Segrest Farms Tour – America’s Largest Aquarium Fish Distributor

Hi, I’m Steve Poland Coming to you from beautiful Tampa, Florida. Now if you don’t know Florida, and specifically
Tampa is really the fish breeding and distributing
capital of the United States. I’m down here for a non-aquarium purpose but
I thought while I”m here I should try and visit Segrest Farms. You may not have heard of Segrest, but odds
are you’ve probably bought fish that have been through this building at some point in
time. Let’s go inside and check it out. Shipments arrive all day long from Segrest’s
own fish farms as well as other farms around the country and around the world. The fish are checked and then moved to one
of many rows of species-specific holding tanks. There are rows and rows of them. The majority of their business is freshwater
but they distribute just about everything you can think of. I saw angels, tons of discus, more goldfish than I could imagine, mollies, guppies, tons of plecos, and even some fish that I wouldn’t expect
to see in your average petstore like ropefish and eels. And of course I spent a lot of time checking
out their african cichlids. Segrest pre-mixes large volumes of the treated
water that they use to ship their fish. Thiat water is then pumped into these small
buckets, and when filling an order, the fish are picked and placed into those buckets which
then ride along a series of conveyor belts to the packing area. They are then checked again and doubled bagged
for shipping. The bags are then boxed up and moved down
the line where they are ultimately loaded onto a semi
truck headed for UPS. They pack 24 hours a day so these trucks fill
up fast. Now you may be wondering how hundreds of thousands
of gallons of water are filtered. I know I was. And like any business that has grown and expanded
over the years they have several different types of filter systems in place. But the main freshwater fish are all kept
in acrylic tanks that overflow and run to these massive sand filters. Each system also has a skimmer, ozone, uv
sterilizer, and a chiller. A big thanks to Sandy Moore and Segrest for
letting me come down and check out their facility. As always, let me know what you think down
in the comments. And if this is your first time here at this
channel then I would love to have you subscribe. Because each week I bring you a new video
sharing my experiences in the aquarium hobby. I give updates on my tanks, review products,
show you DIY projects and share tips and tricks to help you take
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100 Responses

  1. Christopher Edel says:

    It's to cold up in Tampa.

  2. RedLine Aqua says:

    Check out my flowerhorns 🙂

  3. theskyisfallingful says:

    one of the places that charge $40-$60.00 to ship a fish. I have better luck buying from small guys

  4. Kifter says:

    I work there 💪 guys, come visit us, thanks for the video steve.


    Pleco Pleco get your Pleco.

  6. Miku Cactus says:

    so sad

  7. Jean-Baptiste Lully says:

    this is animal abuce

  8. Jean-Baptiste Lully says:

    that's so sad poor fish!

  9. stella bats says:



    nice information sir
    i am also fish breeding and raising
    i received nice information from your video

  11. mathiazhakan n says:


  12. Northern Iggy says:

    a) Nature is cruel.. in the wild most fish don't make it past the first few minutes.
    b) Those fish that don't get eaten right after birth.. a good portion will starve off and die.
    c) The rest live under constant threat of being eaten at any moment in time.

    Breeders are not cruel. Sure there are times things get crowded, but with proper filtration, feeding, the vast, vast, fast majority of bred fish survive till they get to the aquarium enthusiast. No breeder, distributor or fish store owner wants their fish to die.. and stressed fish die, which equals no profit.

  13. Darryl Wolfe says:


  14. Shadman Wahied says:

    do they sell to people in person?? i live about 2 hours away but i'd make the drive!

  15. chabka34 says:

    I work for a pet store that gets fish from these breaders and thay are so full of diseases that we usually can expect to lose almost half of the fish we get in I recommend anyone who has a choice to stay as far from them as possible

  16. hema Kumar says:

    which and where is sale

  17. ITS CGO says:

    I'd u think this is bad don't go to Walmart

  18. akhil Nair says:


  19. Adriana Ponce says:


  20. tolomjagroop john says:

    hi nice farm will like to import fishes to Trinidad port of Spain

  21. Nihal Niranjan says:

    so nise

  22. sir robert downey senior says:

    unkil plz adopt me xD

  23. jayden chow says:

    to many fish in one tank

  24. Dreamcuddle XAngel says:

    somewhere I will never get my fish . that's for sure~!!

  25. vegan unicorn says:

    pour fishes

  26. Due Decimal says:

    poor animals

  27. Barabasi Istvan says:

    talk about space !

  28. Azurda Azurda says:

    Messed up but I would love to go here

  29. Erwin Shu says:

    even small tank with alot of fish but when water keep change n high of oxigen it.s make them happy already..

  30. Mcautics says:


  31. Amy Froud says:

    Poor fish 😣😣

  32. mohd Shadab kkc says:

    fish briding is are no ocsijan

  33. Ask For Quentin L says:

    seriously awesome….

  34. Ask For Quentin L says:


  35. Hai Nguyen says:

    Hi, are they open to public visit?

  36. serma pandiyan says:

    What a fish

  37. Pleco Zone says:

    wow…so nice ~! The video is really good.

  38. abdul mohit khan says:


  39. pepper ppp says:

    crudele e triste

  40. AN creations Designer says:

    great job

  41. Wtf N.z says:

    Can you sub me please ☺

  42. World Nature Bangla says:

    The first pond aquarium fish farming in the world

  43. Addy :/ says:

    Sorry but abuse

  44. victor gameplay says:


  45. Anonymous User says:

    Quantity over quality.

  46. Goutam Koley says:


  47. Goutam Koley says:

    Bajet kota

  48. Chetan Padliya says:

    Aquariums are cruel, stop it.

  49. kyle stivers says:

    Those are some overstocked tanks.

  50. aquarium channel says: plz tell me which breed of flowerhorn is it?

  51. Bronze Rank says:

    The feeder fish in the video must be eager to be put in a mansion tank.

  52. Fuji says:

    Imagine cycling all those tanks

  53. go COXSBAZAR says:

    This is first time Marine Fish Aquarium in Bangladesh!!!


    Wow nice stock!

  55. R.Mohammed Uvaize says:


  56. Elizabeth Mandile says:

    Sad thing is those goldfish have a better home there than at most people's homes.

  57. 이던세렐라 says:

    so informative video. A like from South Korea.
    And thanks for putting in Subtitles. since i'm no native english speaker . subtitles really help me understand what u are saying.

  58. prathyush yo yo P says:


  59. VISHAL Rawat says:


  60. Sam says:

    I used have 200 fishes at home included different cichlids. They breed in my tanks.

  61. Pavan Kumar channel says:


  62. FrankieBflat says:


  63. Андрей Трухачев says:

    Очень круто! В России такого нет. Профессионалы!

  64. Bennystropical swimmig wolf says:

    swimming with the cichlids

  65. king vicky says:

    I love aquireme and fish

  66. HeathrowspotterUK says:

    nice vid bro

  67. craig russell says:

    felt sad for the fish over crowed but i do suppose they are not there for long

  68. TCG Jake says:

    All fish were harmed during the making of this film

  69. Jordan Splain says:


  70. Seema Keram says:


  71. Seema Keram says:

    nikhil. keram🎂

  72. aravind mani says:

    sir ane work jop available sir

  73. Saina Khodabaccus says:

    Zaahir you love

  74. Pedro g. says:

    Who's narrating this video, Eric Garcetti?

  75. Hen info says:

  76. Narendra jatav says:

    vinod g

  77. Arif Abdul says:


  78. EclipZe Muzik says:

    dude you're amazing i love this!

  79. Аквариумное хозяйство Аквамир says:

    ебанутся посатка рыбы и состояние воды протока не вывозит
    надо просто на миллион у азиатов купить и тулить тулить тулить

  80. optimine says:

    What a crappy life for those fish.

  81. GiniLeeRedSquirel says:

    This fish farm is worst that asian version…

  82. Phillip Lee says:

    do you ship fish to Jamaica

  83. عمرووش كلاش says:

    شكد حلو

  84. عمرووش كلاش says:

    ولا محل بلعالم العربي بي هلكد سمك

  85. Clive Souffe says:


  86. ronald josafat says:

    They sell for publics?

  87. Zsa Zsa Umbra says:

    All the pet stores near me get their fish from Segrest and they are all in pretty lousy condition. I get a lot of fish shipped to me and although they can look a bit rough from their travel they never look as bad as the fish that Segrest delivers.

  88. BigRooster says:

    I’m not a liberal tree hugger but I would hate to live that way.

  89. Karla Pabello says:

    poor baby's

  90. 009freestyler says:

    The fishes are shipped in boxes!. Don't they need oxygen ?

  91. Stumack says:

    distributer means they are not there for long right?

  92. ember n' ashes says:

    How amazing! I'm joining

  93. Gebo's Garage says:

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing.

  94. Mitchell Staley says:

    Unfortunately their quality has gone down over the years according to a lot of local fish stores ive talked with. All the stores in central fl that ive talked to go with more local breeders.

  95. Old Turtle says:

    Please do a tour of Petra aqua!

  96. SantaMonicaHelp Assistant says:

    Did you buy some fish?
    – Chuan

  97. От скуки на все руки или жизнь вне города! says:


  98. World Aquarium Singapore says:

    Super nice so many tanks

  99. johnathan twinz says:

    Do you sell feeders?

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