Shipping A Snapback

Shipping A Snapback

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  1. phillyflash43 says:

    Nice tip! I'm wondering, could you ship that hat 1st class in regular bubble or plain polymailer 1st class for less?

  2. LibraJustice says:

    Great tip,Ed. You always go the extra mile. Great job!

  3. Alex Alvarez says:

    Just put that in a poly bag you can ship them first class I ship them in a poly bag first class all the time

  4. MakeMoney2Day says:

    Great Tip

  5. globalvoodoo says:

    This is NOT how you want to ship a hat. Ed you never want to ship a hat via priority mail you are losing money. Put the hat, in a poly bag and box under 13 oz – Under $3 shipped anywhere in the USA. This is from someone that sells over 100 hats a week. Peace!

  6. Ed Evans says:

    Mike,its $3 for me to ship that way bro,now,its 90 cents for tracking and 30-50 cents for the envelopes online.Plus it takes 3-4 days to get to its destination.This way,i spend $5,i get the free envelope,free tracking AND my customer gets the hat in 1-2 days.Ive NEVER had a hat I shipped priority take 3 days to get there,not once.If ur really shipping 400 hats per month,using the usps and shipping individually is not efficient.They have bulk mail discounts on those orders check into it,PEACE!!

  7. Ed Evans says:

    Its $3 for me plus 90 cents for tracking plus 30-50 per bag online,plus it takes longer than priority.This is my thing it works for me,but don't take my word for it,do ur research and figure whats best for u and ur biz.Thanks philly,great to see u my bro!!

  8. Ed Evans says:

    Dam,this is the third time im saying this lol.Its $3 for me to ship,its 90 cents for tracking and 30-50 cents per envelope online.Plus it takes a day or 2 longer.My way,its $5,free tracking,free envelope and it gets there in 2 days.Always do ur research though bro,dont take my word for it,i might be a homeless crackhead just trying to do videos lol.Thanks for watching Alex!!

  9. Ed Evans says:

    Im going to put u on to a money saving way to do all that shipping ur doing.If ur doing 400 items in hats alone,plus ur t shirts,amazon and everything else,ur talking a few thousand items per month.The usps is the wrong way to go.I don't mind helping out veteran guys that been losing money,i feel like im giving back.

  10. Alex Alvarez says:

    It's under 3 total to ship don't mean any disrespect but you telling people the wrong thing the poly bags cost 2 cents a piece I got 1000 off ebay for 20$ also USPS does not charge for tracking on first class packages and it only takes 1 more day

  11. Ed Evans says:

    I know baby,no disrespect.But I have to prove u wrong.I knew this would be an issue so when I went to the post office earlier,I had a convo with the usps lady AND recorded it on my smartphone.I figured if one person tried to prove me wrong,id let it fly,but this is three people trying to get me so all of yall stay tuned for the smartphone post office video from earlier.Yo,i wouldn't get on youtube and recommend something,i didn't already research thoroughly my brother.

  12. raginram48 says:

    One Question on your math, Ed. What venue are you going through to purchase you postage? I understand the approx. $3 to ship first class, but if you are ordering your postage through ebay or USPS, tracking is free. I know I can get boxes that are big enough to fit snapbacks for about ~$0.50 from Wal-Mart (could do better if bought in bulk). That is about $3.50 to shipped in a box. My experience is First class and Priority delivery is about the same (from CO anyway) 90% of the time anyway.

  13. JamesDsNuts says:

    I once bought a hat from an eBay seller that shipped the item in a polymailer. I was extremely pissed. I let him know about it too. Don't crush my damn hat!! Any experienced seller knows you can ship a hat in a box for less than $3 First Class. You send me a hat in a bag I will send it back to you. Don't crush my damn hat!!!

  14. Bobbie loves to thrift says:

    Thanks for the video ! Ed!

  15. raliegh74 says:

    Thanks for the tips on shipping snapbacks. I was wondering how to ship caps baseball caps. I know snapback are hot right now. How are fitted caps selling or your experiencr with fitted's?

  16. Ed Evans says:

    For me,snapbacks sell better than fitteds do.They do sell,but nothing like snapbacks.Thanks for watching.

  17. agrishikian says:

    a box shipment is like 3-4 bucks, you have to buy the box too….thats 2-4$ with tax….

  18. ocalacub29 says:

    Thanks for the tip man….I got a few listed to be shipped in medium boxes that cost about $12 to ship…I get high viewed numbers but no buyers…maybe this would help me sell them easier…thanks again

  19. BigGriffTV says:

    Thanks helped out today!!!,Also started watchin Steve's videos last week he is the man!!!

  20. Hilda Zolezzi says:

    Priority is faster than Poly bags. Time will be the only reason to pay extra 2 dollars in shipping. What SnapBacks sell better? How much?

  21. Jake Smith says:

    A long time ago this guy told me how well snapbacks are selling! Now I'm finding out HE IS RIGHT!

    Thanks Holmes!

  22. knifezoid says:

    good call

  23. Jake Smith says:

    Eddie money, can you tell me why some monster hats are commanding such a high price?

    I am seeing keywords like athlete only?

  24. MadGearHead says:

    does this still work?

  25. MadGearHead says:

    are you using first class package label or priority mail label for this ?

  26. Ross Fledderjohn says:

    thank you very much!

  27. Jo B says:

    damn put that shit in a box smh

  28. Patty C says:

    thanks a lot mate

  29. Louis Uridel says:

    Very insightful … I'm really wanting to save $$$ on shipping snapbacks!

  30. j so says:

    Thank you Sir!

  31. Shop Northwest says:

    won't it get smashed?

  32. Taya's World says:

    nice video thanks

  33. Teresa Van Oosterhout says:

    thanks so much! just started shipping hats and your video is extremely helpful!!

  34. J No says:

    good looking out sir

  35. Colin Brown says:

    I have those forces

  36. Kevin Cornell says:

    Appreciate the turtorial on this. Thanks for the demonstration!

  37. Sean Powell says:

    Thanks for the video man, keep it up!

  38. Ramon Bravo says:

    Thanks man helped me a bunch!

  39. Cip Marc says:

    great video! really enjoyed the boom shaka laka line. I use that line quite frequently.

  40. Cabot Cavin says:


  41. Juana Pineda says:

    Has anyone else done this? i just sold a snap back on ebay and trying to find the best/cheapest way to ship.

  42. Bob says:

    Bro thank you for the info! But chill on them monsters my guy that stuff will kill you! Peace& Respect!

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