Order and Chaos Online: Heal Talents Summary Czech commentary&Eng subs

Hello everybody Extream here. Greetings. Today I am bringing u tutorial about healing talents. I got 3 talent builds prepared for you today. First talent build is focused on PvE. Second one is Hybrid model. That means it is oriented for PvE and PvP, so u don’t have to retalent which is good. Then i got also PvP talent build. PvP is my favourite part of game and so is my commentary 😛 This tutorial is in Czech language. Because mainly it was made for people from our guild and because some people from guild asked me how to setup their talent trees and were not completely sure about it. Also in english there are plenty of tutorials on tube I guess 🙂 So I rather did this guide in czech for people, who can’t afford to translate foreign tutorials. So it’s mainly for them. About builds. Today i will show 3 different builds. How to setup them and I will comment on every talent in tree. I won’t comment twice the same talents, because I think it isn’t necessary to comment same thing two times. So only once is enough thought. About what I think about it and what’s the particular talent good for. So this is it. Now I just wish you to learn something new from this stuff and there is tutorial. First and basic healing talent is DIVINE. This talent is basic and guarantee 40% better healing spells plus better Spell Power better mana regeneration plus adds one specific spell DIVINE BREATH which can restore 50% of our mana in 5 seconds. REVELATION talent. Here is best to spend all 5 points, because if u spend all 5 on this talent u got decreased casting time for RAPID HEAL and DIVINE LIGHT for 0.5 second wich is pretty good. RESSURECT talent. No question about it. Basic spell for revive our allies in case of wipes. It must be in PvE build. REMODELING talent boost our restore spell. If we spend all 5 points, then we got boosted RESOTRE for 25%. DEVOTIONAL GRACE boosts RESSURECT spell. In this build are invested all 5 points. That means 100% HP after revive and casting time reduced by 4 seconds. This is good during boss fight when ally dies and healer trying to revive him. It’s much more easier. RING OF HEALING is a must in PvE. It’s AoE spell with 20m reach. It allows to heal all teammates in once. So absolutely necessary for PvE. COMPASSION is very good. If our RAPID heal crit then our next RAPID will heal +1 target. So if crit we will heal our target plus one more as bonus. Very usefull in 2v2 where is often used. But also usefull in PvE as well. For example in FML. GIFT OF LIFE is anti-wipe talent. In case target’s health is under 25% it triggers effect which instantly heal 30% of our max HP. When we spend all 3/3 points this effect switch on every 2 minutes. BENEFICIENT VIRTUE is boost for RING OF HEALING. And becaue RING OF HEALING is very much used in PvE, there are spent all 3 points. Only than we can be 100% sure of 25% ROH boost. But only if we got RESTORE on target! SUFFERING boosts our DIVINE LIGHT in cases when our target is under 25% HP. It’s lifesaver talent. Usefull in PvE and PvP. But its utility drops with better gear. Next talent spell is DIVINE LIGHT Very recomended for every healer. In one cast is able to give the biggest heal. As bonus it improves crit by 50%. So very remomended talent spell. DEVOUT MIND is improving talent for DIVINE LIGHT. And if we as healers go for RAPID DIVINE RAPID spam, it guarantee our DIVINEs will be 50% faster and RAPIDs 30% cheaper in term of mana. Which is really good. Saves mana, increase effectivity. So excelent talent. Last spell in PvE build is PRAY. This is flagship spell of all healers. And it’s pretty much basic for every good healer’s arsenal. If it’s active, then it’s emergency brake. It reduce dmg in 10m by 40%. Also heals our teammates every 2 seconds. Emergency break. Excelent spell. Number one for all healers. First talent which is not included in previous build is FIRE OF FAITH talent spell. This talent serves specificaly for better DPS. In arena is usefull it’s burning condition effect. Very good vs Assassin. He can’t go Sneak under burnig effect. Talent INTERDICT OF MIND. Nowaday I haven’t seen any build with this talent. It’s focused on Sleep Condition resist. It’s theoreticaly good for PvP, but these points can be spentd much more better because of just 15% reduction in case of 3/3. RESSURECT we discused in previous build. DEVOTIONAL GRACE completely missed in this particular build. Author of this build claims, that good healer should keep alive every single player. And if one player falls, then it’s usually wipe. And RESSURECT is not so much helpful. So he is claiming to spend talent points elsewhere. Thats why there are no points in this talent here. Same goes for talent VITALITY STREAM. It serves to boost our team. It restores mana, vigor and morale of our team. Author’s opinion is, that if we got good geared team, the purpose of this talent signifcantly drops. MARTIAL PROWESS is oriented on dmg boost. It boost FIRE OF FAITH and ARROW OF FAITH. And thats why, there is spent 1 point for better dps. BENEFICENT VIRTUE we discussed in previous build. There is a little difference in only two spent points here. Because cooldown of RING OF HEALING with two points spent is just enough with CD reduction by 66% 100% reduction of CD is just overkill. Only disadvantage here is that BENEFICENT VIRTUE effect triggers only in 66% of cases, but it’s still good compromise. GIFT OF LIFE is lifesaver. Anti-wipe talent. We discussed it before already. Despite of greatnes of SUFFERING. In this build is absolutely missing. Author says that thist talent is useful only with groups with weaker gear. If group is strong, than points can be used elsewhere more effectively. First talent in MARTIAL tree is FAST MOVEMENT talent. This talent is BASIC for PvP, because it helps you to move better across arena. And you can better kite the oponnents. Also it provides resistence against slowing conditions. This talent is fundamental, thats why all 3 points spent here. INNER FORCE is boost of our armor. Very good for arenas. Every armor in PvP counts so it’s really way to go. SPIRIT GUIDE is here mainly because we wanna get PHOENIX STORM or MARTIAL MASTER later. Definitely best variant to choose from. This talent adds next RESTORE to our target but only in 5% of cases. But still better than nothing. So thats the reason why 1 point spent here. Talent spell DRAGON TAIl KICK is must in arenas. Briliant versus casters, when they cast spell. If used properly it interupts cast plus we silence our target for 3 seconds. Very good versus healers but also other casters. Very usefull talent for PvP, but utilizable in PvE as well. And finally we got two last talents to choose from. PHOENIX STORM is first of them. Very good attacking and defensive spell in arenas. It helps to escape before DPS when we chase around pillars. Or when we attack some player and we wanna finish him, this spell is awesome because it causes stun for 2 seconds in area of 5 meters. So fabulous PvP talent. Very recomended for more skilled players. For beginners is maybe better MARTIAL MASTER. This talent increases critical chance by 5% for all teammates. For beginner healers i would reccomend this talent more. By some people it is considered as second best talent after PRAYER. So in the end it’s up to every healer, which talent he or she will choose. In case of RING OF HEALING in PvP. Me personally I use it only sometimes. Most likely in situations when I am behind pillar and need to heal my mate, even if have no direct connection with him/her. More often is used in 4s. My healing is focused mainly on RAPID/DIVINE spells. Because in arenas it’s mainly about burst damage into one or two targets. So RAPID/DIVINE helps much much more than ROH.

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