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I’m about to show you a $200,000 winning products what’s poppin people it’s your boy the Beast of ECOM back with another video dropping nothing but you already know value bombs if this is the first time ever watching one of our videos then hello if it isn’t it’s nice to see you again but if you get some value from this video please please do of course like comment and smash that subscribe button and be sure to hit the notification bar as well see stay up to date with all of my latest content so you do not miss out on any of my upcoming videos I am working super hard behind the scenes on my upcoming course so if you want to be one of the first to get notified when it’s released before everyone else then make sure you jump on the list there will be a link down below click on it and get on the exclusive wait list but putting that aside for a second I wanted to drop a video and show you and basically reveal another six-figure winning product and not just show you the numbers but actually revealed the products on Aliexpress that was being sold and of course then break down how I was able to increase my average order value and then of course talk a little bit about how you can get this set up and of course some targeting for the product itself I’m doing a giveaway on this video as well the best comment will win $20 are doing pretty much on every single video so all you gotta do is drop a comment down below the best comment will win $20 or literally just send you it via PayPal use it via ads that use it for testing use it for you know whatever you want the money is yours now of course this video will be full of valuable action-packed content that you can go away and implement into your stores ASAP so make sure you watch all of the video state the end most importantly implement what you learn so let’s quickly talk in go straight into the computer and start learning right onwards to some value let’s crack straight on with this one so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna show you some numbers that a product actually generated then I’m gonna talk about how you can increase your average order value how we actually done that then I’m gonna actually reveal the product as well that we were selling now I want to talk about how you can actually increase your average all about in practice actually showing you it on on a website and in practice now I’m gonna actually talk about some targeting as well for the products so tons of value in this one of course and I think with value bombs so make sure you stay to the end and most importantly implementing the information that you learn so as you can see here here are the numbers close to two hundred thousand dollars generated and let me just hit refresh really quickly just so you can see the numbers are still hundred percent real and still there okay so again two hundred thousand dollars one hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars to be precise but most importantly what you can see here is if you scroll down people if they purchase more they get more of a discount and this is something that I’ve mentioned before it’s called using the variance to essentially operate discount for people purchasing more than one products and it’s a fantastic incentive to do I love to use it and it works fantastic because if you look down here you can see you know close to 18 thousand dollars that were generated for people purchasing two products okay and if you scroll down obviously the more that people purchase you know by three save more by four they get extra discount and stuff like that so you know it works great and increasing your average order value is something which is super super important you know because the more the higher your average order value the more your the more essentially you get to spend to acquire a customer you can spend money on Facebook Ads because you know your average order value is going to cover those costs so it’s a fantastic strategy that I like to personally use okay and you know if you didn’t have the discounts a binding discounts on there and just had the quantity it’s not likely people are just gonna purchase for because the price will just be too high there’s no incentive there but now that you’ve seen the actual numbers let’s reveal the product and and yet show you the products in question that we generated these sorts of numbers right so here is the product in question let me scroll up the ladder it’s a LED light bulb and it’s not just any LED light bulb it’s a flame it replicates a flame effect so it supercool I think there’s a gif here as well as you can see it’s just a product that we were selling last year it pretty much went viral it was something that I saw already being sold okay how great engagement so I just had to test it out and if you look here you can see there’s a what it does is it mimics a having a a live flame indoors it looks super cool I thought it was wicked probably would purchase one myself if we scroll down here as well they have got a video I will play it really quickly I already muted it so hopefully no sound comes out your headphones if it does please forgive me so as you can see it mimics a flame having a flame inside of a light bulb it’s got three different modes pretty cool pretty cool quirky unique products okay and obviously you’ve got marketing materials there you can see how it looks it’s a fantastic products and like I said I probably would have purchased for myself now I was just selling into a 27:1 at the time why because the e27 is the most popular you can just do a google search for this which is what I’ve done the e27 is the most popular one used in the US and in in Europe as well so having that and using the average order value trick that I’m going to show you it worked fantastically so how can you actually increase your average order value using the variance well let me show you exactly how to do it now let’s say for example you have a product okay and this is the product that you sell in and you want to implement this little strategy well if we want to do is want to scroll down to variance and you can see here what I’ve done is I’ve added some in I always like to call the name of the of the variance discount so people instantly know that they’re getting a discount they have to select a discount to continue to purchase the product so first so right away the customer knows that they get in a discount which works great and what you can do obviously is then list the variance and more that they buy the better discount that they get now you can go on for you know as long as you want by four by five by six and so on so on and so on and just keep increased in the discount I’ve gone up to three here and as you can see what you would do of course as well is change of prices so you’d have to work out your margins on you know what you can afford to sell it for what think what improve what discount sorry you can afford to put on there and obviously you compare price as well match that all up so it’s all in sync and looks fantastically but if we just click save on that just to show you what it is like so as you can see there are our variants and here’s what you would do scroll down variants and now if we have a look at the product you can see here instantly what it looks like okay so the person lands on the product page and can see that they have to select a discount to purchase by one they say 50% by two they get 50% off plus an extra $10 you can set this to whatever you want like I’ve mentioned so it’s a great way to increase your average order value now your quantity selector will be there okay if you’ve just got a standard theme you can hard quantity selectors in premium themes I personally what I done was just hired a developer to hide that for me okay so I can start I can literally you know select in my product page whether if I want a product whatever I want a quantity selector or not developers are super easy to hire on places like book work or Fiverr they don’t cost an arm and a leg to hire and they can knock this out in a matter of hours okay so I always like to if I’m using this strategy for a product I do like to hide the quantity selector because it can become a little bit confusing for the customer and sometimes yourself if you’re a you know a person to purchase to or purchase three and the quantity still say one so you know just hire a developer and get them to hide that you know it’s not hard it’s really easy to do so a fantastic strategy to use so let’s talk about some targeting for an actual lightbulb okay because the product itself is not something that you know it’s not a problem-solving product it falls on the opposite side where is cool quirky and has that viral effect because it’s something that looks unusual and looks very cool now don’t overcomplicate things okay you know for selling a product like this or testing a product like this so if we have a look like like here I’ve already put in one but I will just put in something like LED and light I mean I think that is the full name for one of them as you can see thirty-six million here what other suggestions have we got so we’ve got LED lamp led does not and not you wouldn’t want to use LED display because that’s TVs lighting you know lighting designer so if we click lights in a minute click off there and we can see LED night light again is another one because of course people can use this as a nightlight people have bed bedside tables with lumps in it bedside tables with lamps on it sorry so they can use this light as that for a cool effect lighting designer interior design lamp we keep scrolling down into set light bulb which is the old version of lights you click on that as well if we hit suggestions again night live boob boob is another one yes so you know there’s no real need to overcomplicate it and you could literally just put you know separate these all into ad sets the case or one that is just nightlife you know and then duplicate and put one that is you know LED lamp and stuff like that and just test which different ones give you the best reactions and of course you know scale those up that are working for you and cut the ones that are you know not bringing you any sales whatsoever so I hope you’ve got some value from this video if you did and if you enjoyed it make sure you like comment and of course smash that subscribe button I remember don’t forget to hit that notification about as well see stay up today and get notified for when I drop my latest video now if you did enjoy this video you’re gonna absolutely love my upcoming course a case full of stuff like this so click the link and jump down on an exclusive waitlist as soon as possible remember if you do want to win $20 then all you got to do is drop a comment down below best comment will win $20 that will send it you via PayPal I’ve got a free Facebook mastermind group I’m in there the marketers Rina we’re talking about nothing but ecommerce Facebook as Shopify drop shipping and all of that good stuff helping each other grow where over 3,000 members now so make sure you get in there and join the team hit me up on instagram drop me a like drop me a DM dropped me a follow and we can try and connect on there now that is it for this video I’ll be back with another one jump innocent but you already know value bombs so take care and I’ll see you later

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