Shopify Dropshipping: 3 Winning Products To Sell And Make $100,000 Today 2019 + Audience Research

hey I’m revealing three products that
you can sell right now to make $100,000 and how you can market them as well
let’s go hey there and welcome to the channel my name is Rikki haze it’s a
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anyway on these three products that you can sell and make $100,000 here top is
product now I just seen this and I found this on sale sauce great product you
know hair items are fantastic all year round so I love items like that it
doesn’t have any specific time of year that’s going to do better than than
others okay and I absolutely love that type of
thing about this product let’s have a look at the actual facebook ad just to
show you and I’m gonna make sure my volume is muted okay
so you can see you know people start getting a bald patch and it solves a
problem they’re very nice item you can see it’s gotten hundreds of comments and
these are the types of items it’s meant to be real hair that solves that and
makes you know it’s clearly aimed at women so that really helps with that as
well it’s a nice creative with very good captions over the top it’s washable it’s
easy easy to use and it’s quite affordable okay so you know a lot of
these things can cost hundreds upon hundreds of dollars this is very
affordable sorry and if we again have a look at the comments we can see who we
can sort of try and target okay so this is how I also determine who I can try
and target from this in terms of the demographics so if we have a look here
all right so let’s see what countries all right Pennsylvania so we know that
they’re marketing it to America and that was a day ago so definitely America we
know that because Facebook has pretty much killed organic traffic so we know
that this is paid ads and we know this is to America we know this is to women
so we know and UK so we know America and UK right now already and if we look here
we’re seeing that it does seem to be older women from the images so
grandmothers it appears okay that are mainly interested in this item so we’re
seeing an older age demographic of female
so what we’re seeing is we’re seeing this looks to be at least 35 and up
women to US and UK alright and that’s how we do it I would even argue this is
probably 45 an hour okay but seriously looks like that’s the case
all right that’s how you determine an easy way to determine their locations as
well as the gender as well as the age now the interests okay how we can do the
types of interests now you can actually have a look at someone’s profile if we
wanted and you can actually see their interests but that takes a long time
generally what I do is I go for what I feel is best fashion magazines vogue
metropolitan I think is another one if I remember that properly I believe that’s
a fashion magazine fashion brands H&M famous women makeup brands makeup stores
fashion TV shows makeup TV shows reality TV shows around famous people and what
is it like The Bachelor or something they’re famous hair brands naturally
here brands shampoo shampoo hair conditioner all of those hair products
okay you know hair brushes and you know whatever the thing is too dry here and
all of that I had about fashion other than from a marketing perspective and if
we have a look here at the actual product store they are selling it for
less than $20 now I I don’t think that this would do well at $20 I would be
especially two older demographics as a general tip older demographics and cost
a lot more market to now anyone that markets to older demographics you can
see a higher CPC so it can cost you more so I’d actually be at least selling this
for $29.99 USD I would even go 39.99 USD people would pay that $29.99 would be
the bare minimum because if we have a look here it cost $10 so you want about
$15 to $20 margin unless they’re getting it very cheap elsewhere
and when I had a look on our Express it was around $10 okay so Facebook is not
cheap enough to really do that for the most part unless this is something that
just really trends up for you but please keep that in mind
you’re gonna see you know I generally say the big five but we can see in this
case US and UK women 35 and up to all placements but desktop there we go just
giving you the entire ad set structure now all you need to do is make the ad
and just use the ad of what they’ve sort of done here is the template idea and
and make your own unique one with a unique thumbnail and you’re good to go
you can see how they’re just using as well they’re just using this looks to be
is this Brooklyn I always forget I’m sorry
Brooklyn or debuts Brooklyn I thought so a basic theme and they’re not getting a
huge amount of traffic but this definitely is a winning product because
it touches on a real pain point that women have and subsequently men have
this problem too but this item is geared towards a female demographic it’s got
good quality images so you can use them for thumbnails – all right so that’s how
I would do this first part this is perfect coming into Christmas people
will be in the buying mood for this because they really want to make their
hair look good so they’re presentable for their Christmas parties I even try
and look presentable alright moving on to product number two is this snuggle
cat pillow now they called it something else but let’s have a quick look at the
actual video again on Facebook so you can see here that they’ve watermark that
this is where I teach my students you know just watermarking it stops people
from stealing it okay or deters people from stealing it someone’s always going
to steal it you can see this is our real sort of a not as much in need item it
sort of is it’s a pillow we all need pillows but it’s very much a very cute
pillow they make someone feel good if you’re able to find more variants of
this in different animals okay being cats dogs rabbits pigs all of that
you’re only gonna do better and better you can see it’s got multiple different
lengths and that determines the price as well you can see that it has quite a
number of comments and again if we have a look here what countries we’re
marketing to Brazil so they’re doing a bit more worldwide in this regard
Alberta America so we’re seeing again strong correlation
that we know it’s women so we’re seeing that it’s two women we know that we know
that they’re marketing it by the looks of it to the big five yep so we’re
seeing countries that definitely to United States we’re seeing United States
trying to see a bit more but it looks like they’re going outside the United
States I don’t know some of these off the top of my head I’m sorry so I think
a number of these might be actually European regions okay so we definitely
know that they’re doing it to the big five so what we’re seeing is we’re
seeing a couple of men that we know that most of its women so we know women we
know it’s to the big five we’ve got a product that sells there I saw it on our
Express I would sell for $39.99 if we go to their product page
they’re selling it for 37 for the base one so see yeah it’s got different
colors and different sizes so depending on the size you can get a pretty high
ticket okay I would be going out of my way to try
and find multiple different variants not just cats like they’re doing snuggle
kitty but I would be also on this as well because if you have a wedding prior
you can add you know different variants and you can see that actually in the
comments already is feedback I think I saw some people like someone loved it
there I think they are some people said you know about having like it’s a little
piggy people love little pig plush pillows and stuff like that as well so I
would actually as a general tip and market it as let’s say like the snuggle
kitty and by the way having the TM really does help with conversions and I
would also have other variants there’s no reason to not just have multiple
colors but actual pig rabbit dog care whatever it doesn’t cost you anything
and you can see how you’ve got some a really good template idea and this item
is perfect for Christmas absolutely perfect for Christmas with a good margin
go back here I was about the base the base okay being the 50 centimeter
was $10 okay about 10 $11 so you’ve got about $30 Marge and that’s really good
margins people will pay that for a pillow and they’ll probably get large
one so it has really good margins in created a note here make sure you’re at
least each size adding an extra $10 so because you’re gonna have larger margins
and obviously you don’t want to sell it all for the same price because people
just get the largest most likely we are going to market it to the big five and
you just got a market people that in this case love cat brands cat products
cats crazy cat lovers famous cats famous people with cats so that works really
well like famous people always works well for me
you know sullen a jolly if she has a cat people actually want to mimic a famous
individual you know it’s like the same as when you go to a concert you idolize
that person you idolize someone that you personally like you want to follow in
their footsteps and so people have cats in that and it’s actually
psychologically proven so you got cat costumes witches now I’m not having a go
but which is whenever I think of a witch I think that they transform into a cat
or back from a cat it’s just so I don’t know that’s just something that come to
mind cat movies lions leopards cheetahs okay
you got plenty of interests okay so market it as that cat pillow but have
multiple variants and and if there if you notice like the pig and that’s doing
well then make an ad around a pig as well I’ve sold a cat am pig felt plush
and I would have been out of scale it had like young dirty scent CPC to United
States with like temps in CTR however the prior was actually crap from
Aliexpress was handmade and it was really crap what the customer gets I’d
I’m not doing it no no way obviously I’m just gonna get a lot of refunds returns
and charge back so I’m not not going there no point um so that’s the second
part I found it on sale source the links are there remember the slides are in the
description below you can get them whenever you like the
last one is a really cool item these are really trending up period so we’ve
probably all seen the moonlight arm one where the
personalized this store is actually a golden treasure trove of personalized
items where they’re clearly crushing it doing this let’s have a look at their
Facebook ad so this is definitely an item that they’ve that you know look at
the likes and that you can see this is trending up this as well clearly as a
tip is a clearly a proven formula for personalized items I see this a lot but
they show the actual real image and then what they see there you know it just
shows people exactly what they’re going to expect and they can change the colors
and stuff like that it is a gorgeous item for Christmas as well as a gorgeous
item for couples I personally even thought about buying it from my partner
I thought that this is just a gorgeous gorgeous item and people will love this
item now that’s for men and women men would actually buy it as a surprise for
women and women would buy a surprise for men for families it has so many
amplifications you know family pictures just couple’s marriage there’s you know
love is infinite as we know and so this is a fantastic item and we can see that
in this regard that it does look to be mainly women again okay
so we’re seeing mainly women we’re seeing by looks of it the up to United
States so women to United States this is very recent we’re seeing comments okay
now if we do they have a bit lever out no I was going to show you the bitly URL
if they had that you can see like look at that day is beautiful see what I mean
by the hacks people actually like these now it’s probably yeah so people
actually go through the comments and they look at it as a general tip you
should do that the this here we go this is you G see that right there
unless there’s audio whatever the audio says is absolutely perfect for creatives
this is a hundred and fifty percent amazing for creatives and you can see
this was six days ago okay this type of UGC is the type of
stuff that not many people do I look at my posts and I see it is like that is
literally gold okay when not just an image in actual video and if it has
I have no idea just spinning around so they’re not even saying the business so
anyone can use this so they’re not saying the specific business this is
gold if you want to creative seriously use that day is amazing and you can see
oh my god look at the picture so beautiful
thank you I’ve just her responding but either way you can see how happy they
are and as this scales more people like that
I absolutely assure you so we know this is two women we know the sistine United
States and if we have a look at the ages we’re gonna see probably a bit of a
different I would expect but we are by the looks of it seeing predominantly
older women a lot of these women look to be at least 25 we’re seeing a couple of
men and of course you’re going to see that so we are seeing some men so
they’re actually marketing it to men so this is actually men and women I tell a
lie I’m sorry but it is predominantly women I would I would actually market
this to men however I do feel that my feeling is that most of it’s going to be
to women anyway but we’re seeing that this is definitely going to be women and
men 25 and up so we know that women 25 and up to United States all placements
but desktop so just ordered mine two of them okay so very recent scaleable now
let’s have a look amazingly at their store so they’re selling it for a 34
I’ve sell it for $39.99 again $80 compared at $17 on Aliexpress profit
margin of $23 to people in relationships marriage couples family Valentine’s Day
Christmas birthdays coming up those and those are demographics romance TV shows
reality TV shows like The Bachelor what is it days in their lives wait romance movies plenty of those out
there famous ones just type in famous romance movies famous romance novels
famous married couples Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie I don’t know why those
the only ones I remember maybe it’s the lips and love blogs so on and so forth
heaps of interests okay love is infinite so but we wanted to sort of morte
an interest and there’s plenty of them out there that’s a great starting point
let’s have a look at their website this website is a hundred percent clearly
that they’re doing just personalized items and they’re clearly doing well
with it I see they’ve got upload photo you can add an engraving for an extra
six dollars okay which is great and a gift box yes okay so they’re they’re
really trying tap I increase it people will do that engraved and with a gift
box and there you go there’s nearly an extra ten dollars there and as that lady
said she bought two so you know you can get fifty to a hundred dollar average
order value pretty comfortably with this you can see they’ve done pretty well
with this as a whole this is on our express just a little bit harder to find
and if we scroll down we can see that they’re doing a lot of them okay you
know we got dad we got mum we got love so love for couples dad obviously
Father’s Day dads I you know dad various things are centered around dad
related interests you know gift shopping for mum
we’ve got whatever that is but you can see what they’re doing they’ve got
clearly a winning formula and they do this intentionally they get the actual
image up in the top right or top left and and they then have the actual image
there and it helps to with relatability and then they got customized jewelry and
this stuff’s on our Express as well okay I’ve sold a bit of this myself they’re
doing personalized stuff it’s a little bit more complex but personalized stuff
is amazing it’s really trending up their capacity to be able to customize a ring
like that is insane and people love it you know it’s it’s completely
personalized to them and so they’re doing really really really well with
this this is a fantastic item we’re in the right time of year as well for it so
be sure to market this as well just fine I’ll express again you got some links
here to help you get started I wanted to give you this as a real gold nugget
because these people are clearly crushing it
and I think they’re actually on shop father yeah they’re not so definitely
definitely use this one as a go-to point and try and find some of these there’s
tons of them out and that concludes today’s video thank you so much for
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