NEW & More EFFECTIVE Way to 1 Product Dropshipping — Higher Converting Strategy!

So, selling a single product online is
all the craze of the moment in truck shipping and ecommerce but you don’t
want to be doing what everyone else is doing right well in this video I’m going
to be showing you another one a product dropshipping method that is completely
different yet will double your sales and on top of that I will show you websites
that do this very very well before we get into it make sure that you’ve
subscribed to the channel and turned on post notifications if you haven’t
already so that way you’re not missing out on a single video and really
valuable content just like this video today and by the way here’s a quick
question for you all what platform are you using to dropship on wordpress woo
commerce or Shopify it’s obviously extremely important which platform
you’re using to the success of your store but anyway let’s get stuck
straight into it and get onto my laptop right here so as I promised one product
drop shipping now let’s start with the first and foremost step and let me
highlight this and get straight into it when to use the one product approach
like I said it is extremely valuable at the moment everyone’s everyone’s hopping
on the bandwagon but there is a time for this approach now the first note is if
you’re new to drop shipping this is a great approach because you’re completely
you’re completely new you have not picked a niche yet you don’t know which
product to start selling so you can have you can put a lot of risk into the
product so if you’re new to drop shipping a one product approach may be a
good approach I know when I first saw a drop shipping I actually went for the
one product that in 2016 2017 now researching and testing period
because the one product approach is very simple you simply need one page
basically and it’s very easy to research and start testing quite quickly and see
if that single product will work or not now another reason to use a one-point
approach is on the flip side if you’re extremely confident in a product if you
know it’s going to work if you know it is selling already then you may want to
put all you eggs in one basket and really push that
product but ultimately like I always say and I’ve said in previous videos the aim
is to diversify in the future it is to do it is to diversify your product range
rather than selling a single product because it may lose steam in the future
so now that you’ve got an understanding of when to use the one product approach
let’s move forward to what exactly is this method and how we’re going to use
this new one product approach method that not many people were talking about
so when people talk about the one product approach most people are talking
about Shopify sending out that single page setting up a shop by theme that
only pushes a single product and now that is great and dandy and it does work
for some here’s a method that has worked for me personally and actually many more
people but it hasn’t been spoken too often so what is this method this method
has everything to do with clickfunnels now if you don’t know what clickfunnels
is it is an extremely powerful funnel tool and a lot of people use it for
digital products but you can also use it for physical products now how does it
work first and foremost if you don’t have
clickfunnels go ahead and use my link here that i’ve you that i have down in
the description below because it will give you a free extended 30-day trial
using the link specifically below now if you sign up you can start playing around
with the tools and understanding how click funnels works but I’ll go through
what exactly it is and how it’s going to merge up with the one product approach
now what we’re going to do here differently and I’m going to show you
examples of certain click funnel pages that works with the one product approach
but what we’re going to do here what we’re going to focus on is two
techniques called the 2-step order forms and OTO Zoar otherwise known as one-time
offers very very important because this makes all the world of difference and
this is what separates click funnels with Shopify when it comes to selling a
single product online now now that you’ve got these two strategies and I’ll
go into detail about what it is let’s talk about that
product click funnel strategy so you’re probably thinking okay now I’ve got the
strategies what exactly is it I’ll show you exactly so you have that one single
landing page like you’ve seen everywhere this is the one product approach right
you’re gonna have a fancy page it can it can be fancy it can be very standardized
but what you will need is an immediate form
unlike Shopify you don’t want them checking out and making additional steps
on different pages you want everything to be done on a single single page and
this is the power to click funnel strategy you’re gonna have strong CTAs
very strong features and it’s going to be a very simple page all on one single
page so it’s all about the landing page and it’s all about the product so that
is a learning patient itself and like I said bear with me because I will show
you some examples of what exactly I’m talking about but I wanted to run you
through the strategy first so 2-step order form what exactly is
that it’s essentially think about the checkout process on Shopify or even
WooCommerce but push that on to one single page so people have a very
convenient form where they’re able to make that purchase on that single page
now that is one part of it what’s the other part the other part is OTAs which
is one-time offers it’s going to provide the customer with a chance to upsell or
provides you with an opportunity to upsell or cross-sell the customer within
that form which is called a one-time offer or OTO which is an extremely
powerful conversion booster now I’m gonna get straight into the examples
here so you know exactly what I’m talking about like like I said this is
all click funnel so if you haven’t already clicked that link down below
because it’ll give you an extended for 30-day trial like I said right here
rather than a simple 14-day free trial and I won’t get into the details of how
to build out this funnel it is quite simple there are templates in the back
end of click funnel but if you’re interested in that video as well let me
know down in the links below so in the comments below so I’ll get straight into
the samples now in the first example and I
know these guys make a killing I believe they make six figures a month selling
certain products such like such as these and this is a good example of both the
OTO s the one-time offers and also that dual page form or that – that 2-step
form so you’ve got the product here it’s very very simple this page or this
product is extremely simple you may want to flesh it out a little
bit more and have a couple videos of the product if you already have the product
and you can always still source all these products by the way through
Aliexpress and you can create your own videos you can pull videos you can take
copy and features from the Allegro’s page and slap it on to this page here
this clickfunnels page but the essence is it is very simple there’s strong CTA
buttons and the biggest thing is this is this form here you may have seen it in
the past online because it works but you want to integrate the checkout process
right onto this page here in tool and pushes you onto that credit card form
and it finalizes the payment but I’ve already prefilled in this form and it’s
very straightforward select your size and this is like I said the 2-step form
so from here you select the price you enter your credit card details in and
this is all integrated into the clickfunnels system this is literally a
drag-and-drop feature and you’re gonna so this specifically is a free plus
shipping offer but like I said you can quite literally push out different
products at different price ranges and you can also go for free plus shipping
if you really wanted to so from here you’re going to enter your details and
whatnot and I’m just going to tell you what the one-time offer is because I’m
not actually gonna check out but once you hit yes send me my t-shirt or yes
purchase this t-shirt you’re going to be pushed on to a second funnel and that
second funnel is a one-time offer page where it says something like the copy
will say something along the lines of just before you finish your checkout
we’ve got a one-time offer for you or a single offer specifically for you where
you’re able to purchase let’s say a Patriots keychain for just
an additional five dollars or so that way you’re really reducing your cost per
product but you’re amping up that profit so those one-time offer pages are
actually really high converting and from because I know who runs this company and
I know the background of this company I know that the OTO is in the premium
offers really push up the conversion rate and a lot of people take up that
one-time offer I think it was 40 to 50 percent do that’s a lot of people that’s
half the people actually adding an additional product into the cart so
that’s extremely important and yes you can sell the can see the copy is very
very minimal and it is very straightforward so that’s one example
I’ll show you in a second example now a second example here and this is a
digital product obviously this is an e-book but like I said you can do this
with physical products it’s a nice clean looking page and now if I were you my
suggestion was is to flesh out this page I would make it a tad bit longer so from
here I would flesh it out a little bit more and you know exactly the same
process you have the 2-step form and then from there you want to push out an
OTO offer in the backend of clickfunnels so those are the two examples that I
wanted to show you really quickly but essentially those are the two those are
the two examples and then what you want to do from here and this videos getting
quite longer but just quickly you’re probably wondering okay how exactly do I
fulfill the products and well you know you’re not using overload you know
you’re not using a semi-automated a fulfillment process so how exactly do
you fulfill products on click funnels because that is a question I get quite
often and I’m gonna leave that to the next video I’m gonna give you an
efficient and fast fulfillment method without Oh blow or Shopify or through
click funnels and this one-time product offer and it’s completely automated I’m
not even talking about semi-automated like Oh below we can get
this completely automated to the point where you don’t even need to look at it
and things will be fulfilled and sent to your customers so I will be talking to
that in next week’s video so if you haven’t subscribed already make sure
that you do subscribe and get that video ASAP because like I said guys this is a
great method right now to get your products sold and and not many people
are using this specific method a lot of people using Shopify so far which is
great and I still love Shopify but when it comes to click funnels there are
advantages to it so like I said there is a 30-day free trial down below and there
is it’s completely free so I would completely just at least sign up for it
and check it out try it play around with those forms play around with your
landing page and see what it can do for you but if you have any questions let me
know down in the comments below otherwise guys thanks for watching as
always and hope this helps if it does help give it a thumbs up and does always
guys keep on hustling

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