New Hinkley Lighting Showroom – Dallas, TX

Welcome to the Hinkley Lighting network. Today
we’re coming to you from Dallas, Texas, where we’re actually in a construction zone of the
new Hinkley Showroom. We’re going to show you some highlights and features of what we’ve
put together. Let’s go in and start with the entrance. Here we are in the jaw dropping
entrance of our new showroom. You’re about to see how we have transformed our signature
lifestyle photography into an actual showroom experience. Now we’re standing just off the
entrance foyer of our new showroom. What you’re going to see is a culmination of our consumer
research, our interior decorators input and of course your input. You will see very defined
traffic pattern throughout the showroom and category areas. I’d like to introduce our
National Sales Manager Tom Dicks next, who will take us through each product category.
Hi there everybody. I want to share with you this exciting sales opportunity and great
showroom. As you come through the foyer, to your left as you walk in you’ll find the chandelier
section, here we’ve taken our chandeliers and broken them up basically by style but
also, we also have vignettes, lifestyle vignettes to show them in actual applications. As we
continue our walk through the construction zone right now I’m in front of the Frederick
Ramond boutique. This will allow us to highlight the special features and look of Frederick
Ramond. To make navigation of the showroom easy and simple, we’ve made a pathway throughout
that you can follow with your customers and work all parts of the showroom. Therefore
making sure you don’t miss any part of this exciting new showroom. Every section will
have clear signage to show you what you’re entering. We’re standing outside the bath
lighting, which we are going to create a spa like atmosphere that will enhance our lighting
and make it a pleasant experience for everyone. Now we’re standing in our bistro event center.
I call it an event center because not only will there be food, drink and entertainment
here, but also there will be areas for you to work in and socialize and congregate. One
area that we didn’t move is the order entry area and service area. We didn’t want to confuse
you so we’ve expanded it though, upgraded it and will make your experience even better
than it was before. Now I’m standing in front of the outdoor section. I want to walk you
through and show you some of the innovative ways that we’re going to highlight our outdoor
lighting. This is our outdoor living area. My favorite lifestyle. It has a working fireplace
and a simulated exterior of a building. It’s great. Now I’m relaxing in the landscape lighting
expanded construction area. This will allow us to show our landscape lighting and we’ve
removed the congestion that happened in the previous showroom. Also to my left, you’ll
see our green wall. This falls through part of the outdoor and gives it an environmentally
friendly look. We have transformed our signature lifestyle marketing into a showroom environment
to excite our reps and more importantly, our customers. So there you have it. Construction
site of our new combined Hinkley Frederick Ramond showroom. Be prepared to be inspired
and we’ll see you in just a few weeks. Bye for now.

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