Modifications and Building with Steel Shipping Containers

hey Jonathan here at the Colfax high
Mill and woodshop went up to Reno last weekend and went to this place called
the Eddy right on the river in downtown Reno and I decided to take a short
little video on all the things you could do with the container so click the link
up above if you want to see my container delivery but I’m just going to put this
video together so you could get some ideas on what you could do with a
container beautiful mural up above there so you walk through the entryway these
stacked containers and then here’s a bar this bar right here has power from the
top down really no access in except for the employees and that has that garage
style opening for a serve window these are sitting areas with bricks up
to the base and there’s no chip and then these little pistons to hold these
garage style doors up really clever really bright inside they get hot to
have those electric fans here’s another better view those Pistons
holding the door up. there’s a safety cable here locks on the top of the door
she wants this up if somebody jumped on it it still would not come down
so those Pistons help open and close it and then that cable it’s a safety so it
doesn’t come to it some of them have OSB on the side dampen
some of the sound down a little bit installation on that OS B and then
coming over here this is a pizza vendor I guess with the outdoor pizza oven and
then they serve through again just a cut hole in the side of the container and
then that employees exit and entry the end so on this bar right here same thing
really no access into the container and then all of the customers just go to
this bar top with the open and closed so hopefully give you some ideas on what
you can do with containers if you liked the video hit like, love to hear your
comments below

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