart that’s you know simple it has that baby filled that theme and then if you
scroll a bit further it has more information about the product now this
is a specific layout guys like I said this is a uploaded theme that I designed
myself and if you scroll a bit further this is the video where they can see
more information about the product itself which is awesome and cool um and
you got to include videos guys you got to include us enough resources so that
the customer can understand what you’re actually selling to them right and then
if they click here they can click order now for that product itself if they do
want it now this is another thing that I like to add on my website is do you have
any questions talk to our support team this is really important because if you
can have first-hand experience in firsthand communication especially
whenever they’ve never landed on your website they know that you actually have
a team and somebody that they can reach out to this is going to be really good
to build assurance for your customers so that they can trust your brand then
lastly we do have a little bit information that they can read about our
dropshipping store so that is basically our website guys as you can see this is
insane you know information that you’ve probably never seen before so this is
this pretty awesome I didn’t take that much time to build this website so you
guys can replicate it and see how that does well for you now our second step
within our 24-hour drop shipping challenge is finding a winning product
so basically I built up a product research timeline on exactly how I was
able to find this specific product in five simple steps and I’m actually gonna
walk you through these steps on exactly how I was able to do that so the first
step within the product research timeline is that you want to pick a
specific category so I went on Aliexpress and I went into toys and
hobbies now this is the fastest and most simplest way to find great products that
are already selling and these are going to be products
our best sellers guys once you go into any category you’re gonna go and scroll
a little bit further and these are the best sellers right there now these best
sellers do change frequently they change every single day because of the
positioning of amount of orders um and just new products being introduced but
these are mostly going to be the best sellers on Aliexpress right off the bat
so like I said you can do this with any category so I did that with the toys and
games and I scrolled a little bit further and then you know I just you
know browsed a couple of these products and I saw that you know the talking
hamster at that time you know remember this is like maybe a week or two weeks
after I did this challenge so and then if you go into step two you do want to
input that product into Aliexpress to see how many orders that product is
getting so I did found one and this was the number one selling a talking hamster
toy with six thousand seven hundred orders I’m had about 789 reviews and
that literally passed you know the test I was like this is this is already
selling it’s already a best selling product now you do want to validate it
and go into step three which is input that product into Google Trends and see
that if people are currently buying that product right you do want to make sure
the product is not saturated or if it’s a you know old product and Google Trends
does tend to help you you know solving that so I put the talking hamster into
the search term and then I did it over the a five year period now you do see
that you know there’s a couple of you know big big slopes here um and you see
a high trend on specific dates like I said these are q4 dates right here
obviously they’re gonna have the most amount of sales during that time and it
looks like it was really popular last year now you do see that it is even
increasing over time as we speak right now so you know this is a you know the
best time to sell it since you know Christmas is around the corner so you
definitely want to you know not just stick to saturated products but
saturated products do work still and I’ve did a case study on my previous
video that you guys can check out in the link in the description as well now in
step four you do want to see if other people are selling the product so that
you can see what the price point of the product is which is really important you
don’t want to import the product and then not know what the
price of the product that you want to sell it at because you might price it
too high and then whenever you’re you know promoting that product people might
not be interested in that product because your price was too high and then
finally you do want to import that product into the online store and then
that is exactly what we did and we made and built this specific product page so
another challenge we had to face is that we did not have social proof on our
store we don’t have any time to make post we don’t have time to wait for
influencers we just don’t have time to you know sit around and you know wait
for you know people to land on our website so what we did the fastest way
to get people onto your online store is Google Ads now the reason why Google Ads
is the fastest way within a 24 hour time period is because people are literally
searching for products if you do you know set up the right campaigns in this
case we did sort of set up some search campaigns we did not do no Google
shopping I know I had a little bit of questions in my previous video on what
kind of campaigns we ran we just ran Google search ads and those are going to
be targeted buyers because you can import keywords and target keywords that
people are you know literally typing online and those specific keywords are
going to trigger your ad and they can click your ad and go into your website
now these are targeted traffic from the right audience for the right product so
like I said this is on Google Trends people are literally searching for it
so if you have a product that you know that’s in demand you definitely want to
hop on Google Ads so that you can get you know quick sales get some data on
your website and then you can you know get on Facebook ads and start scaling
now one thing that I do want you guys to keep in mind with Google is that it is
most expensive is really expensive but especially whenever you you know want to
acquire a customer you can see that I have about 50 clicks but I did spend
thirty dollars so you know that’s a really low number for a big high cost
usually you can get way more clicks than this on Facebook if you’re spending $30
per day right or if you go and spend $30 for an influencer you might get over a
hundred clicks right so but in this case it worked
our favorite guys because we did our research if you followed through the
whole steps um you know basically this should be able to work for you right so
we spent about thirty dollars and made a hundred and ninety-four dollars and
eighty-seven cents in terms of this Google Ads campaign as you can see we
did make two hundred and nine dollars so we did have an extra purchase probably
from SEO traffic or just organic sales in general because people are literally
searching for that specific product dive deeper into Google Ads guys in order to
find these keywords and the ones that are in demand you do want to use the
Google Keyword planner and you can literally import and you know type in
your product onto the Google Keyword planner and then a whole bunch of
queries and ideas that you can use for your actually campaign so I type think
talking hamster and you can see that there’s other keyword ideas that we can
use it tells you the search volume it tells you you know the competition for
the specific product it tells you how much you need to bid for that specific
keyword but in our Google ads keywords campaign we just maximize conversion so
we didn’t have to deal with any kind of bidding or you know having any type of
specifics we just target the United States and just typed in all these
keywords here as you can see like talking hamster toy talking hamster
Amazon talking hamster Walmart repeating hamster hamster plush toy best talking
hamster toy talk back hamster there’s a lot of you know great keywords that you
can find with the Google Keyword planner so you do want to input those specific
keywords onto the google ads and then you can target those so that they can
trigger ads so there you have it guys that is the
24-hour drop shipping challenge I do hope that you guys enjoy this video I
mean I did have a good time doing this challenge as well I’m looking forward to
doing more if you guys want to you know see more videos like this like more case
studies and more you know ways to find winning products you guys can you know
comment down below let me guys know the feedback on you know exactly how what
you guys think about this video you know what I should do next time in the 24
hour challenge because I love these challenges because you know it gives
something different to the table it challenges myself as well
is basically a good way for you guys to learn through these videos so if you did
enjoy this video guys make sure you smash that like button comment down any
type of questions you guys might have regarding the video and I hope you guys
have a great Thanksgiving great rest of your day I will see you guys on the next
one peace

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