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According to analysts like Forrester, 89%
of product decisions will be based on customer experience by 2020. Now the
question is what actually makes a great customer experience. We think core to be
leading in CX is a deep understanding of customers’ needs and customer journey to them provide the right experience to the right customer at the right time and via
the right channel in a very very efficient way. Customer experience is a
core topic in today’s digital discussion, but at Cognizant Digital Business, we
actually think a focus on CX alone falls short. Given that all of us in personal
and business life take emotional decisions, our emotions actually become
key to be properly orchestrated across businesses to stay relevant. Our human-experience-orchestration approach combines the best from customer and
employee experience, married with good usability and design. This provides the
best possible human experience increasing revenues and reducing cost. I
personally think, HxO is going to be as vital to business as H2O is to us as
human beings. We recently had this question from a Swiss enterprise on how
they can set up a portal customers will love and which delivers added value to
them. We clearly need to use AI and data to understand the individual behind the
customer, to provide exactly the right personalized functionality. Rounding this
with targeted communication and social, customer experience suddenly evolves
into something even more powerful which we call Human Experience, driving
adoption and conversion to a new level.

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