Pricing & retailing airline distribution through NDC Exchange at ATPCO.

Look to your left. Now look to your right. Most likely, the people next to you are not
exactly the same as you. We represent different businesses, different
markets, different titles. And we each have unique needs. Airline distribution is no different. ATPCO was built as an industry platform to
return value to every single organization. Through NDC Exchange, we make it easier for
you to be connected in the airline ecosystem. We know you care about your airline offers
getting exactly where you want them to go. And we know you care about depth and breadth. It’s why we have the most trusted and comprehensive
pricing and retailing content in the industry. Whatever the need, pricing or retailing, our
portfolio was built to serve you so that you can use the best-in-class content, tools,
and services for distribution using standards you can trust. Create content once and publish anywhere with
our interoperability across NDC and all other channels. Connect with your partners and manage your
strategies to reach your goals faster. Rely on our services to create reliable content. Our neutral standards are the bedrock for
the industry to reduce costs and drive innovation. Distribute your data wherever it needs to
go without having to work individually with every partner. We may be different, but we are stronger together.

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