Oakleigh Pasture Pork – Hams for Home Delivery

G’day folks, Ben from
the Free Range Butcher, I’m with my mate, Jack Hewitt here from Oakleigh Pasture Pork. How you going, Jack? I’m great Ben. The flies bad here folks,
don’t worry about that, but if you would like one of
Jack’s pasture fed pork hams, cured and cooked by our skilled butchers on the Central Coast of
Sydney and delivered direct to your home you need to jump
on freerangebutcher.com.au and order for home delivery
in the week before Christmas, 21st is the delivery date. Jump on freerangebutcher.com.au, support Jack and your local producers, get direct off farm, processed
by us, direct to your home. Thank you. See you Jack. Bye.

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