Pak Retailers – Interview Episode 01 – Mr. Abrar Ul Haq – Quik Check Departmental Store

My name is Abrar ul Haq and I have done Masters And from last 20 years, My brother and I are in retail business and We are running our business with the name of Quik Check departmental store in garden Town. The answer of this question can be YES and NO Our trade margin is quite clear in certain things and in certain cases we are not sure about our margin from the distributor’s side. Certainly yes. They have varied categories. In the case of bulk buying, the percentage of their margins is contrasting about which we are unclear in several scenarios. On a daily basis, almost 40-50 distributors visit us out which 25-30 come for delivery purposes and the remaining come for booking purposes for the next delivery. So, you can say almost 50-60 people visit us daily. There are two things in this case.. First, we contact them to get information and second, to complain about the service. If we face any issue like delivery or customer complaints or other pertinent issues, In all cases, we call our order taker first and if he fails to resolve the issue, we call the distributor. If the distributor fails, the last resort is the company so we have to contact them. Mostly, the issue is resolved by the company but usually Distributor don’t do anything about it. Sometimes, we get to know from media and above all, the order taker informs us about the new upcoming products. Other than this, the customer demands the new product through which we get to know about it. Distributors and companies do not have any updated system like SMS service or App through which they can tell us about the new products so it all depends on the Distributor or the Company which makes them follow There are two to three multinational companies who print information about their upcoming products on their bills and in this way, we get to know about the product otherwise in 99% cases, we are unaware of the launch of new products. Yes.. The more you enhance the outlook of your store, the more impact it creates. People are attracted by visibility and beauty and it is a leading trend. Yes.. It is not a trend now because only a few companies are doing such conventions. If they do so, we definitely go because we get more information about the product being introduced, we get to meet people from our industry like distributors and people from the company as well. Yes, they do come but not as they are supposed to visit. They visit under circumstances when they know that a high-level visit is coming. They come to the market and introduce themselves and their products. Normally we are stuck between order taking and order delivery which is a great issue that we face. This is our very major issue. Yes.. If they are well-organized then why not. Yes, I have a debit/credit card machine and been using them for the last 20 years. I do not have much clarity about QR payment but few customers, maybe 1 or 2 in a week asks about it and a few companies have approached us since they want to display their QR code but my knowledge is very limited in this regard. Moreover, I feel it will be like machines on the counter everywhere so there must be a mechanism covering all the QR machines under one umbrella where all companies can have their QR code. Yes… Honestly, If you are asking me, I am not interested because I do not need it at the moment but there are many retailers out there and it also depends on the terms and conditions of the loan. The ease and feasibility to get the loan and payback mechanism will be the major determinant in this regard. Yes, why not. The reason for this publicity is that it will enhance my business. So, if I will get this kind of facility I will definitely do it. Since its launch, I have a smartphone and I have been using it for a long time now. Yes, I use them daily like Whatsapp, Google, Careem and there are other apps as well. A number of companies come to us on alternate days and they ask us to download their App because it will offer us solutions and information about the product. Keeping in view the number of companies, how many apps am I supposed to download? Therefore, it is better to have one App providing information about every company and its product where all solutions must be offered under one umbrella. Retailers face a number of issues. The first issue is that of supplies because they take orders but the products are not delivered on time. If the delivery is on time, the order is not complete. The retailer expects that the order that has been taken will be delivered the very next day but they are not delivered and those products are out of stock which they do not inform us about at the time of booking. So, we have to wait for a week because they come for booking once a week. The next issue is of Expiry of the products. If the product has expired, replaced, returned by the customer or any issue related to its quality, returning that product to the company is the main issue. The company works according to its margins or percentages. The replacement policy largely depends on the amount written on the bill like its 1% at times. That’s about it for now. Now to conclude, This is now a difficult question. The solution to the issues that I have shared with you is that all the companies including MNCs must devise a solution to these issues. Every person pop-ins with his app to offer us solutions but there should be one app offering all the solutions. through which we can get to learn more about our trade margins, stock level, out of stock products, high demand and low demand products, and price variations. I personally feel there must be one app resolving all the issues.

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