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Hi. I’m Joel Bassam,
director of marketing for Easterns Automotive Group. And today, I want
to talk about how we use digital retailing to
help our customers shorten their time in the store. Buying a car is a
little different than when you buy
everything else, especially if you’re financing,
because you might not necessarily be 100% certain what
that final monthly payment will be. Digital retailing
is something that we use to help solve
that problem for you. You can put in your credit
score, your ideal term, your ideal down payment, your
trade, all that information, so you can get an
accurate estimate of what that monthly
payment will be when you come into our store. Once you get a real
time and accurate estimate of what your
monthly payment will be, you can take it a step
further by filling out a finance form on
our own website and actually
pre-qualifying from home. The number one pain point
for people buying a car is still visiting
the dealership. And so all these
products are meant to shorten your time in the
dealership and get you the car that you’re already looking
for as fast as possible. Thanks for checking out this
video about digital retailing and learning about
how we’re trying to empower you the
consumer and shorten your time in the dealership. You can see more
videos just like this by going to our YouTube
channel or checking it out on our website.

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