Safavieh Vegas Showroom – Las Vegas Market

Hey everyone it’s Ashley here from Safavieh
and we’re here at Las Vegas Market 2017 debuting our brand new spring collections. Let’s go take a look. So one of the biggest trends in this year’s
market is the use of marble. You can put it anywhere in your household and its
an amazing focal point, because of its strong character and organic feel. You have the white with the beautiful black
veining and the black with the white veining, and what’s better than marble on marble is
mixing it with metal such as gold leaf, silvers. Absolutely beautiful. Like marble another huge trend this market
is the use of gold. Let’s go take a look. So gold is one of my favorite accent colors
to use in any room. Whether its electro-plated gold, gold leaf,
or even a rustic gold. Here’s some great new garden stools with that
marble touch…..Big fan. Our lighting gallery has tons of new pendant
lamps and chandeliers. This one has LED lights inside of it so it lasts for a
really long time. Hope to see you here guys. Don’t forget

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