Royal Princess Cruise Ship and Cabin Tour

Ahoy cruises and welcome aboard her royal majesty the Royal Princess. Let’s start off at Deck 19 where we have the lawn court. Deck 18 is the sports deck here we have the driving range, the center court and the jogging track. There’s even outdoor gym equipment. There’s ample room to catch some rays. You keep fit on board with your fully equipped gym which also has an additional studio. For kids aged 3 to 12 we have the fully equipped brand-new Discovery kids clubs. For the teams on board we have the teen lounge. Let’s head back outside to the main pool area. Here you’ll find the incredibly unique fountain pool. As well as four hot tubs and ‘Movies Under the Stars’. If you’re brave enough you can take the challenge of the sea walk. It is 60 feet long and 128 feet above the water. With glass floors. There’s plenty of places around the main pool area to sit down and enjoy dining alfresco. Forward of the main pool area we have the adult only retreat pool and bar. Here you can hire out a cabana for an extra charge. Down to Deck 16 you can find the Horizon Court and the Horizon Bistro. Which is the onboard buffet and pastry shop. We absolutely loved the addition of the pastry shop. It’s a little boutique shop with loads of sweet treats. Don’t forget those cookies. Now on Dec 14 let’s take a look at some of those cabins. Starting with the aft corner suite. Next, we have the spacious accessible suite. Here we have a standard inside cabin. For a bit more room our favorite the mini suite balcony cabin. It”s so roomy and beautifully decorated. Just as beautiful but slightly smaller we have a standard balcony cabin. On Deck 6 & 7 we have the Princess Theater. Here you can check out Broadway style productions, comedians and shows that are unique to Royal Princess. Just behind we have the art gallery and the Princess shops which overlook the casino. Next up the “pièce de résistance” or resistance depending on where you’re from. The beautiful three level piazza. It is absolutely stunning. On the top level you’ll find my favourite spot on a Princess ship. The Crooners martini bar. Further along on deck 7 we have Princess Live which is the onboard TV studio. Towards the aft of the ship we have the Wheelhouse Bar and the very popular speciality restaurants. The Crown Grill. Just next door there’s a small but well-equipped library. At the very after the ship we have the Vista Lounge. Where you can relax during the daytime… and enjoy live music, entertainment, game shows and comedians on an evening. Now, let’s take a look at one of the main dining rooms. They’re all very similar. This one is the Concerto dining room. Back at the atrium on deck 6 we have the photo and video gallery. Here on deck 6, you can find the champagne bar Bellinis. Just next door you can find the complimentary Alfredo’s pizzeria. For tasty yummy pizzas that are some of our favourite pizzas at sea. Deck 6 forward we have Club 6 which is the onboard nightclub. But it’s the perfect place to relax during the day. Right next door you are transported to Las Vegas With one of the most beautiful and impressive casinos we’ve seen on a cruise ship. Now back to the Piazza on Deck 5. You can find plenty of places to sit and eat. Including one our favourites the complimentary International Cafe. You can also grab a glass of your favorite wine at the Vines wine bar. If you fancying something sweet, for an extra charge, grab ice cream at the gelato bar. Grab a drink at the Piazza bar. Finally we have Sabatini’s which is the Italian speciality restaurant onboard. And one of our firm favourites. So, what did we think of the Royal Princess. Well having been on this class of ship before with P&O. We have to say this was just in another league. The Royal Princess was absolutely spectacular in just about every way. From the food, to the outdoor areas and the bright and well laid out accommodation. We can’t wait to be back on board the Royal Princess again. Make sure you press that subscribe button right now so you don’t miss out on future cruise videos… tours, advice videos in lots more. Until next time… Happy Cruising. Oooh.. she’s absolutely stunning. …Drink…

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31 Responses

  1. Visit With Us says:

    Stunning quality video guys! 👍

  2. Jo Pfetsch says:

    Hi guys…thanks for the video. I just wonder where you two normally sail from. Where do you live? If you don't mind. We have a cruise coming up, but we live in Buffalo, NY, so that means flying to a port for us.

  3. Ebba Lytle says:

    I think Princess ships look very "posh" without being pretentious. Thank you for this lovely tour.

  4. Emma Cruises says:

    I adore this video and this ship! I had so much fun on her 🎉🎉🎉

  5. Micheal Calone says:

    Beautiful Ship.. btw you should digitally fix the fish eye view, the fish eye view parts of this videos looks horrible

  6. Gavin & Luke - Holidays at Sea says:

    Fab video! Top notch as always! Apologies for getting in the way! Nice to spot ourselves though – could turn it on to a drinking game of drink when you spot a blogger 😊

  7. mrsnetrix says:

    Great video guys tfs. I’m still scrolling looking for a cruise that catches my eye, this ship does look gorgeous, did you find it an awful lot bigger than the sapphire? I know it was def more luxurious looking being new and everything thx

  8. MrRamyon74 says:

    Thanks guys will be on this ship In May, can't wait!!…..we get off of Ovation of the Seas a few nights before, so it will be an interesting contrast…looking forward to experiencing Princess.

  9. knightaudit says:

    Thanks for posting guys. We are planning to travel on the sister ship of this, the Sky Princess, in 2020

  10. Paul and Carole Love to Travel says:

    Excellent video, she certainly is a beauty!

  11. Chris11256 says:

    What did you think of Royal Princess in comparison to Britannia? We've been on Britannia twice, but have yet to sail with princess.

  12. David Lefort says:

    Love the video but the fish eye effect makes me feel like I've been secretly drugged and my perception is all warped. It's worse when paired with a vertical pan of the camera. Hope that helps and keep the videos coming! Love your stuff!

  13. Tin Box Traveller says:

    Such a great ship tour! I want to hop onboard again now!!

  14. Mr H says:

    Looked to be a great video, but I had to stop watching it due to the fish eye lense.

  15. Irishdrivingbloopers says:

    Cheers for the informative video guys. Ive seen this ship a few times recently docked at Cobh Ireland and Im definitely considering booking a cruise on it, maybe next year. This is a brilliant way to check it out beforehand.

  16. We Live For Vacations says:

    Thanks for sharing, but I have to agree with others here. The fish-eye lens was nauseating. I couldn't make it through the video. Please stop using it!

  17. leemah beemah says:

    Just paid my cruise off for Nov 2018 and asked when will be receiving the Medallion and he said we aren’t!!! The medallion isn’t working well on the ships.

  18. Robin Cavicante says:

    Could use some bedroom suite upgrade's though to satisfy the passenger's taste to come back again and again, wall's are needed instead of curtain's because privacy is a must for certain people

  19. Diane Romanov says:

    Great video! Thank you for sharing 😊

  20. Sinead Cusack says:

    Just got the majectic princess we loved every minute of it the staff were helpful and friendly cobin steward great great as well

  21. Elisabeth Lepage élève says:

    I really like the boat cruise royal princess because it’s not long since I went to have an extraordinary trip would be beautiful 😂

  22. G.D. Romanov says:

    Best tour! Thanks guys!

  23. Living One Day at a Time says:

    Perfect for my age group, will take Princess to Alaska because I am going to see the scenery. However, taking my dtr with me, I probably can get by on Princess to Alaska, but any other destination, will have to choose Bliss or Oasis.

  24. Judy Wood says:

    Are there areas you can smoke on the Royal princess? If so where. Thanks all

  25. Asian sitting Duck - says:

    Maybe invest in a different camera, the footage is hard on the eyes. IMO

  26. Mark T says:

    I'm totally dizzy/queasy from that lens distortion , but good video regardless!

  27. Mirabelle says:

    sometimes the walls are kinda curvy and it makes me feel dizzy-but if you change that this video is great.

  28. ellen robertson says:

    Whats up with the fisheye view….? Stop it!👎

  29. Mickey PH! says:

    On Princes ships the kid areas are kinda a waste of space it’s rare that any parents leave the kids there , you might see a couple of kids. Or most of the time it’s closed.

  30. j parks says:

    your stupid lens effect make this unwatchable. why do people insist on fucking up something simple. idiots

  31. Ramond Ferreal says:

    Royal Princess has to be the smoothest ship I ever cruised on. No joke, the first night I got out of bed a few times to see if we were actually moving.

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