Retired Ship’s Captain Explains Cruise Ship Crash In Cozumel

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5 Responses

  1. mytexas days says:

    I'd find another mode of transportation rather than get back on. Keep us updated how it goes from here. Did they make it to New Orleans?

  2. rms492 says:

    These are not BOATS, these are SHIPS!

  3. GOD'S SERVENT says:

    Ship of Fools

  4. Michael Todd Murray says:

    Ship uses gps to navigate, magnetic field off a few degree, (Revelation: 6:14 Magnetic ribbon rolled back and every mountain and island was moved from its place). so the computer showed enough clearance because the gps was off a few feet the ship's struck. Been happening to navy ships too if you guys been watching. I would rule this an accident due to faulty or non-updated hardware software. We can obviously see it was not high winds "Captain Explanation"!:)-Michael

  5. Neil Louise says:

    A $100 Bucks? Missing a few zeros.

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